Might And Magic 2 | Caverns Below Tundara

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Many times, when I enter a cave, it feels like I am not yet ready for it. This time around it seems like I should have done this one a lot sooner than I did. Other than a little bit of trouble which is expected in a game like this. Things were rather easy.

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The first couple of battles I was rather expecting this place to be a bit rough. It turns out my group makes quick work of just about anything down here except one pack of creatures that I’ll get into later on.

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My biggest struggle was just going to be finding my way around. You can walk around the entire outer edge of this zone, and it looks all sealed off with no way into the middle. You have to pass through some walls to get into the different sections. Where I then discovered this zone was split into four different parts. This required me to discover which wall I could use as an entrance into each section.

There were also several labeled rooms. Of them, as you enter them you could decide to pick up say a shield or a weapon for free. I can only suspect these low-level items were cursed or something. I could not be bothered spending the gold to check. Instead, they just sat in my bags till one of my massive sell-off runs for lots of gold at a shop.

Like many other caverns under towns, I’d run across different clues for where to find things. It’s a shame I have no idea what the items are for that I’m being told where to find them. Some of the clues written along the walls seemed to also give me a warning about traps found in other places. Places I’ve never been to and have no idea where to start looking for them either.

3 the red lever.png

I even found a strange red lever. Did I pull that lever? Darn right, I did. What did it do? No idea. At least I did not explode or anything after doing so. It must have unlocked something somewhere. I even did some backtracking to make sure I had not already passed whatever it did. I had not as far as I could tell.

4 lost of killer cadavers.png

I then entered a room that warned me I would be finding a lot of killer cadavers inside. These things explode while they are undead. My spell that has a chance to instantly kill undead can only be used once during a combat engagement even with two clerics. It will also only kill the ones listed on the screen and not the remaining +190 waiting.

Did I run? Quicker than you can say run. Thankfully I was able to escape as that is not a battle, I’d be winning any time soon if ever. I have no idea what kind of reward I’d get for defeating it and I’m more than happy not knowing.

After that, I started going around and picking up some missing spots I had. I had at least been into each of the four inner sections at least once. Making it easy now to see where to check the wall to gain entry into each one.

5 almost done exploring the place.png

This place had quite a few hidden ways to get into otherwise blocked-off areas. Along with a lot of three-sided wall spots that usually contained a clue of some sort for checking it out.

Final Thoughts

6 scary monster.png

While Cavern Below Tundara had some scary-looking creatures. For the most part, they looked worse than they ended up being. I did not find anything loot-wise to be an upgrade. This place was a bit of a dud. I also did not find any spot I’d consider to be great for grinding things out. It was time to move on and see what I could find in the next town or who knows maybe I’ll go exploring and find myself a dungeon that is hidden in the wild.

Other than the two newest to my group getting a level each out of this place. It feels like my main character's experience levels barely moved. A true sign I feel that I had stayed in this area for a bit longer than I should have. Grinding experience above ground for some reason is just a lot better than this place ended up working out to be.

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Screenshots were taken and content was written by @Enjar about Might And Magic II.