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New Atlantis would end up getting attacked. I needed permission from the three major nations to gain access to prevent future attacks. There was still quite a lot of unknown about the terrormorph situation and I was about to uncover a lot more than that.

This time heading back to New Atlantis I was not going to be alone. I no longer needed to convince people all by myself that there was something rotten going on in the universe. Other than the fact I now had to meet the cabinet members in a full session to explain the situation. I understood a lot more of what was going on. At least that was my mistake to make that I had any idea of what really was going on.

Attack on New Atlantis.png

While what seemed like towards the end of the meeting the cabinet was mostly on my side willing to move forward on getting the other major factions on board with granting our small group access to restricted information that was locked away from a war that was before my time.

Then the security protocol to lock down the building was enacted. There was an attack on the space port, and I was ordered to go down and work with the forward position to put an end to the current ongoing Terrormorph attack.

Things were a lot worse than I was expecting. I had no idea at the time that the Terrormorph had have in fluence on humans to assist it. I ended up picking up a EM gun and knocking a couple of people out cold as I made my way down to the space port itself.

There were at least some of the more experienced members of the vanguard along with other divisions. I informed them of what little I knew, and I took a squadron with me to start taking out the active threat.

I could definitely tell I needed some stronger weapons. These Terrormorph even with all the extra firepower of other vanguard and my own people with me helping out took a lot to take down. There were even a few moments of needing to use some healing to keep myself stable and alive.

taking out Terrormorphs.png

Slowly we moved up to different locations eliminating the couple of The Terrormorphs that were still activity roaming around hunting people down. I have no idea what the total losses for our side that day was. It was, however, quite a massive moral deflation for us. Everyone thought no matter what happens that New Atlantis of all places would always be safe.

I recall looking around at the total chaos that was caused. All the burning fires, twisted metal, and damaged property. How the entire city around the port all their windows sealed by bars. How every citizen of the city was told to shelter in place and wait for all the clear.

Once the threat has been eliminated, I want to go back to the main MAST building. This attack put a fire under everyone, and it was no longer any debate about what needed to be done. It was time to seek out the other two factions who have buildings in New Atlantis and get permission and their codes to access the restricted information our team seeks regarding Terrormorphs.

For serving the community I was promoted to captain. Along with being granted some other things. There was, however, no time to celebrate or fully take in the kind of reward I was given. Things felt so urgent I wanted to seek out the other two factions as quickly as possible and get their permission to get access to the information we needed.

meeting radcliff.png

I ended up seeking Ambassador Evangeline Ragcliff first. I was rather expecting some kind of resistance and there were even some plans for how to handle different situations. However, due to the attack on New Atlantis it did not take much convincing. I now had two of the three required factions in agreement.

Things were not as onboard as I would have liked. Ragcliff did impose quite a few restrictions that she wanted before agreeing to anything. We could only get certain things regarding Terrormorphs and it could only be used for good. In the end all the requirements I felt were more than reasonable for the most part.

Terrormorphs are after all quite a deadly thing and no one wants too much information about them going out and possibly allowing someone to use them as a weapon to wage future wars with. So little did I know at the time that Terrormorphs were already being used in such sinister ways.

strange plants.png

Next up I needed to find Ambassador Qasrik Bal’Mor. Before the meeting regarding him I was informed things appeared to be quite strange in the building he was residing in. They also were not sure if he was even living anymore. The place was in fact mostly abandoned.

I was even given special access to a back way into the place. It seemed like some kind of plant had taken over everything. It was such a strange place. I was really starting to get concerned about how anyone at all could still survive long term in the current condition everything was in.

Since I was more or less breaking into the place. There were many auto defense turrets and other things I ran into while trying to find Ambassador Qasrik Bal’Mo. It was also almost like going though quite a short maze. The plants had taken over places and had blocked off some hallways while making a mess of other areas.

Thankfully in the end I did find Ambassador Qasrik Bal’Mo alive. He was more than willing to be convinced to hand over his codes and permission as well to get at the information I needed. Let’s just say I could not wait to get out of that creepy building.

As far as that place and the current condition it was in. Ambassador Qasrik Bal’Mo did not want to have the plant that took over destroyed. He found it amazing. As such he stayed behind to keep carrying out his ambassador duties while all other staff were sent home.

entering the archieves.png

It was then time to enter into the Armistice archives as they call them. I had to go around inserting each of the codes into different locations. Those onetime use codes then were checked. I found the entire situation to be rather strange.

At the time I wondered if the people working at this facility could never leave. There were clearly doors for them to do so. They, however, seemed to know quite a lot and the kind of information you would not want to get out.

I was instructed that I could only go into the Archives ones and obtain a single box. Everything else in there was locked down anyways. I was kind of shocked there was not more armed security guarding this place. I guess they expect the vault doors to more then be enough.

before the room.png

Before the night ended, I was also made a citizen. I somewhat wish that was it and we just had to work though the information we now have. That, however, was not quite what happened next. I was informed that someone who should have been dead from old age let alone their own execution was still alive. Francois Sanon, who has been blamed for quite a lot of war crimes and being just twisted and evil was not only alive but locked up secretly.

Final Thoughts

Francois Sanon.png

Needless to say, having to meet Francois Sanon and get intel from him was quite alarming. Even more so since his own daughter thought he had been executed and was dead. It seems the UC is just filled with secretes and I wonder what else they have been holding back.

At this point I was just glad to have been made a citizen. I did not at the time get to dive into being able to buy an apartment or check out what kind of discounts I'd get at the stores. At least something positive came out of this otherwise rather bleak day.

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