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Out of all the skills I've leveled up so far, I've found I find prayer grinding to be rather boring. I yet found myself needing to get a couple of levels in prayer to do a quest. Furthermore, I do need to level this skill up for some better prayers to use in combat situations.

For me, I think it’s more about the speed of leveling up prayer than anything else. While there are many quick ways to go about leveling it up. Those are rather pricy. They also require having a special room in your house which I lack the skills to craft and the money to build it.

Back To Hunting Frogs

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So, I ended up finding myself back out in the swamp hunting giant frogs for big bones. Each bone I loot I then can bury for 15 prayer experiences. This ended up going so slowly that I gained another level of strength long before I got to a level of prayer.

I’ve spent a decent amount of time in the past grinding this spot. At least this time around the frogs do so little damage to me healing food is not even required. In the end, I did grow tired of these frogs and decided to look for another way of getting prayer experience.

Thankfully I still have some quests left that will reward prayer experience. While some of them still have quite a few requirements that I lack to take up currently. Such as needing to finish other quests first or even level up things like Slayer. I just need some prayer experience to reach the requirement for a quest I wanted to work on for the time being.

Quest: Rag And Bone Man 1

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It seems hunting things for prayer experience was not about to stop any time soon. I first started with the quest Rag and Bone 1. While there is a second quest that also rewards prayer experience, I lack the requirements to start it.

This quest had me going around killing quite a few creatures such as a big frog, a giant bat, a unicorn, a bear, and many other things for their bones. I then needed to add each bone to a pot of vinegar before I'd end up having to cook it.

The combat itself was simple. I did not even need healing food. I did, however, find it annoying how much inventory space this quest took up. I ended up having to dump some items and go back to a bank later once I cleared some space in my inventory.

rage and bone reward.jpg

While this did not reward a lot of experience. I was going to need to do this quest anyway at some point for at least the single quest point. So, I thought I might as well get the benefit of prayer experience now while it could still have an impact before my prayer level was so high this amount of experience would mean next to nothing.

It was also nice getting some cooking experience. Cooking is going to be one of those things I'll have to grind at some point. It’s also going to cost a bit and I've still not found something to farm for money.

Quest: Mountain Daughter

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There are some quests where I wish I just had spent the money to get a better teleport. This happened to be one of them. I thought I could take one way and just do some walking. It turns out the path I wanted to take was blocked. Requiring me to do quite the long run around in the opposite direction.

Long story short, the chieftain's daughter is missing. I’ve been tasked with finding her. This is in quite a mountainous area. So, there are a lot of limited paths you can take to get anywhere.

By the time I did get to the quest start. I was just hoping I would not have to travel far away. At least my grace set saved me some time. As I ended up going AFK at one point when my running energy ran out which ended up working in my favor.

One thing I'd end up needing to repeat a few times was getting to the island in the middle on top of this mountain. For that, I'd need to climb up and over a tree. Then use my staff of fire as a pole-to-pole jump over a gap. I then needed to use a board to make a bridge. All so I could speak to a spirit.

I was then set to go back down into the valley and the forest. At least I did not need to teleport out and then make the long walk back from the spot I did. It seems this quest was just destined to make me do some long walks.

the pearl.jpg

After some back and forth I found myself on the top of a mountain. I needed to pick a pearl fruit and eat it. This required having a glove and my grace gloves worked just fine in picking the pearl fruit.

There was some hesitation on my part before I ate the item in question. I wondered what kind of effect this time could have on me. It turns out the seed was needed from this fruit. There was then some further walking back and forth between the chieftain and the spot where I spoke with a spirit and some other areas.

fighting kendal.jpg

In the end, I found myself in yet another cave fighting yet another creature. While I did bring some healing food. This ended up being quite an easy fight once I switched out of my graceful set and into my rune set. I then did some quick work on Kendal.

This is also when I fully grasped the tragedy that occurred. I made sure her bones would no longer be lost in this cave. I ended up giving them a proper burial, finishing this quest off for some further prayer experience.

Quest: Making History

the first book.jpg

This quest should have been a quick one. I however did not know it at the time I was missing a critical item. At least I ended up having everything I needed in the bank. As always, any time you need a bank it seems like it’s far away.

I needed to speak with three different people. They each would give me an item or tell me where to find said item. I was hopeful it would just be that straightforward.

The first one was simple. I just needed to run over to a marketplace and speak with a merchant. He then sent me out to a location where a book had been buried. Simple enough.

Even the next guy was not that far out. I ended up meeting him in his village. He just asked me to answer a few questions before I got to hunt down the last guy who was quite far away.

not allowed in the town.jpg

The next person was inside a town I was not allowed to just walk in. I needed something called ectotokens. Turns out that if you have the right items that are not hard to come by you can get five tokens quite easily.

I had just, however, crossed through a giant swamp. There was also no bank I could get access to without going all the way across that swamp again. I even walked up to a boat that was not that far away hoping I could use that to sneak into the city.

The captain wanted 10k coins to get on his boat. I also could not tell where he would be taking me. Since I did not even have the money on me anyway. I said forget I'll just get the tokens I need to enter the city that way.

the basment.jpg

I even tried hunting around in the local area for the items with no luck. Thankfully I had a bucket and some bones already in my bank which were needed for a ritual. From there I just needed to go into the basement of a tower and collect slime. Along with grinding some bones for the ritual.

There was then far too much talking and going back and forth before I was done with this quest as well. While there were some better rewarding quests after looking at what they all required I decided I had had enough for the time being.

Final Thoughts


At least now I got some further level in prayer. I can now go off and do the quest I needed it for. I was hoping I would have gained more levels than I did. I’m just hoping it will be a while before I'm back grinding for prayer experience.

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