Valheim | On The Hunt For Another Mountain

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It turns out the mountain I was at still did not have everything I needed. I’d end up going on quite a few explorations looking around for the next boss. I was hopeful I’d find a boss stone that showed the location however took ages to find one.

I ended up making quite a few return trips to the mountain I was mining silver on. I was also still hopeful I’d loot a wolf trophy at some point. Sometimes I’d go looking around for a dozen or so wolves before needing to return to my campfire at my mining spot.

smelting down silver ore.jpg

Over time I gave up hoping to find a wolf trophy at least in the short term. I was still freezing far too often on the mountain and it was time to haul back all my silver ore and smelt it down. I wanted some better gear anyway to help deal with all the drakes.

I had enough to craft up a couple of pieces of gear but not everything I wanted. Many of the pieces at this level also required having the right kind of trophy to start the base craft. At the very least I now had a Wolf armor chest that gave resistance to frost and would protect me from the cold.

Now I could properly search mountains and not worry about losing health from the cold. This allowed me to search the entire mountain without feeling so restrictive. I was hoping to find further silver veins in the area but it seems this mountain was not big enough for more. I’m at least glad I found what I did.

mining further silver ore.jpg

It was also not a small silver vein either. I lost count after a while just how much silver I minded up. My pit was starting to get larger and larger. I’d just follow each vein removing any rock around it hoping it would go on for almost forever.

Like everything, however, over time I finally ran out of silver to find. I even went around bashing with my pickaxe at everything mining deeper down and around things. Just in case I somehow missed a spot where the vein was going next. Nope, it was done.

I felt there was not going to be much of a reason to return to this mountain again. There were however some decent wolf locations. I decided to make one final trip around this mountain to see if I could finally get a wolf trophy.

wolf trophy.jpg

All I do know is I must have killed several hundred wolves in total between all my hunting trips. I kind of stopped keeping track after one hundred. Thankfully this time around my tenth or so wolf kill netted me a wolf trophy.

I quickly rushed to my forward outpost and took the portal to my main base. I ran over to the crafting station and made myself a wolf fur cape. I’m shocked it took so long to make that I had been crafting quite a lot of silver items and upgrading my gear by this point as well.

I was also certain there were no longer any mountains on the continent I was on or the other ones I had a portal on. I ended up gathering resources to build another boat and ran across the landmass I was on to the one side I had yet to finish exploring. I then set sail from there.

found a stone golem.jpg

This new mountain was nothing like the other ones I had been on before. It was the first time I ran into stone golems. With a sword, these things are a bit of a nightmare to take out. It required a lot of dodging attacks and regening health just to kill one of these things. Most times if I could I’d just try and outrun them.

The drake attacks were also far fiercer. At one point I ended up having to defend myself against four drakes. Thankfully with my upgraded gear and protection from the cold, they could do very little to me if I was not being stupid. They however consumed a lot of arrows.

Sometimes I was finding myself just going back to my base to craft up more arrows. I have found many things in the mountain area that fire arrows work best. Thankfully I already had a massive stockpile of everything needed to craft them. There are however only so many you want to carry at once due to their weight and needing to bring things down off the mountain.

It was also quite a pain to try and get around on. This mountain was massive and had many sides I found it impossible to try and climb up before I ran out of stamina. During one of my exploration trips on it, I ended up finding a boss stone that showed me where the boss was and it was here.

finding silver ore.jpg

On this new mountain, I ended up finding several locations for silver. While at the time I had found two next to each other. I recall finding around four spots in total. Most of these were a bit smaller than the single silver vein I found on the other mountain. I however did not care much as I quite needed a boatload of this ore so I was just happy to find what I did.

After quite a lot of mining, I ended up depleting most of the supplies I had back at the base. I ran out of wood to make coal. I ran out of most types of meat to give myself health to survive on the mountain. It was just time to return and take care of a lot of chores I had back at the base.

back at the base.jpg

I ended up spending a couple of in-game days alone filling up and bringing back lots of wood in my cart. This is just one of those tasks you hope you framed enough to never need to again. News flash it was not. Most importantly I did not get a lot of wood so I’d need to make quite a few quick trips back into the forest on occasion getting more.

There were other things I was just putting off wanting to deal with. The further along you get in Valheim the more crafting station upgrades you end up building around them. There just comes a point where they are far too annoying and in the way. You find yourself wishing you could just get easy access to the crafting stations without all the clutter around them.

moving crafting station upgrades underground.jpg

A solution to this is just digging under your base and putting most of that stuff underground. It still has to be within a certain range otherwise it won’t increase the level of the crafting station. It however works.

This was just my starting hole while I tried to work out how much space I needed. Let’s just say I needed to dig it much deeper and wider. You can see on the ground floor just how many crafting station upgrades were all around me. For most of them, I’d find a spot for the underground.

Final Thoughts

feeding more coal into the fire.jpg

At least I have the wolf cape I’ve been wanting to have just far after I needed it. I’m also nearing having all the silver I’ll need for the time being. Soon enough I’d be off fighting the next boss. There would however be quite a few things I’d need to get ready for that. For now, it was time to spend a decent amount of time at my base.

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