Old School RuneScape | Petty Crimes And Under Ground Adventures

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It is still somewhat amusing when I look at the map and see so many quest icons marked as unfinished. I almost must spend a moment looking for a green checkmark next to something I've already done. For the time being I'm still working on novice quests. There are a lot more than I was expecting.

Quest: Druidic Ritual

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This was another one that was recommended by the activity adviser, and it did not take long to see why. On top of it being decently quick to finish. It ended up being a requirement for a bunch of quests. Even further it unlocked the skill herblore and gave some experience towards it.

I found myself out at a druid circle with an inventory of different kinds of meats. It was a little strange. Then again, I've always found druids in any games I've played to be strange. I’m just glad they wanted meat instead of me whatever their plans were.

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When I found out it was all for a ritual I was not suppressed. I then had to talk with some NPCS about the ritual. Somehow, I always find myself going into some cave. At this point, I get suspected if I'm not being sent into a cave to do something.

While I did not need to fight the suit of armor. I already had my combat gear on and was ready to go. It did not drop much of interest to me. I’ve been a little starved of getting some combat in with all these quests I've running. So, it was a nice break.

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A little talking and a ritual later and this quest was done rather fast. I was even thrilled to see this one for some odd reason gave four quest points. I’m also now level three herblore for whatever good that will do me.

This was at least one of many things I needed to get around to doing. I have no doubt I'll be needing Herblore for some future quests I'll want to run. This is also a skill at some point I should at least get a couple more levels in. While also learning what this skill in this game entails.

Quest: Hazeel Cult

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It seemed rather petty that a cult kept breaking into Carnelian’s house at first. I did not realize there was quite a lot more than meets the eye at first. Even more so that there was a traitor among us in the house.

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Would you believe it or not I found myself in yet another underground area of the game? This time it must have been some kind of sewer. That is where I guess the cult members were spending some time.

Now they tried to get me to go along with their side of things. I, however, just did not care. I ended up having to go much deeper in and get some family armor the cult had as well back to who I declared to be the rightful owner. Regardless of if it was. T

his thankfully included some further combat. It was just a low-level 13 with 25 health. They did not even do any damage to me. While my weapon took them out in a couple of hits. At some point, I need to start looking into some better weapons for myself. I’m still using the runic that I had when I was free to play player.

The game then gave me a fake quest reward ending. I noticed there were no quest points included and just five gold. It made me think I should have spent more time reading through the text as if I must have missed something.

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Thankfully I had not. It seems I was not done with the quest just yet. There was a traitor in the house. It’s no shock they had the butler naturally who was also a cult member. He was quickly dealt with, and I was happy to see I got some further thieving experience as the quest was now finished.

Quest: Clock Tower

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You would think a quest involving a clock tower would not entail you going down into a cave. I was rather pleased with the way this one turned out. Despite the fact I had to deal with monks again I just assumed they were drunk.

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I needed to go underground and find four different cogs. I then had to put the cogs in their corresponding places one at a time. The path that each cog would be was painted on the ground. However, not all cogs could be gained by going through the very doors they were behind.

The black cog was covered in fire. This required a bucket of water to put the flames out around it. Cooling it down enough so I could pick it up.

To get the red cog I just had to run past some ogres. They did not bother me enough for me to want to stop and fight them. It seems they are aware I'm some kind of ogre slayer which was enough for them to not even try.

One of the easier ones to get was the white one. I had to pick up some poison and get some rats to eat it. Once they were all dead, I was able to go to get to the cog.

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The blue cog would not be so simple. I followed the path and found that it was locked in a jail cell I could not reach. I even went above ground hoping I could find the ladder that was above it down. It happened to be locked.

Instead, I needed to find a hidden passage and get to the blue cog that way. I was all ready to fight some of the people in the jail cells I had to. I was hoping I could at least have to kill off the rat that was with the cog.

I was a little disappointed to see the quest reward for this one being 500 gold and a quest point. It was a rather easy quest. At least now I have it out of the way.

Quest: Recruitment Drive

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The last place you would end up being recruited into the military would be naked in a dungeon underground somewhere. It seemed however I had to move to the guards i had what it took both physical and mental fortitude to solve puzzles. All without some fancy piece of gear doing the heavy lifting for me.

It all started normally. I got to meet a guy in a military building. I was then told I had to meet one of his comrades out in the park. Perhaps that should have been my first warning sign. One that I ignored.

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I was not allowed to take anything with me to proceed further along. That is when things got a little strange. I had to go through a bunch of different tests. The first one I just had to wait around. They would however not be so simple after this.

The next one I was rather looking forward to. I had to fight one of their own who was only level 20. While I did not have any weapons on me there were some to choose from on a table. The weapon sucked and the fight went on much longer than I would have liked.

After that, there were the classic three items that needed to cross over a bridge one at a time. Along with those three items, they were not permitted to be left alone with one of the other items. So, it took some shuffling back and forth between the bridge to get everything across so a fox would not eat a chicken and the chicken would not eat the grain.

The final challenge had me collect a lot of stuff from bookshelves, chests, and tables. I then just had to find the right combination of items to mold a key and break a door open.


This quest rewarded some fantastic experiences with a few different skills. Each of those skills ended up leaving up at least once if not more as well. Prayer was another skill I needed to level up further for the protection prayers. So, I was rather thrilled to get some experience with that.

Final Thoughts

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At the rate I'm going on quests considering these are supposed to be the shorter ones. It’s going to be a while to get through most of them. Thankfully my goal is not so much to go after the quest cape as it is just to get as many quests as I can done before I move on grinding out some skills. Although getting that cape would be nice to have one kind of thing.

For now, I'm just hoping I've hit a few quests that are required for Recipe for Disaster. It requires so many that are at the novice tier I'm not even looking to see what ones I need for the time being. Since I just need so many anyway.

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