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You know when you hit rock bottom when you own a starship and yet are applying for a desk “day” job at Ryujin Industries. Anytime I’m in Neon I always see these kiosks offering some kind of job. I thought why not join it and maybe I’d be able to steal something in the end. Turns out they were not exactly the people I thought they were.

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As I was filling out the application, I attempted to create what I thought would be an “ideal” candidate. Everything I was not. I claimed to have a master's degree and was not involved in any criminal activities (let’s not talk about me being a part of the Crimson Fleet and many other piracies, stealing, and murders I’ve been a part of)

In the past, I’ve done something similar claiming all kinds of things I was not. Under those situations I was usually getting paid to get access to a company or I was looking to seal something ahead of time. This time no such commitments. I was more or less just wondering what kind of trouble I could get myself into.

It’s like these corporations don’t do any kind of real background checks to work out who they are dealing with. No shock, shortly after I submitted my application, I got an interview and went over to Ryujin Industries to perform my magic.

Claiming to have lots of education, experience, and a lot of other nonsense allowed me the grand honor of going and picking up coffee. Yep, I was not shocked. I’m so glad I went with guns and a glory lifestyle instead of education.

But you know what? I was going to go be the best coffee collector Ryujin Industries had ever seen! I marched on down there sprinting with plans to sprint back as well. That coffee was going to still be so hot someone was going to burn themselves on it.

Since I was with Ryujin Industries I was not even going to be waiting in any lines. They made that coffee almost instantly as if their lives depended on the ordering being perfect and me getting back with it still being hot.

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Turns out there used to be another guy at one point that used to do the coffee rounds. I guess he took more pride in being the coffee boy than anyone could ever have. With my order almost ready the crazy former employee of Ryujin Industries pulled a gun on me!

If I had to guess going on a coffee run was going to get me whacked. I’d told you it was not out of the realm of possibilities. I have wronged so many in Starfield that it was bound to happen at some point. However, this guy did not even know who I was other than the “new guy.” Well, I took great insult with that.

Lucky for him I did not snap his neck like a toothpick right then and there. He got to live. Most importantly I got the coffee back to Ryujin, which was still as hot as when it was poured. If anything, they should give me a promotion for that alone. It turns out they in fact would be.

I would also no longer be working that desk job I thought I was signing up for. Which I was oh so disappointed over. A normal boring life just was not in the cards for me. Instead, I had to play things carefully to move up the ranks.

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It turns out Ryujin Industries cares a lot about its reputation, the bottom line, stealing, and ripping off other companies. They also like to keep their hands rather clean. They offered to send me on quite a wide range of jobs for them. I, however, had to do things the stealthy and quiet way. As it turns out dead bodies lead to a downward price on stock, bad press, and some rather angry coworkers having to clean up my mess.

These did not seem like the kind of people who wanted to pull an all-nighter cleaning up a news cycle because the new guy dropped the ball. Got caught doing something dirty for Ryujin Industries and tried to drop a corpse off a cliff to cover his tracks. I’d have to play things a bit more by the books if I wanted to make it here.

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I ended up going from picking up coffee to breaking into another corporation to upload some files to their mainframe in a single day. This task was even easier than getting coffee, but I was not about to let them in on that. They might mistake me for a fool who would be willing to work for less.

Final Thoughts

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After this first real job, I started to realize Ryujin Industries was not the kind of corporation to always pay you up right away after finishing a job. They liked to wait things out for a bit and check in later sometimes to make sure anything I did would not come back on them.

It also became quite clear they were a rather connected corporation. They would not stand for anyone getting one over them either. These were the kind of people who would have you taken out and framed for doing something bad just for thinking about double-crossing them.

For now, however, I was just looking to play my new role. Some of these jobs also paid quite well. Other times they were quite easy ones that took almost no time at all. It seemed like more was going on than my paid grade allowed me to know about.

While I prefer to go guns in blazing. I decided for as long as I could to restrain myself. If there was a slower way to go about things that did not involve everything getting blown up into a thousand pieces and hitting the late-night news. Well, I will be attempting to do it. At least for the time being.

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Disclosure: Starfield received for free through AMD rewards from the graphics card I purchased.