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It’s good to be a pirate. It was time to head over to some fancy charity event held on Siren of the Stars and attempt to pull off a double heist! Not only did Delgado want me to hit up a banker for a passcode but Naeva wanted the Earth Savior Award that was being given out at the charity event. A two-for-one special!

Did I need a second mission of stealing the Earth Savior Award to get in my way of completing my main objective of extracting information out of a bank executive? No, I did not. Naeva is however like Delgado’s second in command, and she was not willing to take no for an answer.

At the very least I was going to get inside help at the event. As it usually turns out, “help” was not that helpful. At least I was not going to go fully blind into this heist. It’s just a shame I end up having to do all the leg work while everyone else sits back and gets rich off what I'm doing.


First, however, before I could even arrive at the charity event the UC wanted to check in. I always suspect one of these check-ins is going to be my undoing. They wanted to know more about Kryx and the legendary treasure and what I had uncovered.

As always, they told me no killing no matter what or else. I have no issues testing them on this little line in the sand they have drawn regarding shooting and killing if needed. How can they expect me to pull off a double heist during a high-security event and not break some skulls if needed in the process?

Once I arrived at the event I met with the inside guy and he was worthless. Sure, he gave me some tips about getting a little deeper inside the place. He would also be around if things went sideways.

The guy, however, seemed more concerned about getting caught helping the Crimson Fleet than anything else. He really should have been concerned that if this goes sideways, he won’t have to worry about getting caught. The Crimson Fleet is not leaving behind a witness. I guess the fear these pirates drive into people is not as much as you would think.

talking about lary.png

The first thing I started to work on was talking with all the employees at the event. I needed some dirt on the bank executive. Shockingly, a single guy during a timeline such as this can just access anyone's Gal bank. Then again, the Crimson Fleet has a guy who can do the same for cleaning money purposes if needed. They do not have as much security as you would think the universe's largest bank would have.

It seemed like just about anyone I had talked with hated the guy. They could not wait to tell me whatever little juice dirt or bad thing they could about him. It turns out he was spending a lot more time with a certain lady than his wife and it was even worse than you would expect the further I had dived down into that rabbit hole.

Before going deep into going after the bank codes I wanted to get started on gathering intel on the Earth Savior Award as well. I suspect at some point I might have to choose what to go after or there be a point of no return. So, I wanted to get started on both heists and at least gathering intel.

It turned out the award was given out by the same person every year. The whole thing has insane value due to some massive gem on it. This also meant that the former winner of the award must transport it to the event as it is one of a kind. It then gets stored in a vault.

getting the award.png

Their mistake allowed me to find out where the award was being held. Their second mistake was allowing me to request to put my own “valued” item into the same vault the award was being kept in. Never did I think I would be allowed to just walk on in and steal the thing after sweet-talking the guard of the vault.

Once I got the side heist out of the way I could focus on getting the banking codes I needed and nothing else. I’m just glad I did not set off any alarms or run into other nonsense. It was a little too easy.

I then had a little chat with the mistress. Turns out she hates his guts as well. She was just playing him along while they both were stealing from Gal Bank. Expect he was cheating her out of her and was hoping she would not notice. I’m starting to think keeping a single credit in Gal Bank is not a very safe thing to do.

Now with some blackmail at hand, I just needed to create a situation where I could end up alone with the banker and have any security busy with some kind of security. I also needed a way into the room he was held up in since he did not seem to care too much about the award being given out.

tech air room.png

The security in this place was not as top-notch as they acted like it was. All I had to do was act like a tech nerd to the chief of engineering and I wanted to look over some cool stuff. Why did this guy leave me alone to do whatever I wanted? I have no idea.

All I do know is I got away with turning off the air vents for the entire ship. This put the place on high alert due to an emergency of the air not working. That unlocked all doors including one I needed to access. It also required everyone to return to their rooms. Ensuring that I not only could access my target he had to be right where I wanted him to be.

With that out of the way, I went over and found another accomplice in the scam that was being pulled over on Gal Bank. The guy in question did not want to be named but he handed me over everything proving that money was being stolen. He also did not want to cross The Crimson Fleet either. About time our name put someone into fear of doing what was needed.

larry giving up details.png

It turns out Larry was the kind of guy who valued his time more than anyone else in the universe. He wasted no time telling me he would give me the code and information the Crimson Fleet was after.

It was a shame. With how much everyone hated him. I was at least hoping I'd need to put a bullet or two into a leg or something to get what I needed out of him. It turns out I kept to my orders by UC to not shoot anyone after all.

taking out pirates.png

The last bit I needed to do was to make my way into a Gal Bank. There was an ambush by Ecliptic pirates waiting for me. It was about time I got to do some shooting again and no one cared that I killed these people off.

I also now have to confirm that the Legacy this entire time was a Gal Bank credit transfer ship. It went missing and the bank covered up it ever happening. There were insane amounts of money just waiting for the taking. I could not wait to get my hands on it.

Final Thoughts

returning to the key.png

It’s always nice when you can pull off a double heist and make it back to The Key for the reward. It also seems I’m getting closer but there was another major roadblock keeping me from just flying out to the Legacy Gal Bank ship and claiming all the credits for Crimson Fleet.

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