Starfield | Mars And Power Hunting

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It has been a while since I've checked in on Mars. It seems so much so all missions either lead to or start from Mars these days. Once I was done with that planet I was off hunting for further powers.

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Quite a long time ago now I ended up helping some minors on Mars. So, it only makes sense someone who reached out having contracted a miner's lung needed some assistance getting into a medical clinic for treatment.

Why was my help needed? She was not on such good terms with her father who happens to be an executive with where she wanted to get treatment. I was tasked with getting a bottle of booze and delivering it to her father.

The person who had a bottle for sale wanted way too much for it. So, I ended up just stealing one from their stash. You would think such an expensive bottle of booze would not just be left so out in the open.

In the crazy world getting a bottle of booze to her father was all that was needed. He did not even have to ask if it was sent from her. He already knew. He also ended up helping her get the help she needed in the end.

It was not long before I found myself making another trip out to Mars. I’m starting to think Mars just views me as a carrier. The next person wanted me to run off to another planet and pick up the first edition of a book. At least the trader that was selling the book was quite friendly and for a first edition, the book ended up costing nothing to buy.

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Next, I was tasked with heading off to Vulture’s Roost. A bit of a hidden base of operations on Mars that required some running and traversing a cave to get to.

The person there just wanted to talk for a bit. I would end up running off and getting another three missions out of the way of people just wanting to talk. In between needing to resupply Titan with Chunks’ secret sauce.


One such conversation I ended up having that I thought would have some kind of outcome was reporting a rather high-level crime on Mars. Back when I ran the original mission and decided not to report it. I always wondered if something more would end up occurring if I did. So far, a load of nothing. It was not even worth talking to the high-level government official about the matters I did. I did not even get any money for my troubles.

After that, I had a couple more transportation missions that ended up landing me back on Mars for what was being sought after. The pay was lousy, and I wish I could have done them all at the same time. Instead of just one mission at a time.

I was overall kind of shocked I still had quite a few missions regarding Mars. I for sure thought I'd have done everything involving that plant that I could. For the time being now, I have once again depleted any missions I had that seem to involve Mars.

Getting More Power

another power collected.jpg

While I am one of those people who can’t be bothered to use any of the powers I've collected so far. To the point, I don’t even test out any new ones I acquire. I still had a few remaining to grab.

I thought it best to get them all. Just in case, one day I decided there was a power I preferred using in combination with my combat style. I also wanted to pick up some points to spend on the power system. Something I have also been neglecting to pay any kind of attention to.

not the temple.jpg

I had the power to collect on GunIIbuu II for quite some time. It had been so long that I had made a mistaken since this was where my scanner was leading me. This is a possible site to pick up the power. I just assumed this site was a deviation from the normal temple I find when searching these powers out. It turns out I was not even close to the correct place. I needed to go far beyond this location to get to my next temple.

Once I discovered my mistake, I was in for quite a long run to the actual temple. Where I collected my power and then was on my way into a content loop of seeking information on the next location and then collecting it.


The powers I had left to collect required me to run off to The Eye to speak with Vladimir Sall. Where he then would give me the location of the next one. It’s a shame I could not get multiple locations at once like I had before. So, after each one, I'd be flying back to The Eye for the next one.

Then I'd fly off to the next planet and land. Take out my scanner and look for any disturbance in the scan for a possible location to run out to. Since they all had the same look, it was quicker this time around to find them off in the distance and run to them.


I’d then go inside the temple and fly around to collect the little orbs till the sphere opened in the middle allowing me to enter and gain my next power.

the guardian.jpg

Once I had acquired the power. I'd hunt around for the next guardian I needed to defeat that shows up after you get the new power. Sometimes they are right in your face shooting at you the moment you return to the real world. Other times I must run around a bit looking for them.

I ended up collecting another four powers before Vladimir no longer had another location to give me to hunt down another. I’m unsure if I've collected them all now or if I need to advance the main storyline to get access to more.

Final Thoughts

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Now all I have left on my mission log are broken missions I can’t finish. Along with the main storyline. I’ve been ignoring the storyline for quite some time as I wanted to do as much as I could in this game. I have no idea if I'll end up finding more side missions to run while I advance the story. All I do know is it’s time to do so.

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Screenshots were taken and content was written by @Enjar about Starfield.

Disclosure: Starfield received for free through AMD rewards from the graphics card I purchased.