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While hunting is something I highlight a lot when talking about and sharing my experiences regarding Entropia Universe. Something I enjoy just as much but is a bit calmer is mining. Mining is something I’ve talked about on occasion; but, it is also a story I’ve left out for the most part.

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One issue I’ve been struggling with when it comes to mining is deciding how I can even showcase in some sort of order. Early on I would go on quite a little stint of occasional mining posts. For those that have been following along I’m sure you have noticed it’s been quite some time since I’ve made such a post for Entropia Universe.

On occasion, I’d share some of my mining journeys as part of an overall miniseries when highlighting different planets. There were such posts as Next Island Mining and D-Class Amp Mining Rocktropia. It just felt right to include them in a way even if they were out of order in a chronological sense of my overall mining arc. It felt they were better suited to being included with those individual planets.

There were also sometimes one-off mining trips that were a bit more time-sensitive in wanting to post them. I can’t forget that time I went up for a player event on F.O.M.A to try my hand and see if I could win a pet or many other prizes being given away.

There were even instances where I tried to create some chronological order to the madness with things like Mining on Calypso Death Awaits. That ended up being a catalyst in me deciding it was time yet again to go off the planet and go explore elsewhere. That ended up resulting in quite a few hunting and mining trips some shared and some not.


There was however something that transpired that ended up kicking off the most insane mining adventure I ever went on. This was not something that happened over hours, days, or even weeks. This was something that went on for many months in the background and mostly unspoken about.

I’d run off and go do some hunting adventure. Write up some content about that hunting adventure and then go right back to mining. Some days I was mining day and night. Other times I was days before my next mining session. Each mining session a decent amount of time.

This post is not about the event that took place that caused it. That will come short enough. For those that follow my Twitter account you might recall if you have been around for quite some time there was some hint last year of said event. That one day I’d be telling the story.

That story had a start and took quite some time before having an ending. That story is in fact why I decided to go back into my mountain of screenshots and try to decide how I wanted to move forward telling it. Taking everything else I’ve shared I do believe there is a chronological order to move forward. With some exceptions of what I’ve already shared.

My other struggle is that I have always loved mining in Entropia Universe. I have never felt sharing my experiences of it is that interesting. It is however quite a major part of the game and a journey for myself as well.

At one point in Entropia Universe, I wanted to give D-Class mining a try. I’ve had a couple of posts before this one quite a few months ago now about mining that way. Amps in Entropia Universe amplify your mining finds. They are however player made and they can’t be repaired. So they do add quite a lot more risk to what many consider to be quite a slow and boring profession.

I ended up finding myself in an interesting situation when I started this madness. I was able to get D-Class amps at a decent enough cheap price. There was also quite an abundant ore I was getting a lot of that was not worth a lot but a lot more than it tends to be. That in itself helped kick this all off.

finding crude.jpg

At the early start of this adventure, I was still unsure if I wanted to mine both ore and enmatter or just focus on ores. Ores where I ended up mining I was doing better on them overall in markup. Making them more and more compelling to just stick with them for the most part.

This was mostly because crude oil for enmatter is quite abundant and at least at the time of mining both types had quite a worthless markup. It was something you always hopped when using something like a D-Class amp you did not get a bit hit of crude oil. This is rather funny as in real life people hope to strike oil all the time. Not so much in Entropia Universe.

Most times when I’d go out running with D-class amps if I did not hit some globals I already knew that run would be a loss. This was not for someone that lacked a bit of a bankroll to stay in it. I’ve had some runs that were so bad I’d considered just giving up mining altogether.

I’ve also had runs that were for no utter good reason amazing. Like I was just randomly flying around dropping a random probe in a gap of creatures hoping I would get aggression on anything. Then I’d find a global and have to hope nothing that could kill me would wander any closer. Otherwise, it would be quite the feat to fully mine up that claim with just a basic extractor.

double mining drop.jpg

There were also quite an endless amount of mining runs that were all like the ones every screenshot in this post is featured from. Outside of finding a double drop and getting an ore and enmatter claim. This drop also contained my biggest find for the run a size 7 of crude oil of all things. Not a darn thing to talk about.

There will also always be parts of mining I just keep to myself. A lot of the time I spent out mining was gathering data for me. That I would later take a deeper dive into. I wanted to learn more about the areas I was mining and how I was performing with the finder I was using among many other factors.

Final Thoughts

poor amount of lyst found.jpg

While this post is not a very exciting start back into my adventures of mining in Entropia Universe. I have decided it’s the starting point I needed to get back onto the path of sharing my adventures of mining.

It is also not that far away from why I ended up going so heavy-handed into using D-Class amps for mining. Quite early on I felt I’d do quite a few mining runs and that would be it using amps. I’d see it as rather crazy and stupid. Never I thought I would end up cycling well over 50k PED worth of probes and D-Class amps.

For those who know where to find the numbers of certain things and player data about this game. You can already guess quite a few things. For those who do not know it’s about to be a wild ride of amazing and utterly disappointing things to come.

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Screenshots were taken and content was written by @Enjar about Entropia Universe.