Might & Magic VI | Exploring Silver Cove

Silver Cove in Might & Magic VI is another outdoor area that I like to visit the town for. Beyond quite a few quests and skill promotion NPCs. There is also a town hall like to check to see what the current monthly bounty is for some quick gold.

The issue with this place is stepping outside the town or even trying to go up to the main castle if you have a quest to turn in. Gets you attacked by gargoyles that can turn your party to stone. Not to mention some of them are quite resistant to damage.

Silver Cove Might And Magic VI.png

There are also several smaller islands on this map such as seen above. Just try to get close to it and all those gargoyles will come flying at you to attack. Thankfully I had some area of attack to rain down from the heavens to wipe them out before they got too close to causing me a lot of trouble.

That is however the issue with trying to clear out certain parts of this map. Needing mana on my damage-dealing casters. This would end up causing quite a few mana breaks as I slowly worked out destroying anything that was not a green dot that moved.

One of the reasons I would find myself coming back here rather soon was to pick up the shrine for a +10 personality. My cleric and druid quite nicely from that little bump in mana they would gain. While overall that is not a lot they have gained a lot in this stat since I started the game boosting their mana quite high.

I also just wanted to loot some of the chests in the area. One of them is to be next to some of the islands. While it did not have anything amazing on it that island had a boat that I could take to some places that I can’t town portal to.

There are also quite a few druids that are hostile here. There is even a place covered in what looks like glitched-out rocks. I had forgotten the whole thing was just one giant trap to lure you into checking it out. Once I got in too deep I was instantly teleported to the back of the zone and ambushed by a horde of druids.

trap in Silver Cove Might And Magic VI.png

Thankfully I had recently rested the group so they were not as bad as they could have been. This did change my plans for how I was going to go about clearing out this area. Once I cleared them all out I then worked backward to get back to everything that I ended up skipping over due to the trap.

clearing out an area with a dungeon Silver Cove Might And Magic VI.png

This place also had a couple of dungeons that I’ll be working on clearing out soon enough. So I wanted to make sure I would not have any trouble.

There will more than likely come a point that I’ll be skipping over in the meantime clearing out entire zones just to run the dungeons in them. I’m getting to a point now where I can get myself out of bad situations within a dungeon. That I no longer need a safe area around them to jump back out into and rest if needed.

There are also some zones coming ahead that are quite challenging to clear. While they do have vast amounts of loot as well. Some of them I’ve already flown through and ninja-looted the chests. Removing the major reason to go through all the hassle of clearing out a bunch of creatures.

Like all zones, this place also had an obelisk that I went and got credit for. This was however something I’d already gotten when I quickly flew through this zone to pick it up. As I did not want to wait till I was able to clear here to get it.

I would end up coming back to Silver Cove a few times over the many months forward in the game. I would pick up things like a master: learning, merchant, body magic, mind magic, and earth magic.

4 armor in Silver Cove Might And Magic VI.png

I also like to check this town's weapon and armor shops. Everything in here is quite a high level and while it can get costly to buy stuff out of shops. I was starting to amass a small amount of gold at this point in the game.

There are also quite a few magic guilds in the town. While I usually like to check Free Haven for spells I’m missing. This can be another amazing place to check out.

This would also be a place I could go to get some training done if needed. A lot of the lower zones were starting to no longer be able to train me to do my group levels. Forcing me to go into higher and higher-level towns to find such services.

Overall, it was great to get this map cleared. Even more so ensuring I would not get attacked anytime I returned to shop around the town. They tend to have a bit of everything in the town and that can get a bit harder to find in some of the higher-level zones.


Screenshots were taken and content was written by @Enjar about Might & Magic 6.