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I had to prove myself just to become a rookie in the Crimson Fleet. I thought the first few tasks would have been a lot harder than they were. Not like I needed them to be harder since I was a double agent anyway.

I’m still undecided if I want to fully help the UC if given the chance or if I'm going to backstab them and go full-on Crimson Fleet at some point. I do hope you get the chance to choose. For the time being, I've only picked to give a small amount of the evidence I've been collecting against the Crimson Fleet to the UC. If given the option I tend to turn it over to whoever I'm dealing with in the Crimson Feel instead. They pay better anyway.

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One thing I have not been the biggest fan of so far is just how often I have found myself having to check in with the UC. I keep thinking one of these times the Crimson Fleet is going to catch me heading off and going in on some random check-in. They have already at least once noticed me not arriving back to the fleet as quickly as they were expecting me. It’s hard to tell if they were just giving me a hard time or if they already suspect something is a little off about me.

One of my first real missions with the Crimson Fleet was to offload a crate of Aurora that was given to me by the UC themselves. I somewhat wondered how the UC found themselves in the possession of an illegal good such as Aurora. You would think it was evidence that in some crime they arrested someone over; instead, I was using it to get in with people.

I ended up passing around some free “samples” of the stuff. I suppose when you show up to a place even as someone unknown looking to offload a large create of Aurora people don’t ask as many questions as you would think they would. People were all more than willing to take advantage of my desire to offload it cheap and make themselves quite a large profit.

Once all that nasty business was done the UC had some incriminating evidence that they wanted. I went off to take someone out on Behalf of the Crimson Fleet. It’s only fitting that I'm looking to replace the last person who was more than likely a mole trying to gather intel on the Crimson Fleet like I might be doing.

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This involved attempting to get a captain to turn over one of their crew mates. Let’s just say he was not so forthcoming in doing so. Let’s just say the target was not only eliminated. I left behind zero witnesses to any possible crimes I might or might not have committed while completing my task.

The Crimson Fleet was rather thrilled with how I went about taking care of business. UC on the other hand? I got a full ear's worth from them. They also seemed to hint if I took another toe out of line and killed anyone or did anything they might consider to be a crime that would be the end of this operation. I’m starting to think the UC and I won’t be seeing eye to eye on a lot of things moving forward.

At the very least I'm rather enjoying how the pirates went about things, at least early on. There would be many moments later on where I was a little disappointed with how they as pirates wanted things to be handled in a more stealth-like manner than my perved method of guns glazing and leaving no witnesses behind. At least early on they enjoyed my go-getter attitude in taking care of things.

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I ended up exploring the key for a bit. It’s not massive, at least from what you think a space station would be. They do, however, have everything you would ever need in a base of operations. A place to get some work on my ship, shops, a bar, and so much more.

What I found to be quite alarming was how they could go right into the Gal Bank remotely and move money around like it was nothing. They not only created an account that they would pay me out into. The credits they would be paying me are “clean” and I don’t have to worry about a thing. They had some crazy guy with a bomb attached to his chest that handled all their banking needs. Quite a crazy way to ensure the guy could not just walk off with all their money or turn them in.

I ended up talking with the leader of the Crimson Fleet who went on and on about Kryx’s Legacy. He strongly believes there is some massive fortune that can be uncovered that the founder of the Crimson Fleet never got around to claiming.

It seemed most at the Crimson Fleet had enough of said of such treasure hunting. It appears they have lots few good pirates and had nothing to show for it for doing so. I, however, did not care one way or another. I just needed to get on their leader's good side. So, if there was some treasure to be found I played along like I was all hyped up to go on a goose chance hunting it down.

Final Thoughts


Before moving to go onto anything. I decided to take on a few random missions as a rookie with the Crimson Fleet. After that, I'd return and get started on a treasure hunt.

So far things are not as hard-core as I thought a bunch of pirates would be. Everyone seems so scared of the Crimson Fleet. I feel like I could take most of them out without even trying. Some of the other rookies they are recruiting are also quite laughable as many of them seem quite eager to backstab you over a single credit then caring about what the Crimson Fleet represents.

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Disclosure: Starfield received for free through AMD rewards from the graphics card I purchased.