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Ryujin Industries' next assignment for me was to plant some device that would allow them to hack into a computer system. They wanted to frame a competitor for gross negligence. I thought I was just going into yet another office space and messing with someone's computer.

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What I had not realized and found out on the job was that the computer I was going to access was on a spaceship. One can only assume the gross negligence part would be said starship crashing. Even more so since the mission itself hinted that this would cause some kind of accident.

The hardest part was trying to find my way onto the ship itself. It was parked in a hangar inside. I can only assume it was on some kind of production floor. I ended up needing to use some kind of special stairs to even get on board the darn thing.

I’m used to just needing to walk around to the back of a ship and find my way on board. It was somewhat commercial of me failing to find a way onto the ship. I even climbed up some rather high ladders and managed to jump so I could land on top of the ship. Where I failed yet again to find an entry point inside.

In the end, I managed to get aboard and plant the device. No one realized I was not even supposed to be there and did not see me plant any device. Thankfully word did not make it back to Ryujin Industries of how much of a moron I was trying to find a way onto the ship.

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My next job from Ryujin Industries would not be so forgiving if I ended up messing up. They wanted me to steal the blueprints for a new engine prototype for some kind of luxury line. Thankfully those blueprints are not in some secure office buildings. They are lying around somewhere in a ship manufacturing plant.

I ended up tracking the blueprints down to a locked office space. It was, however, always covered by security or other staff members just walking around. No one seemed to mind as long as I was not doing anything I was not supposed to be doing just walking around. So, I managed to shut the outer metal shutters to the room in question.

That is when I noticed there was a giant air vent leading into the room. Sure enough, while exploring the compound I found there was a vent system I could gain access to just above the office space. So, I picked the lock on the door to gain access to the AC room and crawled through the ventilation till I dropped down into the office and stole the blueprint.

After completing a few jobs without a single incident being caused. They upped my security clearance with Ryujin Industries. It was then time for me to meet some of the bigger players in the company itself. I was slowly moving up the food chain and getting paid better as well.

From there on out I would be given a bit more leeway on the way I wanted to handle different situations. They had started to trust my judgment calls and the way I was handling different situations. Still, the missions remained rather easy for a short while longer.

My next job included needing to say a code phrase and meeting a contact. That contact had some kind of information he was looking to sell. It was unclear what it was, but I was sent out to work out the details and get what I could for as cheaply as possible.

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The guy in question I had to meet claimed he had something massive. So massive that he tried to demand an insane payday for himself. It turns out he has been stealing from quite a lot of people over the years. The kind of people who would pay big bucks to have him removed.

The nice thing about people who have problems I can solve is that it doesn’t involve me spending my own money doing a little extra muscle work to make deals happen. Since the guy was an information broker of sorts he knew around where his would-be assassin was lurking. All I had to do was take them out.

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I was expecting the assassin to put up some kind of fight. I decided instead of attempting to board the ship or deal with the assassin in a sideways manner. I’d just be rather direct and blow their ship up. It worked like a charm they hardly put up any fight compared to the massive ship I have at my disposal.

After that, the contact was willing to spill the beans on something called Project Dominion. The contact however did not have Project Dominion on himself. It was however supposed to be something so important that Ryujin Industries would be foaming at the mouth to get their hands on it.

This was yet another easy job in the end. I’m just glad I got to make something go boom before having to break into yet another computer system and steal yet again more files from someone.

This is when things started to get rather strange. Project Dominion was not something the company I stole from was working on. Project Dominion was Ryujin Industries high clearance project. It was also quite a dangerous project. The company that stole it would have needed a high-level contact with the company to get their hands on it.

Final Thoughts

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This was such a huge deal I was brought into a big wig's office to break the news to them. It looked like my position in the corporation later just went up by another rung at the very least. That day I ended up meeting some new people at the company that I was never permitted to talk with and were in areas of the building I was never allowed into before.

The next mission would also end up being the most challenging mission Ryujin Industries would end up giving me as well. It was about time I went from the easy stuff I could do in my sleep to things that required some brain cells to pull off. Naturally, they wanted everything done in a stealth-like manner as well. Which is quite a shame as I just wanted to pull out a gun and deal with things the old-fashioned way instead.

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