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Just when I thought I had explored everything already around New Atlantis it turns out there is an entire population living underground in a place called The Well. It’s no shock this place is seen as a high crime, don’t be seen by others if you must venture down there. I found it a bit of fun to explore even as I went on some missions around the place.

The main reason I was sent down into The Well was to find out about an ongoing issue with the power drain. The mission itself was not that exciting. However, getting to see more or less a new city when I thought I had already found all the cool places on the planet Jemison was quite thrilling.

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There ended up being a couple of different ways down into The Well. One entry was by the NAT near Mast, another one after you enter the city from the spaceport and pass the first shop. I even found a hidden entrance between The Logue and The Well. That last path, however, was locked up tight, and at the time I did not have any picks to bypass the door to get further in from that sewer system.

This ended up being the most shocking thing of it all. Just so many ways to get down here. For all I know there could be others. I am also quite wondering about why The Logue had Its way down there as well. I, however, did not find any useful information on why they did.

What is not shocking is that people who are deemed a little less than acceptable seem to be down in The Well. I found people on the surface in New Atlantis who viewed those down there are just common criminal rats that scurried around the underbelly of the city. I even ran into someone in the past who tried to frame someone down in The Well for a crime.

One thing I was a bit excited about was finding more vendors to be able to sell things to. Sure, after a couple of days of in-game time passing vendors reset. It is, however, a bit annoying having to wait or go off the planet to a location where I have more setup to sleep at. Just to reset vendors that I'm going to wander back to such a planet and sell.

It’s a shame the entire Jemison planet gets scanned when you arrive at it if you have contraband on you or your ship. They even scan you again when entering the normal way through the city. As if I could get down into The Well unscanned I'd have an easy place to offload my goods.

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While venders don’t care about contraband let alone if the item is stolen. Down in The Well not that far from the main elevator down is the Trade Authority. They always have a bit more credit to buy things and don’t care where or what an item came from. Just so long as they could make a quick credit from something.

While down here not that far from the Trade Authority I found another vendor. Next to him was sitting a guy who was not willing to do any business with me until I proved myself. I was hoping he would have something worthwhile to the point it was worth doing his mission.

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The mission itself was quite easy. I was sent off to a place called the Red Mile on the Porrima III. This place is supposed to be known for being rather shady. Perhaps I should have stuck around and checked it out further.

I, however, was in a bit of a hurry at the time. I ended up finding a package just on the outside of the main building that I needed to transport back. I have no idea what was in that package but at least I was not flagged down by the police when I headed back to New Atlantis and turned in the package.

As far as unlocking that vender it was not worth my time. Vicente was his name. He does not have the most credits. His selection of goods is not anything I care for. Even worse, before he is willing to do any trading with you, he has to “unlock” his shop and slowly walk into it every single time. There is no speeding him up either. What a waste!

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After quite a few distractions it was time to do the job, I was sent down here for. They needed someone going around flipping a bunch of power panels so they could try and track back where the energy was getting stolen from.

After exploring around trying to find each panel to do so. Some are easier than others to find a direct path to. I thought they were getting close to being down when it led right into the Trade Authority. I would quickly learn that the person I was getting orders from Louisa Reyez has it out for the Trade Authority.

After some banter and false accusations toward the Trade Authority the best that I could tell. I was then sent to keep track of the power issues. This ended up taking me out of The Well and topside.

Final Thoughts

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In the end, the best I could tell was that a lot more was going on than met the eye. I was not shocked by it was dealing with The Well Afterall All. It seemed even things might somehow entwine with Galbank possibly being targeted.

Once I tracked down the power issues to the end of this mission. I had an interesting choice to make. I could turn the information I had uncovered first over to the person I was working with or the Trade Authority.

I was hoping by giving it to the Trade Authority there might have been something more interesting of an outcome. At least for the time being there was nothing more. My best guess was that I ended up getting a few extra credits for doing so.

While I do have the intent to work with the Trade Authority at some point. This would end up not having any positive impact, the best I could tell with them either. That in itself is a bit of a shame. At least I've known for a while after interacting with some people from the Trade Authority they have some things for me to do if I so wish to do so.

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