Entropia Universe | Over The Halfway Mark On Getting Access

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For me, it has always been kind of fun when I make time for a game to play it a couple of times a day. Even more so in something like Entropia Universe where I'm off on a hunting trip for a while. It just makes it feel like whatever goal I'm working on to go a lot faster

While it can be fun to just stand in one place more or less and just move around enough to not get aggression on too many Aurli all at once. The far more entertaining and challenging thing to do is walking around going one way from the teleporter and looping around till you reach it again from the other side.

I would not always be successful in achieving this goal. Not usually because I got killed although since there is a higher chance, I stay too long in a partiture spot trying to clear a path forward that I start getting adds respawning back behind me. There is even a greater chance I simply run out of any ammo I took out with me on that hunt.

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For the first start of my morning run, I had a little ammo left over from an unfinished run the night before. While I had a bunch more ammo on me. I like to keep things for my spreadsheets around the same amount of ammo used.

Needless to say, getting a global on one of the first kills for the day is a great way to bring a smile to my face. The bright swirling lights were a bit much for my eyes as I was mostly still asleep yawning away as the sun outside started to rise in the sky itself.

I have this little route I like to run when I am going around the dome. For whatever reason this time around, I decided to switch things up. I’ve noticed on a couple of former hunts in recent days that I was usually getting a global off something down in this pit area.

another global.png

Sure, enough I not only did get a global like I have been. I’d end up clearing out that similar spot again and again later that day. Perhaps not always getting global but at the very minimum finding something with a decent amount of loot on it.

I then pointed myself to the south and southwest and started to clear out a bank of Aurli. They were quite thick spawning in there and I had a feeling that loot would be decent in that little cluster that has been stacking up for a while. Which it sure had been.

This is also when I realized after looking at my progress for access to the cave on Crystal Palace that I was now over halfway done. I’ve lost count of how many times I've been up to this station over the past decade.

Progress this year for whatever reason seems to have been spread up. Perhaps I'm finally just at a point where I should be up here hunting these creatures. Granted I'm sure some old-timers in this game would look at my gear and skills and still think I should be hunting level one stuff.

I’ve never been one to enjoy hunting the little things. Granted I'm usually also a solo hunter so trying to take down the big creatures in this game with my gear and skills is quite out of the question as well. At least now I've gotten to a point where I can go out and enjoy the size of the creature health-wise that I've tended to enjoy hunting over the years.

Once I had cleared out a path to the south-west it was time to take a bit of a gamble. Since I was not going exactly around the outer edge like I normally do. There was a lot more clearing I had to do to try and create a hole if you will of giving myself enough space to hopefully not get aggression.

Things were also starting to respawn near me. I ended up making a run for it forward. I knew I'd have to run up to the Aurli ahead of me and drag it a bit more forward. This ended up getting a second unwanted one on me. At least it was more than manageable. A third or fourth one would have been cheaper for me to switch to a low set of armor and get killed.

looting a gun.png

One thing I had started to notice throughout my entire trip up there was the large number of Isis LBP (L) guns I was looting. While they have a little bit of markup on them, I failed to sell any and ended up just turning the base value of them into Nanocubes and selling that for a slight markup.

For whatever reason it just seems like the dome was a lot more packed with Aurli than I’ve dealt with then past trips. Thankfully I had an extra round of ammo in a storage container on me as I had a feeling, I might be out doing a double hunt anyway.

It’s a shame there are not that many places I feel comfortable trying to log out while in the dome. Unless you are near the entryway then it does not matter. There are a couple of spots in the back I'd love to just log out at and log back in. I’d just have way too many adds on me to want to even attempt doing that with the damaged output I have.

This time around I was also noticing a lot of Level 48 spawns. While they are some of the harder ones to kill in this dome. I felt a sudden urge to keep seeking them out. More times than not they were not worth killing. It however made it a bit of a fun game to check massive packs in search of pulling out any level 48 I'd find hiding in them if any.

Final Thoughts

level 48.png

Once I made it back to the other side of the dome it was time to teleport back to the counterpart of the station. Another profitable run under my belt. I’d later return that night and do the same route netting me yet again even further profit.

The only thing missing outside of all the tokens I was looting at this. Was getting any of the other high markup loot. Sometimes you can just luck out and loot a lot of it during a half-hour period. It appears at least for now things have been rather bone dry on that front. I did not loot as many bones as I was hoped during my entire two-week stay up here.

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Screenshots were taken and content was written by @Enjar about Entropia Universe.