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This one took a lot of searching till I found a place I ended up feeling was perfect. As I was looking to hunt some higher-level Combibo at first I thought I found a decent place after searching around a bit. It was still not what I wanted so I kept at it.

I checked a bunch of non-taxed lands first but I was not finding a great spot to hunt some higher-level Combibo. So I started to hit up some player owned land areas. I was not that shocked some of those areas no longer had any Combibo on them. It seems like quite a boring creature to have compared to just about everything else you could have on a land area.

I was just considering going back to one of the spots I already checked. Either deal with the low spawn rates along with low maturity rates and just grind it out. I however thought I might as well check out one more land area before rethinking what my options are.

The land area I ended up on had Combibo stalkers. Awesome I thought. The issue however was there were other things mixed in with it. This place also appeared to have spawn density set to max. So I had to fly around for a bit trying to find an opening I could almost land safely in to hunt these.

After doing some hunting around I realized I was killing more other things than Combibo. While I was a bit disappointed about that I had an even bigger issue. I kept getting mobbed with lots of creatures. This resulted in my getting killed.

I did not want to put on a higher level of armor or use a bigger gun to hunt such a lower creature. Overall I felt my decay costs were not what I wanted due to those factors so I went looking elsewhere yet again.

combibo young Entropia Universe.jpg

I ended up finding a massive area of Combibo. While there would be no stalkers there it was supposed to have some higher maturity like I wanted. So I flew around a bit seeing if I could find the higher-level stuff.

finding some Combiboguardian to hunt Entropia Universe.jpg

Most of the area and its massive was just young Combibo. I did end up coming across a few guardians and lower-level stuff. They were however just in a circle formation. While there were a few of them not enough I thought to keep me busy.

At this point, I was willing to accept the conditions of the area. I thought I’d just kill the ones in the circle and then go hunt some smaller Combibo. After I did so and cleared out some of the lower Combibo in the area it re-spawned.

I quickly realized I had found all the spawns that needed to be cleared. Once doing so I’d get a full re-spawn and I would not have to wait around or even go hunting a bunch of lower levels. This was quite an amazing find I felt. While I wish they were higher level this was more than going to do.

The biggest downside to this spot was perhaps it was in the middle of nowhere. Despite that, I ended up running into quite a few players over my four hunting sessions here. Even the small little hub to buy ammo at if you choose to re-spawn was quite a distance away and it did not even have storage.

rank 5 combibo Entropia Universe.jpg

Getting rank 5 came shortly after since I had already tried to grind these out in another spot. I picked up .0.937 of Alertness and quickly moved back to farming the circle. Sometimes it would re-spawn not so much as a circle but I got an idea of where all the spawns would be in quite a small area of the map.

One of the things I wanted to know is just how often certain things could drop. I noticed people had listed the chance of getting tier 1 components as uncommon. I think this might have been the only time I even looted any at all.

tier 1 component Entropia Universe.jpg

That is a bit of a shame as with the current markup if I could get enough of them. That would more than make hunting these into the higher rank of codex worthwhile. At least this was not the only markup I was looting.

I even got a couple of globals while hunting these as well. Since they are quite low-health creatures I can only assume the minimum amount is 10 PED to get global. Many times it happened I ended up looting an (L) gun.

getting a global.jpg

While the daily price of that gun I looted was 131%. The weekly was down to 112%. It was also quite low TT (trade terminal) so after auction house fees there was not going to be a lot of profit if it sold. Sadly I’m still sitting on the six or so guns I looted during my hunts on Combibo. I guess people don’t want the (L) guns much after all.

While I did little walking around in this area. I rather fell in love with what I could see. I was in a nice clearing but it was like being on the edge of a forest. While the graphics of this game are not that great compared to today's standards this is quite an older game. Hopefully, once they rework it using Unreal Engine 5 these areas will be amazing.

getting a global Entropia Universe.jpg

During one crazy run, I had three (L) pistols that ended up drooping. I have no idea what was going on with the loot pool at that time. These are however yet again stuff that I’ve yet to find a buyer for. For such a low-health creature that was quite a nice return on loot. That ended up making up for any losing runs I had before including any markup.

As you can see the little areas you end up at for using the trading terminal are not that great. I did check around that area as well before flying back to my spot. Nothing like the circle I had found of Combibo.

Final Thoughts

combibo rank 10 Entropia Universe.jpg

It almost felt like no time had passed at all before I finished off rank 10. I’m not sure yet if Combibo will make my list of stuff I wanted to grind to a higher rank. I still would prefer to find an area of pure stalkers and nothing else.

It is also rather nice when you can walk away in the green. While it was not a huge profit it was something. Hopefully, I can find some buyers for all the guns I looted. I am still a bit shocked people even buy these older (L) guns but markets show some demand for them but not a lot.

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Screenshots were taken and content was written by @Enjar about Entropia Universe.