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I was out again looking for a decent spot that meets quite a few things I look for in a mining location in Entropia Universe. It had a couple of ores I was somewhat interested in but mostly a lot of stuff I just don’t care much for. It was at least an enjoyable place to go mining at.

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One of the fun parts while out mining is getting a notification that you had some sales. Before this run, I had gone through my ore holdings and checked market conditions. I ended up putting up a decent amount of stuff mostly because I needed to free up some liquidity to keep D-Class amp mining in the first place.

Some prices were also just great for the time being. While I’m sure if I’d held some of the ores I had for a couple more months I could have gotten slightly better markup. It however was not worth it for me to hold unless I just wanted to take a few months break from the game which I did not want to do anyways.

As such it was just the right time to sell off quite a few things. I then went off picking up quite a few more amps. I noticed one of the places I was getting this stuff quite cheaper than the auction house was starting to try up. I had made three trips previously to only find a couple of amps for sale in the first place.

Thankfully I do have a couple of different places to buy from. I also started to learn the restocking in some instances when certain crafters make up their next batch and go to place things down in their shop. It works out for everyone when I can just go in when they are online restocking and say I need 10 D-Class amps.

sandy hills.jpg

Large chunks of this area felt like I was mining alongside a beach with rolling hills and some random sea debris and alien-looking trees. I started on a nice moonlight night. While there are quite a few areas of this game that it’s hard to see with just moonlight. This area was not one of them.

It took a couple of probe drops in some different areas before I even arrived at this one. This was looking like another low-hitting area till I hit a size 10 of iron on my second find. That was more than enough to get my attention.

In a way, this run was starting to feel somewhat like the last one. I would not realize to much further into the run it would be even more so than even I could expect. This was yet another area I was disappointed in anything I was after.


I did however see some stuff I’m not used to seeing. There is always that glimmer of excitement when you find an ore or enmatter that you don’t know much about. I was quickly disappointed seeing it had quite a small market volume and at the time was barely selling for 102% markup.

This ended up being my only find of that ore in the area. It would be something I’ll find on occasion on other mining runs. This stuff looks to be mainly used in ArMatrix (L) swords. It’s always a bit fun diving into what ore is used for to try and understand the current market for it.

I have used melee much for anything. I’ve trained it a bit in the past for quite a few different skills. I have however never looked much into the ArMatrix lineup for it. I did however discover when looking at the crafting requirements that an enmatter I sometimes mine for used it in and that stuff is not cheap.

Overall for this run, I ended up finding 29 ore claims. Over half of it ended up being Lysterium which was the second-highest markup of ores I ended up finding in the area. So I do feel like this run could have gone a lot worse than it did.

Just due to all the iron and other near worthless and slow-moving ores I found in the area, I will more than likely cross this area off as places I’d be willing to return to. Back in the day many of the ores at this location were going for a decent chunk and would have been amazing to mine at. Nowadays not so much.

While enjoying a nice view of the river and some mountains off in the distance I dropped a probe and ended up finding yet another size 16 of Lysterium. This time around it was only 279 of it. While I was out mining I ended up selling all the Lysterium I had listed on the market.

Since I’m not a huge miner I do tend to stick with smaller stacks. All the Lysterium I found during this run alone will be at least one or two stacks that I expect to sell within a day if that. I don’t go near crafting often as it just never works out for me.

Final Thoughts

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Another profitable run this one was. I was quite on an epic mining spree for a while and this helped fuel it for sure. I was also starting to get a decent amount of liquidity so I could pick up quite a few mining amps if I found a better deal than I was already getting on them.

While many in Entropia Universe are always so focused on saving every little thing and having it sit in their storage for years on end. I prefer to have some freed-up liquidity as long as I’m not sacrificing anything too large in turns of markup. Liquidity is often king and you never know what opportunity you get to take with it instead of sitting on a bunch of stuff that only decreased in value over time.

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Screenshots were taken and content was written by @Enjar about Entropia Universe.