Starfield | The Small Crimes of New Atlantis

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By now I've been to New Atlantis quite a lot of times. Part of the fun thing about missions in Starfield is you never quite know if they will end up being some kind of one-off job or break into a rather epic arc. Other times like the problems I would end up solving would just be a couple of missions before being cut loose.

I’ve been somewhat ignoring quite a lot of what seemed like side missions. It’s however been growing harder and harder to not want to just run off and do a bunch of them. I've started to learn after doing some that I would rather enjoy a lot more than the main storyline for the game itself.

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In one such instance, I was heading back to New Atlantis on the planet Jemison to sell some goods that I had acquired. I just so happened to open up my mission tab and realized I had some all wanting me to talk to someone named Sergent Yumi.

The hardest part for me once I start going off and doing side missions is I get sidetracked easily. It was no shock to me that I'd start talking with Sergeant Yumi and perhaps go do one thing for him. Then I'd be flying across the universe and doing some random other thing for a time.

After some time, I'd just show back up and think to myself I should attempt to finish off some mission chain I ended up starting. This ended up creating some odd situations where I ended up taking a part-time security officer as a nobody in New Atlantis. By the time I ended up finishing things off, I was quite someone who had a high rank and was considered someone people look up to. Which is a bit funny in a way.

The first mission was quite simple and even one I have forgotten about. I just know I had to head over to MAST the main United Colonies building and talk with someone. Naturally while over there they had their missions for me to take up that would end up ending me in faraway places. That story is, however, different time.

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After that one of the real things, if you could even consider, happened to be with a disagreement at Dawn’s Rooster, a place people can drink at. A complaint was filed that a ring was stolen and since I was the new guy it was I who ended up being in a he said she said situation needing to work things out.

Long story short, there were accusations that someone was cheating on their partner. This also happened after an engagement ring was given out in an attempt to seek marriage. The whole thing sounded like one massive headache, and I wanted nothing to do with any of it.

It turns out that in New Atlantis even a new part-time security guard has quite a lot of power. I wanted to be lazy, did not want to do any paperwork, and just wanted to get out of being in the middle of such a bitter situation quickly.

As such, I simply declared the person who currently had the ring had received it as a gift. Case closed. I walked away and back to Sergeant Yumi declaring the chase was settled and now closed. If only the remaining cases I would be given would go down so easily.

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My next mission ended up being quite a far riskier one than I would have preferred. There had been some smuggling as one would assume going down at the spaceport. It was my job to not only find the ship but to bring the people in who were involved in doing so.

It’s always interesting when you run into people who not only refuse to accept such things could be going on. That they want nothing to do with it whatsoever. It makes me wonder if they are somewhat involved in said activity in the first place.

The game, however, would not let me bring someone in with such thinking. If you work down all the time at the spaceport and want to sell me a lie that nothing bad ever has occurred down, there. I just assume you are on the take.

Thankfully I ran into the other type of person down there when going around looking for any witnesses to possible smuggling operations. Someone had susceptions that a transport that deals with potatoes was doing a lot of strange activity for a product that does not need to have much concern about transporting and offloading it into the city.

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That person, however, only had a ship number and not a name. Thankfully I was able to go back to the main MAST building and I was informed of a list of suspected ships smuggling. Sure, enough the eyewitness who gave a ship number matched up to a ship on the list.

I had high suspicions that the next part of confronting the ship after getting permission to do so was going to be the troubling part. Smugglers I can only imagine don’t have much to look forward to once they get caught. Even more so if the shipments are highly illegal. This seems to point to it being so since it had to be smuggled in on potato transport in the first place.

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Now, like the other case, I did not want a lot of paperwork. I’m also not looking to take any bribes either. Thankfully it turns out that taking out the entire crew does not involve having to fill out any paperwork whatsoever. I’m rather starting to like the policies at New Atlantis

I did give them the choice to come peacefully. They, however, did not have any of that. I might have helped myself to some items on my way out of the ship. While I'm not into taking bribes. Dead people no longer own the things they used to. Why let that stuff go to waste? Not like they are paying me a lot for this part-time job anyway.

Up to this point, I'm having a blast. While I was expecting a lot more petty crimes that I'd have to solve, that last one was quite a step up. I started to wonder what could end up being the next mission to top that one. It turns out it would be my last and not top it so much as having more laws being broken instead.

What was sad about the next case was that in an attempt to get back at being pickpocketed someone in the very United Colonies that are supposed to be keeping the law and be the good guys attempted to frame the pickpocketed for a much bigger crime.


What was even more wild was someone from Interstellar Afaris was the culprit who did quite a bad vandalism job. Only followed up by an even worse framing job of the person they wanted to be arrested. They were even stupid enough to try and toss the evidence that would end up being the smoking gun or in this case a flannel in their trash.

After cracking that case wide open things finished off rather quickly. I was told they had just finished hiring all the new security guards they needed, and I was being let go. This made me wonder if Sergeant Yumi was himself corrupt in some way. You would think after solving cases the way I was I'd get promoted to a full-time position or at least be given more work.

I guess this will just have to remain a mystery. I did not have much time to ponder this question before running off to the next thing that lured my eyes toward it. I’d end up getting into an even longer mission change than this one as a result.

Final Thoughts

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I felt it was kind of fun solving what would be considered mostly small-time crimes. Sure, perhaps catching smugglers was a bit bigger than petty crime. It was at least a nice little array of different missions that required a bit of a different way of working out how to move forward in each of them.

I rather had a blast running them. While it would have been nice if I could keep getting more jobs dealing with these sorts of things all in the city. It was nice not getting bored in a long mission arc in the first place.

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