Valheim | The Swamp Of Death

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With another boss down it was time to head off to the swamp to see what kind of journey and fun times I could find there. That might be a bit harder than I was expecting as the swamp is otherwise a rather wet and gloomy part of the game. If nothing else I feel a bit more prepared for what is about to come.

Before getting to the swamp I did have a decent issue at hand. Where is the swamp even? I’d have to set out to find it. I decided since I already searched around at a decent rate the Black Forest closest one to me I would set forth to the one where I already have a portal. From there I’d just have to wander around.

I put up a portal so I could just drop down another one when I find a decent place whenever I found the swamp in the first place. It will save myself a lot of time having to go back and forth for basic things like repairs, food, and some other stuff.

getting Megingjord at Haldor shop.jpg

After some searching, I noticed a bag icon popped up on the map. I just discovered the location of the trader named Haldor. He sells one Item I’ve been wanting since the start a belt named Megingjord that increases when worn your carrying capacity by 150.

I ended up raiding some local caves I found in the area to round up the coins I was short on getting the belt itself. This ended up saving me a trip back to my base. I also managed to pick up a couple more cores for future portals and anything else that would need them. It’s always nice when you can get two things accomplished at the same time.

As far as the rest of the items at Haldor’s shop for now I don’t care for them. If I recall the Ymir Flesh I did not pick up any at this time as I have zero use for it. I’ll need at some point for Frostner which is a hammer that I have in the past rather enjoyed having.

At some point, I’ll more than likely return to the vendor to pick up some Ymir Flesh. For the time being, I spent a large chunk of the gold I had and I did not feel like at the time running back with some jewels, amber, and anything else I’d looted to sell them for gold to get some. Hopefully I won’t forget this is one thing I’d like to do in the future.

It often amazes me just how massive this game can be. I ended up exploring the Black Forest for quite some time till I finally found a decent enough swamp area that was worth checking out. I knew it would have to be along the shoreline somewhere. I was just rather thrilled this was even one in an area I could reach without having a boat.

I ended up finding the swamp at night and it was no shock to anyone let alone myself I barely made it a couple of steps into the swamp before I was looking down at my given stone. I had been killed. It was quite a bad time of day to have wandered into the swamp in the first place.

finding the swamp.jpg

I ate some food and rested till morning which helped ensure I’d have a successful corpse run to get my stuff. It was quite tempting to set off exploring and mapping the swamp. The last thing I wanted was another massive run back even if having a portal out to the Black Forest in the area saved a lot of time.

The swamp is also not an area you just wanted to set up a base in unless you are smart about it. I have plans for getting a portal in a certain spot for quick raiding trips into the dungeons of the swamp. For now, I needed a safer location where I could store ores and have them as a backup in case the further forward portal gets taken out.

I ended up setting up just a tiny two-by-two with a bed and some chests. Along with a big enough area of a fence around the small compound to fit a portal. It was not as nice as my other forward base in the Black Forest. I however was not expecting to have much use of this place other than dropping ores off. I’d then portal back to my base for repairs and teleport back to a portal I’d have much closer to the swamp dungeons.

back side of the Sunken Crypts.jpg

The dungeons in the swamp are called Sunken Crypts. They have quite an interesting-looking building. It almost looks like the back half of it are steps in a way. You however can’t get up there quite. At least not on your own.

What you can however do is place a crafting station at the back. You then can double jump by pressing space twice. While this takes a lot of stamina it allows you to get onto the dungeon building itself. From there you are just a couple of jumps away from being at the top.

putting a portal on sunken crypts dungeon.jpg

I have found the top to be a great place to put down a portal. Most things don’t have much of a chance of causing any damage. Creatures are also not going to jump up there using the crafting station either. So it’s quite a safe place when not encountered by flying creatures to put a portal.

Running the dungeons will be its post. Besides, there is still lots of death and adventure to be at in the swamp itself. One of the nice things when it’s dark in the swamp at night you can easily see the green lights in other dungeons if you are close enough.

I used that as an opportunity to scout out and find five total dungeons in this swamp area. What I did not find was the boss summing area. I fear I’ll have to craft a boat and go on quite an exploring adventure to try and find it. There should be a stone area in one of these dungeons that will at least uncover the location of the next boss on the map making it easier to find. Even knowing where it is at will only be part of the struggle. Getting there is a whole other store in itself.


There can be quite some scary things lurking around in the swamp. Other than the ooze jumping around on land trying to kill you with toxic gas clouds. Leeches in all the waterways that you tend to have to cross to get to another section of dry land and a dungeon. There is also this thing.

I did not run into one but three Abominations in a short series of each other. Thankfully it was not as bad as the first time I ran into something like a troll. Between some melee damage and quite a few ranged hits it was dead.

While there is an entire Root armor set you can make out of the Abomination that gives bonuses for ranged damage. I could not be bothered. I was mostly here to focus on getting ores for high armor gear. Granted with how often I end up ranging down boss fight you would think I’d opt to craft the range sets instead.

Final Thoughts

leaving the swamp for the night.jpg

After far too much walking around in the swamp night was starting to fall. I just want to get dried off and some rest. I ran back to the portal I had set up on one of the dungeons and spent some time back at my base. I was mostly there for the resting bonus, repair, and resupply. I also wanted to empty my inventory the best I could for when I would return to the swamp for Sunken Crypts.

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Screenshots were taken and content was written by @Enjar about Valheim.