Valheim | Upgrading The Base And Bonemass Fight

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The first order of business was checking out the swamp. I then had plans to return and start working on the base and any last-minute gear crafting and upgrades I needed. Then I’d return to the swamp and take Bonemass head on hoping for another boss win.

After landing in the swamp I did some exploring around. I wanted to find a suitable place that would not be too far from the boss fight itself to set up a portal. I also wanted to see what kind of conditions the area around the boss fight was.

the summing area.jpg

As expected there were a lot of water areas around the summing area itself. With how nasty this fight can get I at least want to come back and try raising some of the ground out of water and leveling out the place a little bit.

I also went around knocking out any spawns of creatures that might get in my way. The last thing I want is a train of enemies coming marching in while I’m battling things out. The boss itself will spawn in adds and I’ll be busy enough trying to keep track of them and taking them out quickly to reduce their impact on me in the fight overall.

portal back home.jpg

After walking around a bit in the area it was starting to get dark. So I returned to the Sunken Crypt where I set my portal up. It’s not that far away from the boss fight in case I get killed and need to run back.

While it is tempting to want to think over how I want to do this fight. I think a flat brawl if I can muster it would be quite a fun change. While I expect to mostly go range I did craft an iron club to get some massive blows in when I see such opportunities arise.

For the moment, however, it was time to return to base. There are a few other things I’ve been putting off for some time. On top of that, I wanted to double check all my gear was fully upgraded and make any changes as needed along with a few other things.

While it’s been a while since I’ve been raided at my base. It feels a bit silly having such a wide open back where I have now a few portals set up. On top of that, I want to build more smelters so that in the future more is getting done when I’m away and I’m not stuck at the base so long feeding everything into a single one.

going out to cut trees.jpg

Wanting to have more of everything, needing to build lots of fencing. It was time to head out for a massive tree-chopping session. I took my hand cart out to the reclining tree forest line to make it an even longer walk back to the next time and filled the entire cart up.

It just feels like you can never have enough wood in Valheim and I don’t see that slowing down any time soon. Thankfully this much wood will last me some time. If I had just had to go on one of these resupplying missions every week or so I feel that would not be so bad.

clearing more burial chambers.jpg

Next up I returned to the Black Forest and hit a bunch of Burial Chambers that I’ve marked in the past but have yet to clear out. I wanted at least for the time being around 30 more cores to hold me over. A few of them would be used shortly and some would be saved for later.

Thankfully I had already a decent little stockpile back at base. I just knew it was not going to be enough moving forward to building more smelters and many other things I wanted. At this point, I am getting somewhat bored of clearing out Burial Chamber dungeons. At least with my level of gear, they are a quick clear.

back at base.jpg

I’ll admit I have not done a very clean job of the base. The backyard was a pain to try and even get it as unleveled as it is let alone some order of level. It also became quite clear to me I needed to make it a lot wider. I was however creating quite a massive cliff at this point and trying to make it bigger would consume an unreasonable amount of stone to raise land.

Once that was all done and it was the next day it was time to return to the swamp. I wanted the daylight so I could see around the area. I brought with me as much rock as I could carry without carrying too much weight.

getting the area ready.jpg

While I am not trying to make the area perfectly flat or even remove all the dips with water. I wanted to give myself at least a decent area around the summing spot to move around in. I’m not sure how long the fires will even last before getting destroyed let alone how much help they will play.

What I do know is if this turns into a nighttime fight I wanted some light. I also wanted to make sure my character would not be freezing either. Since in the swamp, you are more or less just wet all the time. I don’t need a cold night making things even worse. I certainly dropped quite a few fires around the area.


Now if I was not being so lazy I would have crafted up some poison resistance meads or even crafted some gear with it on it. That however would be making things too easy on myself and I can’t be having that now, can I?

The fight itself I spent a lot of time moving around the area I had raised. I had brought long many hundreds of arrows for when I needed to duck out at range to heal up somewhat.

When I had the health I’d go in for some massive blowing hits on Bonemass itself when I could. Sometimes I could mostly move out of the way of some of its damage or let it release a toxic cloud of gas and avoid taking some damage for a short amount of time.

In the end, however, I’d have to make some distance between it and myself once my health got down to low to try and avoid getting killed by the lingering poison damage on me.

On occasion Bonemass would spew out some adds at a decent distance between the two of us. If I was quick enough with the bow I could have whatever was spawning in mostly dealt with or even killed. Any adds that did make it were never a real issue for me anyway. Blunt damage did wonders to any blobs or anything else that showed up.

Oddly enough as soon as I defeated Bonemass there were a couple of blobs left that I had to clean up. He drops a Wishbone that you can use in the mountain regions to detect and find Silver to mine. That would be my next goal.

Final Thoughts

bonemass defeated.jpg

With the boss drops in hand I went back to where I had placed a portal home and took it. A short walk later I placed the Bonemass trophy on the trophy hook and unlocked resistance vs. physical damage power. For now, I still prefer Eikthyr power but I could see the one from Bonemass coming in handy.

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Screenshots were taken and content was written by @Enjar about Valheim.