Starfield | Caves And The Scow

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The Starborn were less than pleased with my actions. I would soon find out I'd be paying quite a heavy price for not honoring their demands. Not like I have much choice in the matter, I was never going to bend the knee to them anyway. In the meantime, however, I went on quite the looting spree of artifacts.

I ended up rushing back to the lodge to make sure everyone there was ok. I also wanted them to perform some tests on the data my ship had collected with my encounter with the Starborn.

In a way I felt getting the artifact right into the hands of our people would somewhat make it safe. I ended up being so very wrong about that. I did not even get much time to process what had transpired with my ship-to-ship combat with the Starborn in the first place.

the starborn ship.png

They ended up looking at the ship itself and as far as they could tell it was unlike anything anyone in our known universe had seen before. There was always that hope it was part of some government prototype ship and they were just trying to get the artifact for themselves.

After our meeting, it was decided now was the time to focus on getting even more artifacts. With another faction called the Starborn out there looking for them as well. There was no telling how close they would be to getting one themselves and I was not about to let that happen.

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I ended up finding another artifact in a cave-like many I have in the past. This time however it was being guarded by a Starborn. For a race that was supposed to be more advanced than we are, you would think they would have put up a bigger fight.

I found the one I fought to be a rather pushover if even that. A couple of shots and the artifact was mine for the taking. There was, however, no telling how many more of these Starborns would just start showing up out of nowhere.

I then found myself in a rush to the next location to find yet another one. This time I'd need to do a bit of clearing to find the artifact itself. Since it seemed like the location did not have any Starborn at it, I enjoyed clearing the complex.

This involved picking a master lock on the surface for around 120k credits worth of AI contraband. These people had the bright idea of making such stuff contraband. The usual place I offload such goods already had a backtrail of stuff I needed to sell. I ended up dumping it off to sell for another day later before heading back home to the lodge.

ice facotory.png

The facility I needed to clear though was another one of those ice-chilled ones. I love these places and clearing it out when they were not during summer in the real world gave it a whole new chilling effect seeing the ice and almost feeling the cold temperatures this place had.

I ended up taking a bit of a shortcut through the place. There are these doors that say emergency on them, and you can cut the pins in seconds. This ended up taking a bit of time off my run and led me rather quickly to finding yet another artifact.

It was at this point that the wonderful station in the sky called The Eye which led us to finding so many artifacts was coming up short. The place was Afterall quite old and needed a lot of repairs and upgrades to give us the advantage we would need to move forward.

helping with the install.png

I was somewhat expecting to go out on many adventures to acquire all kinds of equipment. This ended up not being the case. Since there was nothing to shoot at. I put down my gun, picked up a welding torch and lent a hand with the rest of them.

It turns out that we and the Starborn were not the only ones going after artifacts. As if more complications were not needed, I'd need to quickly go off and do whatever I could to acquire another one before it was too late.

The scrow.png

It turns out I was too late. The artifact was with someone who was known to be a bit of a collector. The person was also not so willing to part with said artifact even though he had no clue what he had.

I must say I loved my adventure running through The Scow. It was quite a large and interesting ship filled with collectibles from all over the place. The only thing it seemed to have more of than collectibles was crew members.

looking around the ship.png

It felt like you could spend quite some time here looking at every little thing. It’s a shame I had to somewhat sweet talk myself into this place and they were not going to just let me roam around on my own.

What I was after was naturally locked up in a vault deep within the ship itself. I could already tell it was going to be quite a feat to get the artifact and myself out of this place in one piece. It would at the very least be quite a lot of fun.

I did try and reason with the guy. All he had to do was give me what I wanted. I would have more than been willing to not take any dramatic action and I'm sure we would have been willing to pay quite a nice finder's fee for finding the artifact in the first place.

Taking what I want.png

Some people, however, only respond to one kind of negotiating. Thankfully I am quite an expert in it and it’s usually in the best interest of the other party not to find out just how good I am.

Taking the artifact was the easy part. I then went on quite a killing spree of trying to get myself back to my ship. I did take a few stops along the way to see if I could help myself to anything else onboard. After all this ship was like a giant floating museum.

I thought at the very least there had to be many other goodies to take. The place had some stuff. I was, however, a bit disappointed. At least the crew of this ship had lots of ammo on them. As I was running low on some of my more preferred instruments of death.

Final Thoughts

good bye to The Scow.png

In the end, I decided I did not want to leave any evidence of what transpired on The Scow. When you go on that kind of killing spree you never really know when and where to stop. It was then time to bank some loot and make my way back to the lodge with many more artifacts from these recent trips I went on.

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Screenshots were taken and content was written by @Enjar about Starfield.

Disclosure: Starfield received for free through AMD rewards from the graphics card I purchased.