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Up to this point, the group known as the Constellation was rather unknown to me. Other than meeting one of their members I had no idea what kind of operation this group was. First, however, I was out to find some adventure before going into a concrete jungle and seeing what was up.

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I wanted to explore the solar system I was in for a bit. I headed out for a research base on a moon called Kreet. As I would adventure along, I would sometimes stop for a moment to scan different planets and moons, and even go down to the surface to gather further information on foot.

You would think there is a more efficient way of getting scan data these days than having to go down to the surface and get it yourself. I, however, never minded as this mostly allowed me to be alone with my thoughts, bearing any run-ins with local wildlife or pirates.

Kreet would end up providing me with more opportunities to work on my weapon skills. I also found some decent loot while down there.

the surface of kreet.png

The landscape of this moon is both terrifying and beautiful in its manner. The way the sunlight hits the fog and dust rises off the surface of the planet. Most of the jagged hills have now been smoothed out by windstorms over eons. There was even a well-traveled path from where I landed from.

I could also tell not that far down the road was a building. The antenna was sticking up enough to stand out as it did not fit in with the surrounding rocky area. From there my eyes were drawn downward to the upper section of the building that ended up being a research lab.

I did a sweep around the exterior of the building to make sure there was no trouble lurking around. There was a kind of silence that made the hair on the back of my neck stand up. It was, however, clear so I made my way inside.

clearing the rooms on Kreet base starfield.png

Once inside, after making sure each room was clear I spent some time looking around. Anything that was not nailed down that I could fit into my pockets I took. It’s amazing all the little things you can find in a given location that you can loot.

Most of it was not worth looting. I’d later just have a massive stash of stuff in a room I was given by the Constellation. If only they knew they invited into their welcoming arms a packrat that had no issue looting them as well. That, however, is for another day to tell.

After a while I found a few enemies to clear out. There was also a locked door that I picked with ease. This place was a low-security research facility. I was more hopeful I'd find something worth a starship it was clear, however, that I would barely be covering the fuel costs after this looting run.

the pirate Brogan starfield.png

I then made the trip back to my ship and I discovered I was not alone. A pirate named Brogan was given a false tale that there was massive loot hidden on my ship. While it’s true the Frontier has some massive cargo bays it's filled only with the junk I've looted so far.

After a bit of persuading the pirate Brogan, he seemed to understand a shooting match was not worth his time. At best he would discover some half-eaten sandwiches on board for his taking. At worst, he takes a bullet to the head like the rest of his comrades. He decided all of it was just not worth the trouble. I have a feeling there will be more like him showing up with a false understanding thinking there is some kind of great treasure to be looted.

Planet Jemison in Alpha Centauri Starfield.png

After that encounter, it was time to head off toward the solar system of Alpha Centauri. There is a planet called Jemison in the system that I'd end up using as my base of operations in a way for quite some time.

The planet also has quite a large city to explore. I would love nothing more than to go on a massive pillaging binge down on Jemison. The city of New Atlantis, however, has a massive police force patrolling the streets. Not to mention I can only assume many of the citizens there carry firearms with them.

One interesting feature about this city over others is they have a train system that will take you to different districts to do your shopping and other tasks. I, however, was on a mission to get to the Lodge so there was only so much time I could spend peeking into the windows of different businesses.

looking around the Lodge in starfield.png

I was fully expecting this place to be some hole-in-the-wall kind of joint. Instead, I was greeted with elegance only found in the old world. The people here seemed to have forgotten hardship, wars, and so much more. They even had a tranquil little garden to go out to and escape from things if needed for a short time.

Lodge library starfield.png

They also had quite a massive library. If only I could spend weeks and even months here reading through the collections, they had. I however was not invited here for the books. I had an artifact to turn over and quite the tale to tell of getting it.

Once all was done, I stuck around speaking with four members of the Constellation for quite some time. Day fell into the evening. They were even kind enough to offer me a room to have as my own for the time being. I welcomed the opportunity to have a better place to store my things that were not on a ship that could get blown out of the sky at any moment.

Final Thoughts

a fireplace in the Lodge starfield.png

I would end up going on many missions from the Constellation as they provided a wealth of knowledge and at the time it seemed both of our paths were leading in the same direction. At least for now, I'll be playing along with the story of the artifacts they gave me. Hopefully, there will be a giant pile of credits at the end of it.

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Screenshots were taken and content was written by @Enjar about Starfield.

Disclosure: Starfield received for free through AMD rewards from the graphics card I purchased.