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I’ve been neglecting my side missions again for quite some time. I was hoping one of them would lead to another big mission arc to run. It turns out quite a few of them are more chatting than anything else. At the very least I got to take some bad guys out.

There is nothing like returning to a game you have not played for a bit to have no idea where you are, what you were doing, and why people are shooting at you. Before I could take on some side missions, I needed to make the place I was at a bit quieter so I could think.

Once things cooled down a bit, I took the opportunity to pick a lock into a science lab. Some ammo and not much else was worth looting inside. I just wanted to be inside of a room out of the main area I was in. That just so happened moments before turned into a shooting gallery.

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Next up I left the building I was in and boarded my ship to head off another adventure. I needed to locate a survey asteroid testing site. As soon as I got close enough that was the end of the mission. I was a little disappointed more action was not required.

At the very least the night sky was amazing. I gazed off into the heavens wondering what kind of troubles I'd find myself getting into shortly. Since the game not long ago received quite a massive update. I thought I'd go and check to see if the one broken mission I had regarding Gal Bank was working. It sadly was not. I guess this run I'll never get to finish off hunting down people who walked out on owing Gal a bunch of money.


One person I've been ignoring for quite some time is Kelton Frush who was simply listed as the scientist by the tree. He was conducting a bunch of experiments and needed to go retrieve his equipment.

At first, I was more than willing and even happy to help him collect probes and even use a strong hand to get other scientists to give over data to him. Over time I was starting to dislike him as the moments ticked by.

Why might you ask? It’s not that he was evil or anything like that. Any time I helped him with anything I suddenly had to wait around hours or even a day before I could go onto the next task he wanted.

In the meantime, he kept just droning on and on and on. I got the funny feeling he was not waiting for data to be crunched by some supercomputer. No, he just wanted to bore me to death with lots of things I'll never understand. I’d have preferred to just have helped him out collecting things. I did not need the science lecture of the ages as well.


Speaking of people who talk way too much. It had been a while since I'd spoken to Sarah Morgan and a few other people from the Constellation. Since the last time I've seen most of them, I've become a pirate and helped governments do quite a few different things. Why did I even become a space ranger!

It turns not none of them were pleased with the direction I was going. Since after all, I was not going after the artifacts for the time being. I was far too wrapped up in massive space conflicts, stealing, shooting people dead, further stealing and did I mention stealing?

At the very least I got to clear out quite a few side missions. At one point I almost fell asleep and stopped giving any of these people my attention. Any time I'd share some details about things I've been up to. They would just disagree and be unhappy about my actions. As if a space pirate needs their permission to do anything anyway. I decided I had enough of them and would be ignoring them for a while again.


It would seem quite a few of the side missions I've been neglecting are in Neon. Even more so this guy kept popping up as someone I had to deal with. The more missions I ran in Neon the more I started to realize this guy was involved in quite a lot of stuff. He does not look like he's the criminal mastermind kind of person. That is just how neon is, however. You never know.

More times than not he was looking to acquire something. It just so happened that a homeless-looking person ended up stealing a slate with quite a lot of information he did not want to fall into the wrong hands.

Many times, a bullet to the skull is more than enough to get back any lost property. I decided this person needed help getting their life back into order. They had lost some spreadsheets written on odd things like napkins and other trash. It did not take long to return them in exchange for the slate. Even better, the police did not need to know I was back in Neon at this time causing all kinds of trouble. At least not yet.

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I always knew I was in for a treat any time I had to go into the astral lounge. There were always quite a few shady people hanging out in there needing someone who could get things done.

Such as Manaia Adams who sounded like he was some kind of fixer. The wrong kind of fixer, however. The kind that is so lazy to outsource things to someone like me. I was tasked with getting a gun that had been involved in a crime and ensuring it could not get linked back to the owner.

After a little searching around I found the gun in question. It was not hidden well at all. It must be the work of Manaia Adams. I then sold it to a gun dealer for a couple thousand. I then told Manaia Adams I had resolved the issue with the gun. It was like getting paid twice for one job. I can’t wait for the look on his face once that gun comes up involved in something else and gets traced back to the gun dealer, I sold it to.

It’s those kinds of jobs you should never send someone else in to deal with. He should have handled the situation himself. I’m sure his client won’t be happy one day. I only wish I had been there when Manaia Adams got the bad news about the gun getting picked up by the police.

Final Thoughts

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While my side mission log is still so long it won’t all fit into one screen. I at least put a huge dent into it. I also resolved quite a lot of mostly talking and not enough shooting kind of activities.

I was quite disappointed I did not find something with a bit more substance. There are still quite a few side missions remaining and perhaps one of them will lead to a grand adventure. If nothing else, they help keep my mind from thinking about getting more of the artifacts. I’m sure at some point I'll have to make those a priority again.

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Screenshots were taken and content was written by @Enjar about Starfield.

Disclosure: Starfield received for free through AMD rewards from the graphics card I purchased.