Might & Magic VI | Corlagon’s Estate

Corlagon’s Estate has quite a dark dungeon feel to the place. It is filled with ghosts and skeletons. Lots of long pathways and even walkways over large rooms. My main reason for going here was to find the Crystal of Terrax for the archmages promotion quest.

1 Corlagon’s Estate Might And Magic VI.png

For a place that has a cold misty underground feeling, you would not get that from looking at it from the outside. You would almost expect a more castle feeling inside. Instead, you get quite a dimply lit atmosphere to clear out.

One thing I’ve always enjoyed about Might & Magic VI is their ability to make a room feel dark without it being hard to see. They also early on give you a spell if you have someone with fire skills called torch light if you find yourself needing more light.

I have never felt the need to cast torch light for further light. I find the way the shadows are in this game to be good enough between light sources that I’ve always enjoyed the lighting with how old that system is from a game that came out 25 years ago.

When you first enter this place you are greeted with a single door to open. That door once opens then leads to an east and west door to choose from. For no reason, I decided to go east first.

2 killing a specter Corlagon’s Estate Might And Magic VI.png

The first room I went into had what looked like a skull door up on the wall with a basin of water under it. While it looked like it was open I could not open it at this point. It would provide a way back up to the main portion of the dungeon when I would venture far below.

There were many long corridors that I rather enjoyed for using ranged damage. At this point in my adventure if ghost specters got too close to me my knight would slash them rather hard for 77 points of damage. Making quick work of anything that got too close.

Most times however that was not needed. My bow damage and the amount of distance I would usually find myself between anything I needed to take out would be more than enough. I would rarely need a mana break in this dungeon as I was quite light-handed on using spells down here.

3 Corlagon’s Estate Might And Magic VI.png

After a little bit of clearing, I came across this walkway. I took out as many ghosts and anything else that moved as I could. Even moving to the edge of the walkway and panning down my camera to do so.

While at some point I would be returning here to jump down to the bottom floor. For the time being, I had quite a few more places to explore before doing so.

Once I got to the other side of the walkway I opened the door and was ambushed by quite a few skeletons. This was perhaps one of the rare occasions I decided to blast them down with spells. I would continue for quite some time before deciding to take a mana break.

After getting to an endpoint I then backtracked to the walkway that I had crossed. I decided it was not yet time to jump down. I had the west side of the dungeon clear out first.

I then went to the other side. There I found a bunch of short hallways sometimes with loot in them and other times not. I skipped over looting anything like graves if I thought it would decrease my reputation. It is something I’ve been trying for a while not to get up to max.

In one of those short hallways, it was blocked off by a half wall. I could also see at the end of it was a button to be pressed. So I continued forward clearing out anything that moved.

I eventually came to find another button. I can only assume in combination with other buttons I had activated it caused the half wall to lower down. Allowing me to finally press the button.

This perhaps might have been a time having a spell like telekinesis would have come in handy and saved me some time. I’ll admit due to being lazy in certain areas of this game I always skip over spells like that. As I rarely think of a situation where I wish I had it.

At some point shortly, I would be so overflowing with gold that I would not know what to do with it all. Only then did I go out and try to fill all my spells books with every possible spell. I was still at this point quite cheap.

4 jumping down Corlagon’s Estate Might And Magic VI.png

I then headed back to the walkway I had crossed twice now. It was now time to jump down and meet whatever I had yet cleared down below. There was a mountain of skeletons that I made short work of with a couple of bursts of fire from my party rocking the place with violence.

5 Crystal of Terrax Corlagon’s Estate Might And Magic VI.png

I ended up finding a little side room that had the crystal I was looking for. The loot in this pace admittedly was not that great.

I then followed some long tunnels that slowly took me back up to the top. Exactly at the spot, I suspected would be the opening to let me out. This is when I felt I had cleared the dungeon out and was done.

I then town portal to Misty Island to speak with Albert Newton who told me a bit about the history of the Crystal of Terrax. I finally ended up on a quest for it since Albert Newton could not quite recall where it was till after I had found it.

While I did find a couple of rings down in the dungeon itself. This was a rather dull place for loot. I think I only made around 15k gold. With all the running around I ended up doing and the time it took to clear this one. I doubt I’ll check to see if it ever re-spawns.

Corlagon’s Estate itself is also quite far back in the Ironfist zone. Even when the zone re-spawns I might skip going all the way back there to clear. As I’m starting to have a lot better places for experience and loot to check on and spend my time clearing these days.


Screenshots were taken and content was written by @Enjar about Might & Magic 6.