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I was now off to Scosglen for a decent grind. It’s been amazing how quickly I've been able to get around since we get to use the horse right away instead of waiting deep into the campaign. I’ve always found the campaign part in Scosglen to be rather depressing and horrific, more so than other areas of the game. As a result, I mostly skipped over any cut scenes I could and rushed as fast as I could.

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Once I arrived at the next town, I picked up any side quests I could and for a bit, I ran around doing them. While it was tempting to pick up the main campaign, I know I just hate this part and want to get over it as quickly as possible.

I found it a bit shocking the lack of any players around me. I suppose this late into the season very few are on world tier 1. I got more or less every event I ran into all to myself. This is a bit of a shame as you are always hoping to run into others to help quicken it along. Even more so when you run into the Ancient Obelisks.

I, however, could only do side quests for so long. I finally went back to town after finishing what I could in the area and picked it up. It’s crazy the level of destruction and suffering that happened to anyone who chose to follow along with Lilith and her plans. You would think with how bad it kept getting for anyone who chose to get involved with her people would stop. That is, however, how things unfolded.

Before long I found myself in the next down of Braestaig and then the next one after all. As usual, I picked up any side quest I could find. This time around, however, I ended up blowing past most of them. I just wanted to get Scosglen over with.

another dungeon

Before long I found myself in yet another dungeon, this one being more of a tunnel. This place was filled with symbols and barred paths. I quickly darted through it as my character picked up more and more speed as I was leveling up. While many times I do enjoy stopping to enjoy a cave-like environment this was not one of those times.

While I ran quite fast, I was even more thrilled to get back outside and be able to use the horse. We ended up tracking down Airidah and it was quite impressive just how quickly my rogue took her down.

I can start to see why so many enjoy playing the rogue. There have been many encounters up to this point I recall my sorcerer taking a while to take down and burning through a few healing potions to do so. My rogue on the other hand seems to barely need healing potions and once I get the right combos going the health of even bosses melts away with impressive speed.


It was then shortly off to see a tree. Thankfully not the creepy tree of heads that I'll be running a bit once I get closer to the end game. This one, however, has to deal with in its current situation lots of suffering as well. Yet another fool for feel for Lilith. There would end up being several in this region that do, and they all had similar fates.

At least one of the great things about Scosglen is I'm not that far away from hitting tier 3 of renown for it. Once I had claimed a couple of waypoints and ran a couple of side quests, I found myself picking up another skill point. Since the other tiers are locked to higher levels, I did not see much of a need to put much more effort into side activities in this region, at least for the time being.

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I at least got a legendary ring. It was good enough I started thinking about which aspect I wanted to respect it with. Since rings are not something I'll need to replace as much as say my weapons. Any offensive aspect I can put on it will be worth the cost of doing so. I, however, would need to unlock some of the ones I need. That, however, would not be for today.

For the time being, I ended up enjoying the slight increase in damage. It’s not like I stand around for long amounts of time so it was rare it would stack high enough to shine. It was at least my third legendary now and it’s always great when you start to see them slowly dropping. It helps the leveling process speed along a little bit.

Since I still don’t have access to the current session mechanicians of hearts dropping, I still have little to no idea about brutal malignant sockets.

After quite a lot of talking scenes skipped, I found myself faced with Astaroth. I ended up taking him down too quickly and the game seemed to almost have issues with it. He is the kind of boss who moves around during different phases, and I kept getting a decent hit when it was time for him to move.

After that, I hit level twenty and headed back into town to upgrade my potions. While they are not that huge of an upgrade every so many levels. It helps even more when you don’t need a lot of healing in the first place.

taking down the bucnher.png

Perhaps the most shocking thing I've done so far as a rogue is taking down The Butcher at such a low level without feeling like I'm going to get killed. I recall before the season my sorcerer got killed the first few times, I ran into him. Even then later on it was never a sure thing I'd take him down. Sure, this time around I burned through a few healing potions and needed to run around a bit to find some extras. It was, however, not as bad as a fight that I was expecting it to be.

The cool thing about the Butcher is if you can take him down you get rewarded for doing so and if you don’t the encounter ends, and he is gone. Since I killed him, I ended up looting a legendary helm. The aspect of it was kind of lame granting me up to 34 health per second in healing depending on how many enemies were close to me. However, since I'm a melee build this ended up working quite well in my favor.

Before moving on to another area, I focused on some minor things in the region. I’m already here so I thought why not. It was quite fun anyway when you open up the map and realize you have a bunch of side quests all close together and even in some cases overlapping. Making for some rather quick work of a few things at once.

Final Thoughts

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Perhaps my least favorite area of the game is the campaign. It was, however, at least now done and over with. Chances are I'll be skipping doing the campaign next season and any other time after that so this could be my last time having to do this. That is at least a thrilling thought to have never seen this part again.

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