EverQuest | Plane Of Justice

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Plane Of Justice ended up not being the zone I thought we were going to. I recall some zone in the Planes of Power expansion in EverQuest that I’m not exactly sure what the name was or where it was the location. I just know I’ll know I then I see it. I at least hope so.

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I did some quick selling to unload some bags I had forgotten were full before heading back to Plane Of Tranquility. The next place we ended up going to you had to click on these scales of Justice to get teleported into the zone.

Once inside my main thought was “um where are we?” It took a little while before recalling this was not going to be the zone I was looking for or a place we would spend a lot of time leveling in. This zone is a bit different than the others ones.

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Once we got a little further into how the zone was set up it started to flow back to me what this place was. Plane Of Justice has a bunch of trials you need to work on for progression if I recall in the Planes of Power expansion. Since I did not care about that for now and was way under level and geared to do them anyways. This ended up being quite a short trip.

Something you always want to avoid doing in a game like EverQuest is messing up your faction standing. Unless you are certain you don’t care for the faction hits you are taking. After killing some things and seeing the faction hits I was not certain how bad it could end up getting for me.

Granted I don’t plan to spend a lot of time here. I however could not recall if it was an important faction to not mess up or not. The last thing I wanted to do was spend weeks grinding out faction gains trying to fix anything.

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We pulled inside a couple of rooms and cleared a path to a quest NPC that I could recall. I at least wanted to check out one of the trials before we went elsewhere.

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After a little bit of clearing, we ended up making it into this massive hallway. There are a bunch of doors on each side with creatures to kill inside them as well. Naturally, we killed just about everything in here we could.


I ended up starting some of the basic quest chains to get into the trials. We even cleared and got into the trial area. Where there are a bunch of portals you can click on to get sent into different trials.

I ended up sending the shadow knight first as I could not recall if they were solo or group. No one else could follow behind him. So he did the best he could which was not that great since everything inside was quite higher-level creatures.

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While I ended up finding a belt while I was inside. It ended up being a quick death for me. The first fight alone almost killed me. While I could have sat there and regen health and tried getting further in. I did not see it going well for me anyways.

Final Thoughts

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The experience gained in Plane Of Justice at least for the area we were in was not that great. On top of that, I was getting faction-standing hits with the Justice every time we killed one. This ended up being one of our shorter adventures as it was agreed there were other zones we rather explore.

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Screenshots were taken and content was written by @Enjar about EverQuest.