Path of Exile | May Flashback Event Day 2


Day 2 was amazing while I did not level up as much as I was hoping. I love this Flashback event a lot. Just so many little things going on in zones that break up your normal gameplay that leave you wanting to stop and enjoy doing them. Not sure how others are finding themselves wanting to skip over them all!!! If they can make the upcoming league anywhere near as fun as this event it will be amazing! At least for me, I just love battling out large groups of monsters instead of a single powerful one.

As you can see from the cover image I’ve gotten a few levels now and I picked up quite a fair amount of needed skill nodes. Most importantly I picked up that life cluster in the bottom left and skill effect duration. I’ll admit in my rush towards those life nodes I skip over a cluster of increased skill duration. Those are going be ones I’m going work on getting today. It pairs really well with my main skill Blade Vortex. It’s the same set up I’ve run in Bestiary League. While rather short range i is great for clearing out packs of monsters for this event.


I swear I have goblin eyes as I just can’t pass up a single Perandus chest! I mean how you when they could look like this after you could open them. I’ve yet to find anything worthwhile getting from the vendor that sells items in exchange for the coins. That, however, is normal as all the good stuff will be very expensive.

While I’m not sure how many perandus coins I’ll need as I’m not quite sure what all you can get from the vendor since you only get the option of one item every time you find him in the wild. I have around 500 which I know is nothing compared to what higher items will cost. I can’t wait to get to higher zones where you pick up even larger amounts of coins out of the chest. I truly am a goblin and I must have my gold coins!


Speaking of currency I’m already up 9 Chaos Orbs and 16 Orb of Alchemy. Ok so I really have been spending too much time cleaning out these lower level events I keep running into instead of pressing on and leveling up. I’ve sold a couple of items as well but I’ve also spent what I’ve earned from trades just getting some items. I was hoping more people would get in on this event but that does not appear to be the case. Some I think just wanted to get the first reward for leveling up and go back to end game grinning in Bestiary League.


On day 2 I reached level 35 and got my one per account free Mystery Box. It was kind of disappointing reward but that was expected. It was just a hideout decoration some kind of NPC gril that just does nothing. I guess it’s something new and it was free. She at least fits into the Enlighted hideout I’m currently using. First time having this as my hideout as it was the first Master I got to level 3.

This has also been fastest I’ve unlocked my hideout. Some leagues I can go a full week almost before getting around to it. Since this event ends at end of the month it was one thing I wanted to get right away. I’ve already started to add on resistance and needed stats onto my gear.


I'm also now entering into the level 45 random drawing for a footprint skin. I have won one of these in a past event before. Not really wanting to win this one again but a couple of them are rather cool and would be different than the current Legacy Footprints I have. Those are rather boring and most times I don’t bother enabling them.

My top item find for this day was this leather belt. I really feel like I luck out on this. While the life roll could be higher I’m rather happy with it. Two decent resistance rolls and some flash mods. For how low level it is that is a very fun thing to find right away.

I hope anyone else doing this event is having as much fun as I am!

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