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Before I even realized it the days of spending time up on Crystal Palace space station turned into weeks. Those individual days ended up blurring into each other to the point I don’t recall quite a few of them. There was also that annoying middle section of the grind that was just a slump I'd rather forget.

Sure, most days I might only log in for an hour sometimes. After a while, however, you do just get bored of running around the same dome. I was starting to long for a different view. Despite how amazing I tend to enjoy the backpack of space. I can only imagine such a view in the real world would be so jaw-dropping amazing it be hard to get bored of it.

For a large amount of the trip up there, I started to get a bit lazy. There were about one or two places I decided just to camp out at. Some of my worst runs would be ones that I went around and tried to clear fully around the dome. Instead, I'd just focus on shooting at stuff up on one of the hills.

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If the place was empty, I'd try and at least make it to the back. Some of the higher-level grinders seemed to favor one of the sides. I even lucked out and ended up getting three global within a short time frame.

At this part of the grind, I was a bit beyond taking screenshots. There were even entire days where I did not bother to take any at all. Even the program that is permitted for use that everyone uses for keeping track of global I just could not be bothered turning on.

Which is a bit of a shame. I ended up having a couple of back-to-back global in the back part of the dome when I had the place to myself. I had already been on a decent run as it was to that point that single run ended up covering a lot of my random losses in other sessions. Once later on market up would be taking into consideration items, I'd sell I was more than doing better than I'd have expected.

There was also a period of slump. I had a three-day period of time where I had not gotten a single global. There were even a few other players online hunting up there and no one else was getting any either. The loot was not dreadful or anything like that.

I recall going to bed quite late into the evening one day. Just felt like someone was about to loot something massive up on this space station. After a few hours of sleeping someone did end up doing so. That somewhat removed some of my motivation to want to keep grinding beyond two weeks.

When the place was full during such times. Usually, people wanted to hang out in the back of the dome. So I did not see any need to put extra effort into getting back there. I was just fine sitting near the front clearing out along one of the hills in the middle.

level 11 Aurli.png

What has surprised me the most is the lack of progress I've made on the Aurli codex. I’m always thrilled when I hit the next level. In this case, I ended up selecting for my reward 17.21 PED of Dexterity. It just feels like this should have been finished off quite a while ago.

I suppose part of the issue is I am quite used to the lower-health creatures. This year I have spent a lot of time focusing on getting as many codex levels as possible I can to boost the Meta codex. That was at least till the past two or so months. Now I can’t even recall the last time I leveled up the Meta codex. It also feels like it has been ages.

I would end up doing so much ground in my last few days up on the station before returning home that I'd finish off rank 12 of the codex as well. As far as what I ended up getting. Funny enough I never did. I recalled wanting to check to see what reward math-wise would be best for what I was looking to get out of things.

I suppose it took looking back at this journey and realizing not only have I forgotten to select a reward for this codex. I had a couple of others I needed to go back to and claim. At the very least even when you don’t select a reward you are still making progress towards the next level. So, it’s not like I lost out much on that.

progrss update.png

It still looks like I have over 25% of the main mission I'm after for unlocking the cave left to do. It still feels like I'm so far away from reaching this goal. Yet, every time I come up here if even for a couple of days instead of longer amounts of time like this. It just feels amazing seeing that little red bar slowly move in the direction I want it to.

It’s a bit of a shame I can’t see exactly how many more kills I need to finish off this mission. The best I got is that progress bar. At least it is better than nothing. I suppose it’s also better than knowing if I need something silly like 5k more kills or something to finish it off.

Final Thoughts

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Overall, it ended up being a lot better than I was expecting. I made some quite insane progress on the unlocking the cave mission. I still have quite a way to go. At least it feels like if I wanted to make a push for it I could in a couple more trips up there depending on how much hunting I'd do to finish it off.

Unlocking the cave is, however, just half the battle. What lies in wait inside is a whole other story. Once I only knew so little about it. It’s just one of those things I have to go do myself to see what it is like. Hopefully sometime next year I will.

While I've had some decent hunts in the past up there on the station. This one turned out quite well. I made some profit. That profit I'd end up putting into a Marry Mayhem event that would start days later. It’s always interesting how things end up working out one way or another.

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