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For quite some time I’ve had an offer to join the Freestar Rangers. For that same amount of time, I was a bit busy committing crimes out in that region of space and decided the better of it. It seems however they were not aware of how much of a problem I was for their region of space. I was still shocked when they were still willing to take me in.

I ended up flying out to Akila to talk with one of their recruiters about joining the Freestar Rangers. Funny enough I had a bounty for that region of space I had to pay off first before I was able to freely land without any issues.

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With anything like life. There is always that fine print. Here I was thinking they just handed me a badge and let me go on my way. They started to question if I could even handle a job given by them in the first place. Do they have any idea who they are talking with? I’m quite well connected everywhere but this region of space. I could do all their jobs at the same time and still find time in the morning to take a nap.

I suppose, however, they need torunn out and go do some kind of job for them first. Less they were questioning my ethics of being able to handle doing the job. I suppose this was going to be yet another outfit that would take issues if I just shot everyone dead the moment eye contact was made. Perhaps I’ll attempt to behave or perhaps I won’t. Either way, I’m earning myself one of them shiny badges.

I thought they at least gave me something a bit challenging. Turns out they have so many things done I could just walk up to the open mission terminal and finish any one of the jobs listed to get my recruitment process moving in the right direction.

That is when my eyes gleamed with excitement. There were plenty of kill missions to go around. I just had to find some outlaw that had been causing the citizens in the area bullets to the head. I would just be as happy blowing up their ship as well if not even more so.

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It turns out however that the outlaw was held up in an outpost. It has been a quick moment since I’ve gotten the chance to raid a compound of sorts. I can only hope there are lots of bad people inside who refuse to aid me in any way. I have far too many bullets and need to lighten my packs of them anyway.

I did a bit of scouting around and found some people who were not helpful in any way. I can only assume they have been causing trouble for the Freestar Rangers as well. I wanted to get ahead of my work and just deal with those troublemakers here and now. I am hoping the Rangers are not big on paperwork.

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It was then time to breach the building and go find my guy. Some people had the nerve to object to me entering in and demand the person I wanted come out dead. They could have saved themselves and just dropped off his corpse at my feet. That would have taken all the fun out of things. So, I’m glad they resisted and met the same fate as the person I was sent to take out.

Once the job was done, I returned to Akila and got to enter the Freestar Rangers headquarters that was on the top floor of the building. I liked the fact there was a bar downstairs. I can only suspect the rangers spend a lot of time and money at that bar. For “information” gathering naturally.

I then got to speak with the head Marshal. He wanted to ask me some questions. To make sure I understood what joining them would mean. They appear to be rather understaffed, underfunded, and as I would soon learn quite needing to toe the line when it came to certain political individuals. It seems they are not as free as the name seems to indicate.

issues at a farm.jpg

I was then given one final mission that would end up being an opening arc for quite an adventure while I was with the Freestar Rangers. They wanted me to go investigate something going on at some farmland on the outskirts of their region.

I did not think I’d be given something so mundane at the time as an issue a farmer would have at their farm. I was, however, tasked with helping the people of the region, so I went to at least see what it was. I was rather hoping for it just be something quick and easy with a local drunk or some sort of matter. It turns out it would not.

I showed up and started talking with the farmer. It turns out armed militants showed up and told the farmer they would be giving up their land. In exchange for doing so, they would get to live. The farmer, as one might expect, declined and certain promises were made about returning with force and taking the farm.

looking for them.jpg

I ended up going down quite the little trip through the woods and into a valley looking for this military type of people who would waste their time stealing farmland. It seemed like quite a strange thing to want to take anyway. Something more must have been going on.

It turns out they were hiding in quite a nasty little area. Lots of animals and oversized bugs to shoot with my gun as I made my way closer and closer to their camp. It was also becoming nighttime which was fine with me. I wanted to see who I was dealing with during the night anyway.

I then ran into some turrets set up. It seems I was not dealing with just your everyday run of the mill let's go get some guns and claim we are militants to see if we can steal some farmland while we have too much to drink. Somewhat must have hired them to come all the way out to a farm in the middle of nowhere and cause such trouble.

walking into the camp.jpg

What I was not expecting was just how large of an outpost they had set up for their operation. I was expecting two tents at best. There must have been a dozen if not more. They were also quite armed.

After scouting out the area for a bit I decided the sanest thing to do was just walk on into the camp and introduce myself. I had many questions and dead people don’t always give you the information that you often need.

Let’s just say I was not welcome with open arms. After a rather short conversation of them not caring who I was or what my purpose was being there. We decided to part ways. Me in my ship back to report things to the marshal and them in a body bag.

Final Thoughts

report it to the marshal.jpg

At least some information was collected at their base of operations. It still did not give much to go on. It was at least better than nothing. Things as I would find out ended up being a whole lot stranger than expected.

I am also now a member of the Freestar Rangers. I’ve lost count of how many different groups I’ve now joined. It seems none of them seem to care much about me being a part of other government groups, corporations, and so forth. If I get the job being asked of me done.

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Disclosure: Starfield received for free through AMD rewards from the graphics card I purchased.