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Wintertodt is the kind of boss that is not a combat skills kind. Instead, it uses other skills with the primary one being firemaking. This intrigued me enough to grind up firemaking to level 50. Along with some other skills along the way.

The adventure this time around is meeting the requirements. Rather than the task of getting to the location. As i could simply craft or buy a game necklace and select Wintertodt as a teleport option which is what I ended up doing.

Wintertodt is also the kind of place where you get a multiplier of your current skill level for actions you do inside it as experience. The skills used there are construction, woodcutting, fletching, firemaking, and herblore So, the higher a skill is the better experience you get. I rather like how that works. As it makes the activity scale the higher in a level you get.

While fighting the boss you need to cut a root and then turn that item called a bruma root into the brazier for 10 points. Alternativity you could spend further time using fletching and making that root a bruma kindling for 25 points.

I decided I wanted to have some options. While if you can find a realm in the game where no one is fighting Wintertodt you can attempt to solo if no one else ends up joining. I decided I'd be going to the dedicated realm of 309 and just joining the massive group of people farming it.

Since Wintertodt ends up getting defeated rather quickly on 309. Getting more points matters since you need at least 500 points before it gets defeated for firemaking experience and supply create at the end.

chopping down trees.jpg

At the time I also needed to level up my fletching skill anyway. So I headed off to some woods along my route of doing some other activities and started chopping down some trees.

This location provided several different kinds of trees for me to have access to. While it would have been better if I had an empty inventory and more space to gather wood first. I was in the middle of what felt like a juggling act between a few different activities. So, I worked with what I had.

making arrow shafts.jpg

Once I had some wood, I then crafted some arrow shafts. Once I leveled up far enough, I then started to craft bows. I didn't need to level up my fletching at the time that high for what I needed it for. Granted the higher the better later for gaining even further experience in Wintertodt for fletching.

Later, I'd end up realizing a much better way to farm different lower-level kinds of wood to level up my wood cutting. This would also be important not just for a better wood-cutting experience. I wanted to get a better axe as well that required higher level skills that would make me cut the roots in Wintertodt quicker.

farming oak trees.jpg

The real breakthrough I had was when I was trying to cut down trees to clear them out of my plots of land to work on farming experience. Sometimes I'd cut the tree down in a couple of hits. Other times I could fill my entire inventory full and skill does not chop down the tree. Even more strange if you then don’t clear the stump fast enough the tree regrows back!

After a while, I was quite tempted to just pay the gold fee and have the helper cut the tree down for me. Then I realized I should not be annoyed by how this game mechanic works. I should use it to my benefit.

As long as I never cleared the stump of the tree. It would keep growing back at a rate that it just seemed quicker to level up my woodcutting skill on it. I’d then turn around and use the logs I was farming and make fires for firemaking experience. A two for one which I just love doing in games.


At the time my firemaking skill was not that high. It was however high enough to use oak logs. I would end up overstaying farming logs longer than I needed. Sure, I could have gone out and found higher-level trees to cut for better logs once my firemaking could burn those logs. This just seemed too simple and fast.

After a while, I ended up deciding to move on to other activities. So, I cut the tree down and went on my normal tree-farming run. As luck would more than have it. My farming level was more than high enough to also plant willow trees.

willow tree.jpg

Which I now more than had the level to burn as well. Which would end up giving me more experience per action than just burning oak logs. I decided to move my fire-burning operations to another location. One that I hit up any time I was near the Grand Exchange since there was a tree plot near there.

working on firemaking experience.jpg

This place also just so happened to be the right length to use an entire inventory up. If I started far enough out. It was almost like this was made just so players could do the very thing I just did.

I’d end up repeating the process of chopping the willow tree to fill my inventory with logs. Then burning those logs by making campfires. Sure, I could have gone out and found better trees after a while for a better firemaking experience. I, however, could not use the same trick I was using since my farming skills were not high enough for the higher-tier trees.

All of this got my wood cutting to level 49. This was more than a high enough level to get a nice upgrade of a Rune axe over my old axe. Most importantly I was now at level 50 firemaking. I however was not yet ready for Wintertodt.

In Wintertodt normal weapons and armor are worthless. If I took my rune armor into that place it would be nothing but a risk if I ended up getting killed. As it did not provide the kind of protection you need in Wintertodt.

getting the clue hunter set.jpg

I would need to acquire at least four pieces of winter clothing. In Wintertodt there is winter damage caused every so often. The more winter clothing you have the further that damage is reduced but not fully eliminated.

