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With Bonemass defeated it was off to head into the mountains. Thankfully I had already found two different locations that I stayed away from that were easy to tell as mountains with all the snow around them. One of them ended up being quite small and the other had one of the things I was looking for.

I now had the tool needed a wishbone to detect the underground Silver ore found in mountain ranges. Before heading off to the first mountain I picked up the supplies I needed to create two portals. One that I built in the base and another one not that far off the mountain that was in a somewhat safe area.

Mountain areas themselves can be quite dangerous for several different reasons. Since I lack any cold weather gear for the short term the cold is my biggest concern. The other is the creatures found there most notably flying drakes which are the reason I don’t build a portal on the mountain itself.

taking damage from the cold.jpg

As soon as I got onto the mountain I started to take a point of damage every tick. This meant I had quite a limited amount of time to explore the mountain before needing to run off it trying not to die from the cold.

There are some other issues facing the mountain areas as well. It became freezing during near white-out condition blizzards and when it became nighttime. With my current gear, the mountain is also just not a place I’d want to be during the nighttime when a lot more creatures spawn.

I was hoping to quickly find some wolves. While if you are not paying attention they can be an issue for the current gear I had. If I could loot a wolf trophy off them and gather some other supplies. I’d quickly be on my way to creating a wolf cape. That would in return provide resistance to the cold making it not such a challenging place to be in as I would no longer be taking cold damage.

Thankfully I can get cold resistance from another piece of armor as well. I did not find a single wolf on this mountain. It must just be too small to have a wolf spawn on it which was quite odd. That was not my only issue with the place either.

small mountain.jpg

This mountain was extremely small. The only real thing of interest I discovered there was a stone that gave some lore. It was not tall enough for there to be any ores found. So it was time to head off on quite a long walk where I spotted another one on an exploration journey I had a while back.

I ended up returning to base empty-handed of anything useful to protect myself from the cold. I restocked supplies so I could make a second set of portals and what was needed for a small base to protect the portal.

One long-term thing I seem to always be short of is fine wood. I ended up taking the cart out and chopping down quite a few birches to get more. I should look at what kinds of seeds I have and plan some trees much closer but like most things in Valheim, I have a long list of things to do and then things I end up doing instead. Those trees would have to wait.

killed a wolf.jpg

I kind of had a feeling I had found a big enough mountain for some things I was looking for. The moment I walked onto it I was attacked by two wolfs. I must have killed fifty wolves in total on that trip while I was on the mountain. I did get some wolf skin. I did not loot a single trophy.

After doing some exploring around I decided to just set up a base before I got myself killed. I did not want a long walk back. While I would have preferred setting up the base at the bottom of whatever I wanted I ended up finding silver ore. It was becoming night time and my character was beyond freezing at that point.

I ended up returning home for the night and resting. This mountain was not just covered in wolves either. It felt like I was always dealing with an onslaught of drakes flying by trying to take me out. My current gear was not suited well for dealing with them either.

After exploring around the mountain for a while the wishbone I had equipped that I got from killing Bonemass started to give off a signal that I was getting close to finding a silver ore vein. It took a bit of walking around before I found a spot I felt was good enough to start mining.

silver ore.jpg

I had to mine down a little ways and then I could see a tiny edge of a silver vein popping up. Right at that moment I realized I was down to one health left. While getting killed sucks as you lose skills for doing so in Valheim at least I found silver ore!

While I did have a portal nearby to the mountain. This is not an area you can just go running back into. I ate some food and waited by the fire back at base till I was in full health. I’d need that health to make it back to that spot and to give me a chance to get some mining one.

using a campfire.jpg

At least there is one trick I discovered while mining in the mountain region. As long as a campfire is close enough to you then you won’t freeze to death. I made sure to set up a couple in the area. I would sometimes just take a break from mining and allow myself to heal up a bit in the warmth it gave off.

While sure I could have dropped fires along the path I took up to the mountain and as I explored it to reduce the amount of cold damage I was taking. I don’t like doing that. You also need a lot of fires to get anywhere anyway. On most nights I’d hold out a torch for what little help that did till I’d be off the mountain before I found the spot I did to mine at.

Despite wanting to enjoy some peaceful time next to the fire that rarely happened. Every so often I’d have yet pack of drakes flying in to attack me from the sky. I also can’t forget packs of wolves falling into the growing ditch I was mining for ores. A death or two might have followed on occasion.

Final Thoughts

found a hut on the mountain.jpg

There were also times I went around the mountain as a break to further explore. I’d find some places to take shelter if I needed to. There were also some dragon eggs in the area as well. This mountain however would not end up being the final mountain I’d be on. For now, I had some silver ore but not nearly enough. My pickaxe had broken and it was time to return for the night back at base.

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Screenshots were taken and content was written by @Enjar about Valheim.