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The grinding of quests and thus the walking simulator shall commence. I’m so glad i spent time gaining the Grace set as the amount of walking to get around in OSRS was about to get rather unreal.

I’m sure there is a smart way to go about doing certain things. Such a way of doing it, however, requires some game knowledge to do so. I still so early into playing this game simply lack that.

It is also not helping i took a bit of a break from this game before returning. So even basic things like recalling what boats I've learned about to get somewhere in the game are just about forgotten.

getting milk.jpg

As it would happen i ended up doing things backwards from an effect way to go about them. Quest i thought would be harder than they ended up being for the rewards they were rewarding ended up being easier. Meanwhile, quests i was expecting to not be that bad either took a long time or were more challenging then i was expecting.

There is also the fact that many require completion of other quests. With some even such as Recipe for Disaster requiring quite a lot of other quests to have been finished beforehand before you can get all the way through it.

Thankfully at the time i was not even thinking of looking into let alone doing Recipe for Disaster. It would just be pure dumb luck that some quests I've done in the past or will be doing shortly ended up being needed for Recipe for Disaster.

One of the quests i wanted to work on called Ictharin’s Little Helper which ended up being quite more challenging than expected. Was one such quest was i did not meet the requirements to do right away. It required of all things to have a cat!

finding fluffs.jpg

I thought that was quite a strange requirement. I, however, am not opposed to acquiring a cat. It would even turn out i could run a quest called Gertrude’s Cat to acquire one. So, i set off on going out and doing that.

The quest was more or less just me going out and rescuing a person's cat. That cat itself would not trust me so i was told of some items i had to acquire to be able to get it. This included cow's milk which i went out and milked a cow with a bucket. Along with buying some ingredients from a vender to make a seasoned sardine.

finding the cat.jpg

That cat ended up being in what looked like some kind of construction area. There was sawdust, logs and lots of unfished looking structures. A place I'm sure any cat would love exploring and climbing up to a point where they would refuse to come down from.

After i returned it to it’s owner i was given a kitten! I thought it was great now i can move onto the quest i actually wanted to do. Expect, kittens require attention and to be feed every so often. Otherwise, you lose them. Speaking of losing them i had no idea i was about to keep putting my kitten at risk over and over.

Since i needed to go to the auction house anyways for supplies for quite a long run to the next quest i was going to run. I also went to the bank right next to the auction NPC and i still had some fish which i ended up feeding that kitten. Who would later on turn into a cat.

Along the way i needed up finding a shortcut. Some shortcuts in this game save a lot of time. Then you have ones like this that save you a little time. Just having those higher agility skills that i grinded on was already starting to pay off. Even more so for the next part of my trip.

the desert.jpg

I had a long walk since i did not know a better way to get across the desert. Yes, a desert and it turns out in this game your character can become ill from overheating. Despite how old OSRS is there are just some things you don’t expect and it’s in the game.

This was another sport where having the Grace set paid off. It allowed me run though the part of the desert i needed to cross for large sections of it. If it was not for that there is a good chance my character would have auto drunk far too much water that was intended for the quest and not getting there.

It also did not help any while running though the desert i stopped to have a fight with some creatures. They kept attacking and following me. I decided i wanted to see what they dropped. Outside of some meat not much else.

the bandit city.jpg

I took a bit of a rest in a city i had to cross thought. It ended up being a bit out of the way in the direction i wanted to take. I, however, could not find a better path forward. The place was filled with bandits who thankfully left me alone.

This game also seems to have quite an insane amount of music tracks if they could be called that. The further i went along running towards the next area the more i was getting spammed with music track unlocked notifications. It’s a shame i don’t care too much about the sounds in this game other than i like having background sound in-between sword swings.

Shortly after that i found another city. This time it had some large pyramids in it. One of them i was about to get to explore inside. Were yet again having agility paid off just not as much as i would have liked. It was also a requirement to have a certain level to make it across a gap inside the pyramid.

This is also around the time i found out my kitten would be lost if i ended up getting killed while inside the pyramid. I would also be taking many trips inside it both in a dream and what one can only assume was reality.

I then ran into a wanderer in the middle of the desert. I was not quite sure if at this point the heat was getting to my character or if the next events really did happen. All i do know is he pointed me to the next person i needed to speak with to working on the quest Ichlarin’s Little Helper.

the gap.jpg

Once inside I'd need to avoid quite a few different traps, from ones along walls to ones hidden in the floor. On top of that the mummies that guarded this place i failed to do any damage whatsoever.

To make things even harder while being chased i also had to be successful at making a jump. Thankfully my first attempt my very first time was a success. I’d later learn not only was there a decent chance to fail that jump but I'd be failing it quite a few times. Putting me in a dangers spot in the pyramid while also taking further damage.

the chicken.jpg

I then got to a door were i had to solve a puzzle. I needed to make the image on the left match the one on the right. After a couple of clicks it seemed also too easy and i was able to get it to match letting me into the next room.

It then seems my character was hypnotized, or some odd stuff ended up going down. I found myself outside of the pyramid talking with a Sphinx and a High Priest about my misdeeds while i was inside the pyramid. Not the kind of start to the day i was looking forward to having.

the first fight.jpg

I then had to run all the way back into the pyramid, jump across the gap and make it back into the room i was just in. This time around i needed to pick up a jar that had an organ inside of it. Along with fighting an apparition.

The fight itself ended up taking a lot longer than i was expecting. I ended up landing quite a few 0 damage blows. This was also when i realized outside of the food i had brought along to feed my kitten. I was lacking other than half a pizza, something decent to eat for health if i needed it.

After yet another round with talks with the High Priest and others about the bad things i was doing inside the pyramid. I had to run back and make the jump yet again. Expect this time i finally missed.

It took me six attempts to make the jump. I had used up most of the food i was carrying including a quest reward i had gotten prior that ended up coming in clutch. I also spent a good half an hour slowly regening health more than once at the pyramid entrance were i was safe from getting attacked.

This was the part of the quest i really thought would have resulted in getting killed and losing the kitten i had acquired. If that would have happened, I'd need to go get another one to keep going on this quest. Thankfully there were some narrow escapes including one with just four health remining.

After quite a bit of busy work i was back in the pyramid yet again. There was another puzzle to solve on the final door and one last combat situation to deal with.

the final fight.jpg

This was truly when i realized i should have left this quest for later. I should have done the waterfall quest first instead of this and gained some further combat experience along with some other quests.

This fight ended up being a lot closer to me failing then i would have liked. I ended up eating all the food i had brought along to feed the cat. Thankfully i was about done and had to make a mad dash to the auction house after discovering i did not have any more fish the cat would eat.

Final Thoughts

quest done.jpg

I am at the very least thrilled to have this quest done. I also gained some thieving XP which since i did not have any levels in that skill, jumped me to level twenty. Shortly later my kitten would turn into a cat and i usually have him following me around while i work on other quests.

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