Starfield | The Power And The Artifact

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For a while now I've stayed off the main path of the game and have been having lots of fun not looking for artifacts and even powers. It was once again time however I dropped the mission log and went to hunt some things down.

I was quite shocked to first find out about powers in Starfield. It was as you might expect a complete Suprise something like having a power would even be in this game at all. I needed to know about what these were in general and acquire one to test if I was able to do so.

Like many search missions for the main quest, I found myself going up to meet with Vladimir Sall. He was often the source for finding things out and leading me to my next location. It had been a while since I went to see him anyway.

landing on Procyon III.png

He ended up sending me off to a planet called Procyon III. Down there I'd encounter my first power. There was this strange building that ended up being the temple for ETA.

The temple itself was quite strange and it would not be the last time I'd be entering into a temple. Instead of sending me on my usual universe vision quest that you get to see I went beyond. This time around I was acquiring more than I was expecting.

anti gravity.png

I had acquired the power of an anti-gravity field. This allows me to change up the gravity force around a small area. It was quite a strange find and one I'd have no clue how far it could go for quite some time.

I ended up returning to the lodge to discuss my discovery. It was more about me finding out there are other powers I could find in my path in this game. I’ll admit most of them I don’t see myself ever having a desire or situation where I'd rather slow down all the shooting I'm doing and use a power instead.

The thought of having more of these strange powers overwhelmed my desire somewhat to want to keep going down this new rabbit hole if you will. Forget to do more side questing. I must have more!

Walter Stroud pulled me aside and said he had a little thing going on. I can only hope it will lead me to more artifacts or at the very least perhaps another power. I gladly went along and ended up meeting him at Neon.

at neon.png

Neon is a place I've come to expect to run into lots of illicit activities and just downright trouble on my end. I never know how bad things are going to end up going. I do, however, know I'll have a darn good time, and if I get to shoot someone that is just bonus points at this point.

It seems there was some connection to the substance called Aurora as it would lead us somewhere. Rather nasty stuff anytime I went to visit the doctor here for anything that needed some real work done he would tell me to stay far away from that stuff.

I found it quite funny that the stuff was created from fish of all things. At least that is what they were claiming. Perhaps the seller of the artifact we were hunting down had an addiction to the stuff for all I know.

I was tasked with ensuring that no matter how the negotiations went to acquire the next artifact we had all bases covered. The meeting was to take place in the astral lounge in a private area. I hacked into the systems for controls of the doors and even paid off the local bouncers of the place. Everything should be in our favor for when the meeting ends.

the seller.png

Needless to say, the seller had no choice in the end. It’s not that he did not get a fair deal in the end. With Walter Stroud, there is never an issue with having enough funds to cover all points. Some people just decide to get cold feet and find themselves wanting to accept the deal given to them in the end.

It was expected that this artifact was stolen. It was also not that shocking right after the deal the owner of the said artifact wanted to get it back. It turns out it belonged to someone named Nicolaus and he controlled Neon. We could not even take off on our ship let alone do much else. The downsides to doing business in such a dirty city.

After some back-and-forth diplomacy won out. We ended up getting to walk out with the artifact and the thief well he met the bitter end that was more than expected when you steal from someone like Nicolaus of Neon.

helix showing up.png

What was not expected was aliens showing up demanding the artifact get turned over to them. Talk about a plot twist. Here I was thinking I'd just be going back to the lodge and call it a day. So wrong I was.

Needless to say, I was quite in a murdering mood that day. There was no way I was going to let go of the recently acquired artifact let alone all of them. The Starborn, however, was as expected not happy with me wanting more of the artifacts and even powers as well.

While these Starborn claim to be some powerful aliens that are going to kick me behind. That has powers that I'll never understand. Well, I do understand the use of lasers and bullets. More time than not, usually all the understanding of something I need.

Final Thoughts

taking down Helix.png

As it would turn out these Starborn were going to end up being quite a pain to deal with. Refusing to give into them was also going to come with some heavy consequences. Consequences that would have me thinking about some of the choices I've made so far. Wishing in a way I spent more time doing other than then wanting to scratch that itch of finding out more about artifacts and powers.

One thing I had not done much yet was use the new power I had. As I slowly found out I just prefer expected shooting than using a power. I’d sometimes go out of my way to try and use them. Other times I just couldn't care less even if using one made things easier on me.

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Screenshots were taken and content was written by @Enjar about Starfield.

Disclosure: Starfield received for free through AMD rewards from the graphics card I purchased.