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It turns out that mining life is not for everyone, and there is at least one traitor on Mars. I was rather thrilled to be back on the planet in the mining area. There was a lot more to uncover and even some off-worlding to do.

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I was back on Mars hoping they had some actual real mining work. Turns out that was in rather short supply. I still have to go out and collect 10 irons before turning them in. It turns out that in many places red tape was holding them back.

The miners here were working with some really old equipment. As a result, they were failing to meet their quotas and the mine itself was doing quite poorly. There were other mines on Mars as well that had been shut down with people getting laid off due to not being worthwhile to mine what remained in them.

This surely seemed like the fate this mine would be meeting soon enough as well. Unless someone did something about it. A guy named Trevor who worked as a mining supervisor from the best I could tell had a plan to resolve the issues and get brand new equipment. It, however, required the equipment request to be accepted, which was not going to happen.

The solution was to get a man on the inside on the upper floors. It turns out I was just the person to do it. A new assistant was needed for a guy named Peter and that person just so happens to be the one that approves or in most cases declines equipment requests.

I, however, was not going to be the only person applying for the job. At first, when I was told, we were going to handle other applications being applied for it I had a bit of a smile on my face. I thought to myself I have no issue going around Mars and murdering everyone who would end up applying for this job till I was the only one left.

I was rather disappointed when I was informed that was not the route we would be taking. Instead, I just had to sneak up to the offices and delete everyone's application but my own. Forcing them to think only one person applied and having to hire me on the spot.

I ended up standing around trying not to look too suspicious for quite a few hours in the office space above mine. It however became clear to me that the person who manages their HR was a night owl and put in some very long hours.

the comptuer.png

I have no idea why that person stayed working away so late. It was not on going through the applications to find someone to interview for the next step. As they were all just sitting left not having any decisions made by the time, I gained access when being all alone to the computer.

It was kind of funny reading through all the applications seeing how most of them had little to no experience or lacked the most basic qualifications. I naturally, when I was asked to fill out the application to get the job in the first place, lied about everything. I would have been the perfect choice for them to have made if there were any others listed for the job.

I returned later that day to Trevor, and he informed me of the great news. I was accepted and the assistant to a guy named Peter.

peter not noticing I'm not his old assistant.png

Funny enough it took Peter a moment to realize I was not the only assistant. Perhaps it was a good thing too as he happened to have a habit of his former assistants going missing, which I was not aware of before agreeing to get into this whole mess in the first place.

I almost instantly could tell I hated Peter. He was just another corporate drone. He even went on and on about how amazing he was at managing the miners who were not meeting their quotas. All that mattered to this guy was meeting the bottle line. Even if that meant more people had to be fired as the mining operation kept going downhill.

I was hopeful this was going to be a quick in and out. Now that I was his assistant, I got access to his computer. Peter on the other hand had other ideas. He wanted me to go find out what happened to a missing shipment. It turns out Peter is a bit behind on paying his fees for being on Mars.

It turns out this entire part of Mars is just one corrupt organization built on the back of people trying to mine and earn an honest day's wage for the most part. I’d be able to get the package from the guy holding it if I just went and found his “missing” ship that got stolen by space pirates.

hursts ship.png

To say they are not paying me enough for a basic assistant job is understated. Thankfully for them, I'm not an assistant so going off and tracking down a stolen ship from pirates is no big deal for me.

I was rather shocked the pirates let me board the ship. While I tried to act like one of them coming out to help, they were waiting hoping to ambush me and rob me of everything I had. All I have to say is finally there was about to be some killing being done!

killing the pirates.png

Needless to say, it was a bad decision for the pirates. They did not last very long. It’s a shame my task was to destroy the ship for the insurance and then actually return it. As you can expect, a lot more was going on than expected.

It turns out I was not even the first person who was sent out to destroy the ship. It turns out pirates did not originally steal the ship either. The owner of the ship was having an affair, and the women stole it and fled the solar system.

Things did not go well for her. As the ship at some point had been taken over by pirates. I decided I'd hold onto the evidence that there was an affair going on just In case I ever needed such information one day. I also, as ordered, destroyed the ship and returned.

Once all that was done, I got to return to my boss with the package he wanted. He was then more than thrilled despite how much overtime I had to put in to go and destroy a ship to get along to the important matters of going through his email.

Instead of doing any of that nonsense. I quickly approved the equipment request. I then, like so many of his other assistants, vanished since I no longer cared to keep up the appearance of being an assistant.

finding the missing miner.png

Shortly later the equipment the miners needed was ready to be picked up. Instead of me getting the job a miner with the company quickly volunteered and ran off to go retrieve the very expensive equipment. Who could have guessed that the miner went missing? I did not assume whatsoever.

I was expecting to have to go on some wild goose chase to find the guy halfway across the galaxy with a shipment of stolen mining equipment. Turns out he was not smart enough to run. He thought he could just avoid being detected returning by landing in on offsite and going off to drink at the bar of all places.

taking me out.png

The miner was angry about the bad mining contract he had signed. He wanted the mine to go under so they would be forced to break their content with him by firing him. With the new mining equipment that was never going to happen.

He acted like he was going to take me out to the equipment and hoped I'd play along with finding it and claiming some pirates stole it from him. It was clear he was going to attempt to kill me the moment we were far off away anyone.

What he was not expecting is I'm not a miner either. He just tried to cross a guy with a bigger death count than there are solar systems in the game universe. Well, at least dead people don’t have to worry about being stuck in a mining contract they hate.

Final Thoughts

leaving the mine.png

After that, there was not much left to do. I quickly found myself leaving Mars for a while. Lots of backstabbing tractors on Mars all looking for their way to get ahead at the expense of others. I no longer wanted any part of the place.

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Screenshots were taken and content was written by @Enjar about Starfield.

Disclosure: Starfield received for free through AMD rewards from the graphics card I purchased.