Might & Magic VI | Agar’s Laboratory

While this place is not as tiny as it looks from the outside it is quite a short dungeon to run. It is also quite a remote one found in Kriegspire. They did not want whatever experiments were taking place here to escape or be discovered.

Agar’s Laboratory Might And Magic VI.png

I always find this place to be a bit tamer than my expectations for it are. You would expect with a place called a lab with green lighting shooting out of it over bones that this would be a nightmare-inducing place.

This place is filled with Agar’s monsters which I don’t find to be that bad. Unless you run into the nasty flying eyes which I am still not over how many of them I faced in Castle Darkmoor. At least now my group has improved enough that they just blast them right out of the sky.

fighting Agar's Monsters  in Agar’s Laboratory Might And Magic VI.png

After leaving the entryway of this dungeon the next major room has something hiding behind it. So I was on the hunt to find some buttons or something to get beyond what it was trying to seal off from me from reaching it.

I avoided for now pressing the button on what looked like an elevator down. I wanted to further explore the top part of the dungeon somewhat more before seeing what kind of trouble I could get myself into.

using acid burst on flying eyes Agar’s Laboratory Might And Magic VI.png

The next room had a button at the back of it. When I pressed it opened a hole in the floor that unleashed quite a few flying eyes on me. It was quite an ambush but I had acid burst and a few other spells at the ready that quickly took them down.

The other side was the same with another button. I decided after all the action it was time to get some mana before I’d jump on the blue platform and hit the button that would descend into the remaining part of the dungeon.

On that layer of this dungeon, I found another three rooms to clear out. With two that branched in opposite directions. They each had two buttons in them to press. One of the rooms had a giant button and what looked like another platform to take down to another floor.

After making sure I had cleared that floor out of anything moving around. I went back over and took another elevator ride down even deeper into the dungeon.

This ended up being the final floor of the dungeon. There were a couple more rooms to clear out of flying eyes and Agar’s monsters. One of the rooms had two chests to be looted with end dungeon loot.

One of those chests contained a note from Agar’s Journal talking about creating the flying eyes that I hate so much dealing with this game. At least I now know the evil being behind their creatures.

This was such a short dungeon I went around the entire thing again. Clicking on everything and all the walls just to make sure. That is when I found out a pile of bones and one of the cauldrons on the last floor killed every party member that clicked it. That was not the expected outcome I was looking to have. It was at least an outcome.

Final Thoughts

The loot was not that great but it’s not like I had to spend hours clearing it either. After ensuring there was nothing left I clicked on the helpful exit doors that are placed on the bottom floor of the dungeon. It seems they wanted to make sure you would not get stuck in here.

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Screenshots were taken and content was written by @Enjar about Might & Magic 6.