I’m rather glad about the items I decided to wear. It seems it’s what everyone at Wintertodt ends up going with the clue hunter set. I’d have to go out and find it myself by digging in the right spots around the game.

Four of the items in the set only require having a shovel with you. The helm of the set requires having a few other items with you. I decided for now to skip over getting the helm. It's also not considered a winter clothing item so it would not count towards the four items from my understanding anyways.

the clue hunter set.jpg

Here is me in the Grand Exchange looking at the new items I had just dug up from the ground. At least they were not dirty. While I rather enjoy the look of my grace set. I am digging that warmer clothing you tend to expect to see during winter times it has.

While I was there, I dropped 20k on buying some cooked shark. I felt taking in lobster to all the kinds of damage on my first couple of runs might end badly for me. Hopefully one day I'll get my fishing up to a high enough level to farm sharks. For now, that is quite low on my list of things to get done.


Next up it was getting to Wintertodt. This simply required me to pick the Wintertodt option after using a games necklace. How far away it is this was quite a quick and fast way to get to Wintertodt.

Outside there is a little encampment. There is a place for a bank, and it seems after every run everyone runs out to bank the supply crate they get and restock on food.

For the most part, you want to keep your inventory as empty as you can for gathering Bruma root. You need a couple of tools that you use inside like an axe, tinderbox, hammer, and a knife.

Once inside I ended up discovering there was this safe area. It seems after many acquire the 500 points, they need to get the reward for winning they come here and wait for the next one.

Since I entered one that was almost done. I decided to take in the sights but chill in the safe area. I could if I wanted to search the boxes nearby for things like a knife, hammer, and tinderbox.

There are also in the boxes unfinished rejuvenation potions. During the event, there are four pyromancers one at each brazier. Over time the pyromancers take damage and end up going down. Once they are down the braziers can’t light again when they go out.

Thankfully this was not a task I was going to need to think about paying attention to. Only someone out of all the people here needed to heal up the pyromancers. While they did grant some points, I had other things to focus on for my first couple of runs.

gathering roots.jpg

Once the next one started shortly later, I ran over to the first root and started collecting bruma roots. The first time around I ended up just turning in the roots. Then I realized how quickly the entire event was moving along.

I ended up getting rather coerced with how few points I got after feeding all my roots to the brazier. This did seem like the best way to get as much firemaking experience as I could. I just did not feel great about getting 500 points by the time the event was over.

feeding kindling to the brazer.jpg

So, on my next inventory full of roots I turned them into kindling. I’m rather glad I did as I only had around 160 points before I started feeding the kindling in. By then there was only 35% energy remaining before the event ended.

While it did take a while to make the kindling. Even more so since I would often auto-stop making more. I ended up having to count the time between skill gains to see if I was still crafting or not. Since everyone else was making the carving sound regardless of whether I was or not. Not to mention with all the people there it was hard to tell if I was still doing the animation for carving.

While all of this was going on. I was taking cold damage. On top of that, it can snow on a player and anyone around the snow also takes damage. Then you have damage from things breaking as well. I ended up eating a few more sharks than I'd have expected with how short this entire thing was.

event over.jpg

Once I had enough points, I ended up just running over to the safe area and waiting for everything to end. Once the event was over, I gained a level of firemaking and got myself a loot crate.

I then ran off to the bank to drop off my opened create and restock up on food. I ended up running this a couple more times till it was getting far too late to stay up. I also noticed the number of people was starting to dwindle a bit.

So, I went and opened the three supply crates I got. My biggest loot was two yew seeds worth around 24k each. That alone covered my costs of skilling and all the food I bought. Nothing else was that exciting as I got stuff like silver ore, dynamite, 5,400 coins, uncut rubies, and stuff like that.

Once I get my other skills like higher, I will end up having an increased chance at getting better loot over lower tier loot. I would not mind looting one day the Pyromancer outfit that just grants a small amount of firemaking bonus experience. Along with the tome of fire.

Final Thoughts


I’m rather glad I took the time to unlock Wintertodt as I ended up having a blast the couple of runs, I did of it. At some point, I'll return and make a much longer trip of being out there. It was also nice to profit around 50k gold. These days I've been draining the gold I farmed while I was free to play player. I have not worked out what I'll be doing to earn gold in the game.

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