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Sometimes the best plans require having all the right information worked out for you ahead of time. You just have to say the right thing and suddenly something that sounds so far-fetched that it would not work. Ends up being an easy payday and a job well done.

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Quite early on Ryujin Industries liked to remind me of the cost if I mess things up. I’ve never had anyone on the countless jobs I’ve done in the past have to send in a clean-up crew. I have a feeling with the kind of mess I can make they would take months and dozens of workers to try and sweep up anything I did. So, for now I yet again attempt to remain in the shadows not getting caught and keeping the body count at zero.

It turns out I yet again needed to break into another office and plant some more evidence. This next company had a bit more money than the last one I was dealing with. It was supposed to be a bigger challenge than the last job.

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I have no idea what Laredo did to piss off Ryujin Industries. I guess what they did from the sign saying firearms. I, however, could care less. Once I was done with the job and returned to my keeper, I discovered what I did would help Ryujin Industries bottom line in some kind of negotiations.

I can only hope they cut me in at some point of any savings to the bottom line I might have caused. I also started to get the impression that Ryujin Industries played quite dirty in the corporate world. It seems like if they could not buy it for next to nothing from you legally, they would just steal and reverse engineering whatever it was. They then could pour money into a project making it even more than the original. Giving their lawyers and marketing team the perfect cover that they are innovating and not just some cheap rip-off brand that steals from everyone.

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Sometimes at the jobs I’d get sent on I could almost see the part of the cog I was playing. Such as one job where they first wanted me to go steal a security keyboard. Expect there was one giant issue. No one could know the card was stolen in the first place.

Before I went in, I decided to spend some money on a suit. Not just a cheap suit either. I needed to look important enough that someone would think I was somebody at the company I was about to steal from. I, however, did not want it to look so nice that what I was asking help for should be beneath me.

I then used the power of persuasion to convince the chief of security who really should have known better to hand over his card. I played the “middle management” type that was going to get fired unless I could fix something. You would think it should be harder to get someone to give you their security card than that.

Once I had it, I turned it over to Ryujin Industries so they could clone it. I then made sure he got it back. I’d hate for things to look a little too suspect with the security chief's security card going missing. You would however think with the amount of time it took me to get the card back to Ryujin Industries, for them to clone it, and then for the security chief to get his card back. That he would have suspected something.

I suppose most companies just never invest enough money into training their people. Let alone higher far more competent employees. Why that would cost money. Who knows how much money the company in question would end up losing due to them being cheap in all the wrong places.

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After these rather simple jobs, it was time I started to speak with far more important people. It was also nice for ones that I was not going to have to leave the planet for the next job. Some reps were sitting in the local nightclub.

One of the nice things about working with a corporation willing to spend on intel gathering. I was giving some information sheets on the two targets I needed to convince them the deal they were about to enter into with a third party was a bad one.

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Even better yet I was given some sheets that decided to help me lead those buyers away from doing business with one company and instead get them to buy from Ryujin Industries instead.

Even better yet it was not going to come down to my power of persuasion either. I was given a data slate to replace the current presentation that was to be given to the buyers and change out some key figures in it. Just enough to make it look like a fast one was being pulled on by the buyers. Making it look like the product they were going to buy was not as good as it was made to be. I suspected the cherry on the top would include making the buy price higher than what would have been originally discussed. Enough to make anyone willing to just go with a “better” product that was being sold by Ryujin Industries.

Final Thoughts

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While I consider these types of missions to be a bit more on the boring side. It at least shows things can be done without needing to always pull the trigger from a gun. There are many different kinds of triggers to pull. Persuasion is one heck of a gun if you know how to aim it.

I was hoping at some point I’d get to use an actual gun. As things kept moving forward it seemed like the less likely that was going to come. Even more so when it kept being brought up how perfectly I was doing each of the jobs. Meaning there were no body bags required and I was not making the nightly news either.

One can only hope at some point I get to use my true talent. Then again perhaps this is what I get for being as dishonest as I was when applying to Ryujin Industries. While they did not directly come out and say they were originally hired to be gunslinger. They did seem to be doing their homework and realized I was nothing like the person I was claiming to be. This also meant they should have known I like to leave a trail of bodies when moving from one objective to another. Perhaps that is why they keep reminding me that doing such things while working for them would be quite costly for them to deal with.

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