Starfield | Sol And The Dead Ends

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While Alpha Centauri was an interesting place it did not take long before I'd be hoping to see multiple different solar systems in the galaxy. My next stop for certain was going to Sol and where that would lead from there I could even begin to guess.

Thankfully I've never been one to carry contraband onboard. As soon as I exited the jump in Sol, I was greeted by the local UC patrols who scanned my cargo hold. Like the pirates before them, they found nothing, they could hold me on. I Was soon released and allowed to carry on my business to the planet of Cydonia.

Cydonia itself was a rock planet with freezing temperatures. I was somewhat tempted as soon as I landed to do some exploring around to check for the local resources. There seemed to be something I was not quite familiar with. However, I did not go all the way out here for that and I had many other things to attend to so. For now,

I'd have to try and stop from getting sidetracked the best I can. Even though it is so tempting to want to visit every single planet in the solar system. Go around scanning everything and checking out any sites my radar picks up. Perhaps at some point, I'll return and finish off where I started.

night time on Cydonia in Starfield.png

Once I landed on Cydonia itself, I found myself in quite an industrial site. It was nighttime and once you looked beyond the platform, I landed on it seemed like quite a barren wasteland of a planet. Despite that, there were what looked like a couple of small containers that housed a few different things to go out and explore.

at the bar in Cydonia Starfield.png

I was somewhat shocked an airlock ended up leading me to a giant underground facility with quite a few people inside. Thankfully they were not hostile. It seemed to be of no coincidence that the man I was looking for was expected to be found at the bar.

The bartender was helpful for a price. It turns out the person in question I was sent to find had quite the massive unpaid bar tab. It also seemed like he had run into some other issues while here. The bartender, however, was not willing to just give me the information with the expectation that the bill would get settled after the fact.

While I was attempting to neglection the bar bill down a little the entire underground city shook. It seems this place has an issue with tremors of some kind. Needless to say, the locals might have gotten used to it. I sure was not and could not wait to get out of this city.

getting to the satellite starfield.png

Needless to say, things were not as straightforward as I was hoping they would be. After some time in space, I ended up needing to get some information from a satellite. The issue however arose that some nasty pirates were nearby, and they had already killed and I'm sure blood thrust for more.

I’ve never been a fan of going in all stealth-like. However, shooting my way through to the satellite was not going to work. As I was outgunned, we don’t even need to take into account they had better shields than I do anyway.

I powered down all but one unit of power to engraining to slowly crawl my way towards it till I was in range. I ended up getting the information I needed that the person I was after suffered some ship damage and was stuck rummaging for parts in quite a dangerous place.

As soon as that information was acquired, I warped out of it before the pirates could even attempt to lock onto my ship. I was headed towards a star yard floating around a moon that had been long abandoned by anyone of authority in the system. The place was expected to be crawling with low life.

staryard starfield.png

Needless to say, as soon as my ship docked, and I boarded the star yard I was shocked at what I had found. This place has seen some better days and I had little hope there was much of anything alive that had not already been killed or pillaged.

This place to no shock was anything but empty. There were Ecliptic pirates well and thriving here. While walking around a corner my radar suddenly flashed indicating there were ten hostiles close by with my drawn gun already pointed at one of them.

staryard starfield.png

I started shooting my way through the madness getting the attention of even more pirates on the station. At one point the gun I was shooting ran out of ammo and swapped it out for another. While I'm sure the pirates had ammo on them, I'd have to wait till all the shooting was done before attempting to loot anything.

This entire mess of a place ended up being yet another dead end. The person I was looking for had long moved on. It seems they might have gotten some parts but only enough to move elsewhere. I do hate showing up late, at least I knew the person was still alive for the time being.

It was then to fly off to Neptune of all places in this solar system. At this point, I was starting to get tired of missing the person I was in search of. I hoped they would be at the next place unharmed. I’d hate it if my time was wasted on some wild goose chance that ended up getting me nowhere.

I had caught up to the person in question and things were about to end. Little did I know till I got closer in range that there was something quite wrong going on board the ship itself. I had no choice but to open fire on the ship itself.

What I was not expecting was this turning into a boarding. After quite a few well-placed shots I was able to disable the engine systems and line my ship up to board. I just hoped I had enough ammo on me at this point for whatever was waiting for me on that ship.

taking out even more pirates in starfield.png

Once on board, there was a lot more killing to be done. Thankfully this ship was not that massive. I soon found the person I was in search of alive. They ended up having another piece of the artifact with them.

Final Thoughts

returning to alpha Centauri in starfield.png

With all the action done, it was time to return to Alpha Centauri with another artifact in hand. At this point, I started to wonder just how many of these artifacts there could be that I'd need to go out and find. It turns out there are quite a lot.

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Screenshots were taken and content was written by @Enjar about Starfield.

Disclosure: Starfield received for free through AMD rewards from the graphics card I purchased.