Starfield | Trouble Has Arrived

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There are moments when you just know trouble has arrived and it’s never leaving you. It was time to put down the mining cutter and pick up a gun. Pirates and insanity were about to follow.

It’s even worse when your current supervisor happens to know the guy in question who is about to introduce you to a whole new world. At the very least I got a ship out of the deal. Granted outside of the massive storage the ship had it was shocking it could fly even more so after a few rough situations I'd get it into later on.

dealing with pirates in starfield.png

Shortly after the captain of that ship got off named Barrett some people landed looking for him. While he claims he thought he lost them. I’m getting this strange feeling he was hoping they follow him here in the first place. Just to teach them a lesson.

I ducked behind some crates in the landing area and ended up picking up a small sidearm to use as a pistol. It was not that powerful and felt like I was just too far away to get any use out of the gun itself. I did take a few shots at a distance with most of them missing or just being glancing shots at best.

The rest of the people here defending this landing pad seemed to be about as lousy as I was aiming. I needed to get closer, so I ran up behind some junk that was just lying around. While the pirates took cover around some barricades and cargo containers.

This is when I realized I was now close enough and I had a different angle of attack that the pirates had not realized. I was able to take a few of them out quickly. One of them even ran up to me in an attempt to ambush me. I welcomed the opportunity to have a longer-range weapon and a lot more ammo to use.

Ammo it turns out would be something I felt like I was always in short supply of. While it would not be long before I picked up a long-ranged laser rifle which ended up being one of my preferred weapons of choice. I always carried around five guns in total just so I could use all the different types of ammo I would end up picking up.

looting in starfield.png

At first, I'd loot every single thing I'd find after taking out a target. Most of the time it would be some lousy weapon and spacesuit. I quickly learned that I had to be a lot more selective in what I would end up looting.

There were only so many shops on other planets that they would want to take you from at any given time. I could not show up with a ship full of goodies and hoped to offload it all at once. Usually, I'd use such opportunities to buy up all the ammo they have and offload anything I could.

Later on, I'd discover I could just dump a bunch of stuff I was unable to sell at any time due to the shops running out of money off into a bush. It seemed the locals did not care much for stealing anything I left lying around a town or perhaps I was just good at hiding a stash.

Either way, this was better than running around encumbered. Since you are always moving in a spacesuit with a helmet on in most cases. Carrying too much and trying to run overloads the C02 scrubbers in the spacesuit requiring you to have to slow down and allow the systems to catch up again. Otherwise, the consequences for not doing so and overworking yourself could be dire.

Once everything that was moving should not have been stopped. It was time to find out what was going on. It turns out that the object I looted down in the mine has some crazy importance to many different factions. No one seemed to understand why they wanted the pieces other than they didn’t want anyone else to have them.

Barrett decided to stay behind on the planet in case any further pirates showed up tracking the ship that had landed and seeing we had wasted the entire crew that attempted to raid us. I think he was just looking for a break and some time to catch up with my supervisor. They seemed to have quite a past.

I tried my best to underplay the fact I was being given a spaceship to go and deliver what I had found. I was half tempted to just take off and not go anywhere near where I was supposed to be. I could just ditch the ship somewhere and go look for another mining job, I'm sure.

However, a part of me started to wonder what else there was out in the universe for me to take. It did not take much to find myself in control of a spaceship. The other part of me understood the robot that was left with me was more there to ensure I made it to where I was supposed to be.

I might have sized up the robot a couple of times. In the end, I did not like my chances of taking it out and escaping fully intact on my own. For now, I'd play along and see if there was a better opportunity to sneak off. At the very least Berrett's people should owe some money for bringing them the artifact I found.

Before departing for a different planet, I was also given a watch. It turns out that the watch, although it did not seem like much, was a key. I’d shortly end up finding myself in quite a fancy-looking place with people who were willing to let me in and have a place to stay when needed.

walking around the ship starfield.png

I ended up pacing around the ship for a while before taking off. It’s not like it had a massive interior to explore or anything like that. I just find these things quite fun to look at all the little details everywhere you can find.

inside the ship starfield.png

The cockpit was even more thrilling to look at. While I prefer to solo alone it looks like I could have a couple of people with me if needed. I have no idea what these other stations can do let alone what a crewmember would be helpful for. For the size of this ship, it has quite a wild look.

After a while, it was just time to blast off and get moving on. The robot helped try to tell me how different systems worked on the ship. It’s not my first time finding myself piloting a ship.

Between managing where power goes to what system depending on your needs. Along with keeping an eye out for pirates and making quick decisions to get the shields fully powered up. Space can be a rather peaceful place when it’s just you and a bunch of floating rocks.

fighting pirates starfield.png

Naturally, today was not going to be one of those peaceful days. Not long after leaving the planet further pirates showed up. They were looking for revenge as well. I suppose I’m now on the bad side of the Crimson pirates and all of their members will want to hunt me to the end of the universe

I made quick work of any remaining pirates and took further loot for my bounty. It was then time to spool up the drives and jump to the planet in question I was tasked to go to. This adventure was just getting started

Final Thoughts

starfield tutorial screen.png

Always fun when the game slowly eases you into quite a few different things. While it was quite clear this was the game's way of putting me through a tutorial from combat to basic flying. I felt like they did it in quite a way it remained fun, and you could almost not notice it was one giant tutorial to give you lots of needed information you would be needing for the rest of the game in how different things work.

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Screenshots were taken and content was written by @Enjar about Starfield.

Disclosure: Starfield received for free through AMD rewards from the graphics card I purchased.