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Usually, when it comes to personal drama matters of a family or between overprotective co-workers I have quite a don’t get involved stance. That however this time was not going to roll since I needed to work with such people to get further artifacts. Situations like these tend to get a bit sticky you could say.

Akila City starfield.png

My first order of business was traveling to Akila City and getting myself involved in the middle of a strange tale of what might lead to another artifact and the Coe family that founded this place and a few other things.

I needed to meet up with Sam Coe who wanted to make darn sure if I was going go for the artifact if that is what the rumors turned out to be I was willing to go all the way. It turns out his father and family see Sam as a bit of a black sheep. No matter what he does it’s never good.

bank getting robbed.png

We needed a map that would show the location of where this supposed tale was. Just one issue was at the bank and what you would know was being robbed. The bank robbers were not that bright either. It seemed like they did not have a plan for running into the law.

The robbers also did not trust the local sheriff. I found myself in this rather strange situation of being considered a third neutral party by the bank robbers and permitted to take their demands and work on the hostages inside getting released.

My first attempt at trying to resolve things did not go so well. In the end, I realized the bank robbers did not want to hurt anyone. I convinced them that their plan not only was going to fail but incident people would end up getting hurt and the time they would serve would be even longer.

The local government rather liked how I resolved the situation and even attempted to offer me a job working for them. This was yet another thing I have no clue how joining one faction over another would end up going down, so I turned it down for the time being.

We then just walked right down into the bank vault. Instead of the map being there like it should have been. There was a letter left behind by Same Coe’s father.

3 coe house starfield.png

So much for staying out of the family drama. We next headed for the Coe house and things were not moving along as I had hoped. While I at first tried to resolve the situation it angered Sam about the route I wanted to take. So, I ended up backing off and trying his method of having the father distracted while one of us went and stole the map ourselves right from under the father's noise.

The map ended up leading us through some rough terrain that was covered in hostile animals. I ended up taking out a few and almost getting killed in the process. I thought getting to the location was going to be the hard part.

shaw gang starfield.png

That was not the only trouble we ran into as well. Turns out the map leads us right into an outpost for the Shaw gang of pirates. The artifact was keeping the wildlife and many other things away and these pirates took advantage of that by setting up a base.

Thankfully I had my trusty rifle with me and took out most of the pirates on the surface without issue before I ran out of ammo. After some looting, it was time to head inside a vast network of caves and clear out any remaining pirates we found.

Another artifact starfield.png

Then there was yet another artifact mine for the taking. All I had to do was break out of the deposit it was trapped in. I guess we know what caused the family tale for certain.

When it comes to wiping out the base of a notorious pirate you can’t expect there to not be issues. The moment we made our way back to the surface Shaw was waiting. While I could have paid her off, I decided to go guns blazing. While it was a close call I prevailed in the end.

After a quick trip to the Lodge, I was sent out to deal with another situation. I found out the Constellation had its station in orbit that was being used for researching signals to find further anomalies that could lead to more artifacts being found.

Valadimir sall.png

The place was run by one Vladimir Sall who took the safety of one of the Constellation members rather personally. It seems I have wandered into another personal matter between two people kind of situation. He, however, did not know where the person was.

7 ice cave.png

The first place I ended up hitting did not have the person I was looking for. It was, however, quite a massive frozen complex that I rather enjoyed clearing out. This place was breathtaking. It was also rather complex.

I ended up crawling around quite a few different areas. There seemed to be some wide-open areas where snipers were lying in wait for someone like me to come along. Thankfully I have a decent ranged solution myself and made quick work of anyone looking to cause me trouble.

I somewhat wished this complex never ended. In the end, it was a pain to try and find the way out of it again. At least once I got to the bottom of it there was an artifact for me to claim.

After that, I went off to another solar system and planet. I found myself in an abandoned mine. I did not have to go far into the area till I found the person I was looking for. She did not want me to mention that there had been any issues. Now I had to keep a lie between these two people.

I don’t blame her the last time she had any trouble with pirates she was taken off assignments for quite some time. It appears she was more than capable of dealing with the situation on her own. The person who gave her that assignment was just being overprotective and worrying too much.

8 massive mine.png

We ended up going further into the complex and clearing out any remaining pirates. It was shocking how massive a pit there was in the middle of the mine. There was lots of sniping, covering, and dodging going on. At one point I even ran out of laser ammo and felt like I was at quite a disadvantage as my other weapons did not have the kind of range I needed.

While this was yet another fun place. I was more than thrilled by the time we reached the bottom of the mine and found where the pirates were mining around the next artifact. Yet another one to add to the collection.

Final Thoughts

9 back at the  Lodge.png

While this one had some personal drama between different characters. It was great bagging a couple of artifacts in this one. I wonder if dungeons reset after some time, I'd love to return to the one covered in ice and clear it again at some point.

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