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This one would end up challenging me a bit more than I was expecting. Up till this point I was rather used to just using melee to take out anything for the most part without much challenge. As it would turn out, the melee was the wrong type of damage to be dealing for the level of combat I have.

Alfred Grimhand’s Barcrawl

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It’s a shame this one is only considered a mini-quest so no quest point would be awarded for finishing it. It was quite funny having to go out to 10 bars across the world and order drinks.

This quest was also required before you could start quests like Horror From The Deep and Scorpion Catcher. If it was not for that I'd more than likely have skipped over this one. As it took a bit of time running around.

Some of the places were not that far away from one another. Others had shortcuts I got to use my agility level to take to save myself time. Even further I knew quick routes to get there by boat or even taking different transportation systems. Then you had the ones I just had to flat-out run the long way to get to.

Horror From The Deep

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Up till this point, I don’t feel like I've had a quest that just kicked my butt. Sure, I've had some close calls, but they usually ended in victory. This one would not be one of those times. I’d even have to abandon things trying to escape for my life.

I ended up having to meet someone at a lighthouse. Thankfully I had a game necklace so I could just teleport out to the Barbarian Outpost and then do some jumping over rocks to get out to the lighthouse itself. At the time I had no idea how useful being able to teleport nearby was going to become.

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After that, I had to repair a bridge. No, I could not just repair the whole bridge from one side. I could only repair one side of the bridge. Run across several islands to the other side. Then repair that side. Even worse, once I had repaired it, I couldn’t even use it afterward as a shortcut to get across to that part of the world.

I was at least glad to have some further room in my inventory. As quite a few spaces were being taken up for items needed. From what I needed to make the repairs down to all the items needed to open a door to get into the chamber where I'd be facing two different bosses. It always seems like I'm just a couple of inventory spaces short of what I wish I had.

There was also some running around things to do. None of them were that interesting to mention. I was more interested in meeting the creature that gave this quest title.

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The first creature I fought was a level 100 Dagannoth with 120 heath. This is when I realized I just did not have enough food with me if the next creature I had to fight was going to be much harder.

At least by then I had freed up quite a few inventory spaces. The plan was to come back if the next fight looked dodgy. Which it turns out it was. So, once I defeated Dagannoth and had a couple of rounds with the next creature I bailed out and came back later with more food for healing.

dagannoth mother.jpg

I then returned to give it another try. While Dagannoth's Mother had 120 health as well. It went through different phases where you could only deal one kind of damage type at a time such as melee, range, fire, water, air, and earth. All other types would deal with nothing during that time.

Since I only had melee damage, I'd have to stick around waiting for the melee phase to come back around. On a couple of times, I landed zero damage despite it being the melee phase. As it would turn out this creature has a massive amount of defense to melee.

That would not have been a huge issue since I brought an almost full inventory of lobster to eat and heal with. After a while of failing to do damage, it would start to heal back up. It seems I was stuck between getting it down to the 80’s in health and it regenerates its health back to 108. Over time I ran out of food.

fighting with magic.jpg

It was however quite weak to magic. Despite magic being my lowest combat skill I decided to abandon my second attempt. To come back one last time and give it a try with magic.

In magic gear, I'd end up taking some damage from the creature. I tried a couple of different spots to see if I could safely spot it. Any time I was in a location it could not hit me. I could not hit it. So, I decided I'd just pop out during a magic damage phase when I had full health and lob some smells at it before dodging behind some terrain and healing back up.

While I had brought runes from each of the different kinds of magic. Most of the damage I'd end up doing to it would be in the form of fire. I was rather enjoying the fire damage enough that I might want to invest further into increasing my fire damage output one day once I get further magic damage.

defeating the horror.jpg

Despite how low my magic level was. I ended up killing it in the end. Scoring some nice experiences and a couple of levels in different skills for my trouble. This was one of those quests I was thrilled to have done after it took three different attempts.

It also highlights why it is worth training up a few different kinds of damage. While I do love melee damage. It is not always the best to use. Even more so if you can safely spot something that hits like a truck.

the book.jpg

After the quest, I went upstairs into the lighthouse and got to pick from one of many books. The book itself is missing all its pages and I know very little after that. Even more so if I ended up picking the right option to get the book that will best fit my future needs.

As if I needed anything else to add to my to-do list. It looks like I'm now on the hunt for some lost pages. With how much trouble this quest gave me I can only assume the pages will not be easy to acquire either. Let alone what they will end up doing for me.

Final Thoughts

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I had quite a lot of fun at this one. I was a little disappointed it took me three attempts to get the win in the end. I am glad I at least did not get killed. I’m also thankful I did not have to unlock the door inside each time as that would have eaten up the inventory space I wanted to have for food healing items instead.

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