Path of Exile | Starting Fresh In Bestiary League

I started a fresh run in Path of Exile in Bestiary League on Softcore. While I was debating if I wanted to go solo self-found I decided I’ve done a couple of leagues like that in the past. Also when I started it was over a week into the league. Prices for some things should have reduced by now. I’ve not messed too much with trading with other players so it would be another fun element to add on top of things.


There I was 4 zones in and I had no pants! Just three shirts and 2 sharpened sticks to fight the world. Why three shirts you might ask? Well, that is what the gods graced me with. Even that was a mistake they made and soon learned.



After a fair amount of leveling up, it was time to return those three shirts that I no longer needed. I was now rocking this new look and my lighting golem looked like he owns the world.


I tried to return the three shirts to the god Abberath. Least I think it was he maybe not. Long story short we could not come to a bargaining arrangement that I was satisfied with. That’s just economics 101 for you. Demand a higher price they can’t pay and take it one way or another. Wraeclastis such a sinister land!


Seeing how she was a puppet mistress I just assumed there is a need for some extra shirts. Ryslatha was not willing to pay either. It’s not like these things are made out of gold or silk. I just wanted there soul to unlock some perks. Thats not too mighty of a price if you ask me.


After slaying the major and minor gods. I decided to just vender the shirts. They were far more trouble than they were worth. On the bright side, I had my Pantheon unlocked and ready to use some of those god powers I acquired. Not being too picky I utilized Brine King’s stun and block recovery along with Garukhan’s chance to evade attacks after taking a harsh blow. Who are these gods on my journey? I don’t recall must not be very important enough to share them.




From there I wanted to unlock my class shadows ascension and have access Trickster skills. This involved running many trials to unlock requirements for The Labyrinth of: normal, cruel, and merciless.


To do so I had to run the Labyrinth. It’s an all or nothing kind of deal. You either finish and unlock more skills and maybe find some gear along the way or fail and have to start all over again. Some areas are filled with things that can aid you such as a buff, many others with traps that can end your run. Along the way some keys for opening silver doors and finding other things as well.


This guy kept showing up and then for grand effect escaping by lowing himself back into the floor. He was not very hard since I was fairly over leveled at least for the three difficulties’ I’ve run him on so far.

In the end, he could no longer run from me. I also did not mess up any of the encounters I had with him too badly so he either did not get any extra buffs or had zero to help aid him in dealing with me.


So I looted his treasure room, unlock some skills, and gained a buff on some of my armor. Once you take him down you loot one key and along the way you have a chance at finding others. I had found a couple of keys and was able to open some of the chests in the treasure room.


The buffs you can get are rather random and you can only get one per run. You have no idea what it is till you use the alter to put it on the item. It overrules the previous one if you want to change it to see if you get better—no going back on that choice. Seems all those god slayings paid off since I’m a Blade Vortex build that is some shocking and amazing luck!


Along with running the Labyrinth a few dozen times, this was the most notable item I found. Yes it’s corrupted (meaning you can’t change socket color, add stats, or other things to it), and it also has a few really bad and low rolls. It is, however, a 6-link chest with very few being sold by other players with this exact socket color. Up till this point in the story, it was the most expensive item I’ve ever looted and tried to sell in Path of Exile. It’s overpriced for what it is; but, hey you never know! If it does not sell I’ll just keep it as a reminder.



I love the mapping system in this game. It’s something I’ve not been able to complete yet in all the years I’ve played the game. It has also had some major changes to it over my time. There are things I do not yet even know about or simply had not experienced.


If you look in the 4 corners you can see my starting points (I’ve added some red arrows to make it more apparent.) The goal is to reach the center one day and to find some very powerful and wealthy items along the way. As you clear maps there a chance for others to drop and maybe a higher tier one. While it’s hard to see that does say 1 out of 157! Yes, it is a very and long and fun journey ahead of me.


Off I go to have another adventure inside of a map.

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Screenshots taken and content written by @enjar.

Screenshots from Path of Exile a free to play game developed by Grinding Gear Games.