Diablo IV | Helltide Are Easy For My Rogue

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One thing I've been quite shocked by is just how durable my rogue has been. This stood out to me the most while I was running Helltides and I almost did not need to worry about getting killed. I even went after some rather challenging things, and they could barely damage me.

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The jump into Helltide at world tier III was shaky for a couple of levels till I got some gear. After that, I did not get killed a single time on world tier III. It was almost like I was riding in easy mode or something.

Since I was playing so late into the season, I did have to change up my tactics somewhat. It was quite rare to find players running helltide on world tier III at the hour I was doing it. So, running events most of the time were out of the question.

Instead, I focused on just running around and killing random creatures. I was also on the hunt for field roses I'd need for upgrading gear. This ended up working out quite well. Despite not having massive boosts from a bunch of people quickly taking down events. I still managed to open up at least three Tortured Gifts of Mysteries.

Tortured Gifts of Mysteries chests themselves cost 250 cinders each to open. Once you open one it’s open till the remainder of the Helltide. There is however an exception as most Helltides only have two of these kinds of chests in total to loot. That is chests reset on the hour every hour.

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So, unless you get a Helltide was to reset within the first five to ten minutes. There was a massive chance I'd be able to pick up an extra one. After that any extras which I would still go around farming for. I’d use trying to target farm certain item slots. They also cost a lot less to open.

Tortured Gifts of Mysteries would still be preferred if I could find one and had enough to open one. They give you the most items and loot for what you are spending. I was hoping to get some unique, but I did not loot any.

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Helltides were quite a great way to get a bunch of new gear. If nothing else with all the legendary I was looting I would end up, getting some aspects I'd need for future gear upgrades anyway. For being solo I felt I had a decent haul of loot after each run.

Part of the trick of not wasting too much time by running back into town to offload, sell, or salvage is keeping count of how many legendary have dropped. The first ten you don’t pick up and just leave on the ground will automatically go into a special kind of storage. After that any further ones you would need to run back to get or lose them.

This allowed me to further focus on the other thing I was after during a Helltide the large number of rare drops. I'd just fill up my inventory and teleport to town. Mass salvage after quickly checking anything was not worth using as an upgrade and repeating all over again.

killing cruxx helltide commander.png

I ended up finding myself doing was soloing Helltide commanders. Yes, it at up some time to do so. They, however, could barely do any damage to me at the time. While I was hoping to get better loot then I did. It was shocking how easy they were to take out.

solo helltide assassin.png

The more shocking thing was the even harder assassins. They again did barely any damage to me if anything. These were even longer and dare I say not worth the time invested to take down. I, however, wanted to know if I could do a solo one. I did.

I also killed any of the mini-bosses that spawned around during hellfire raining down on you. They were quite easy to eliminate. Well worth the time since my rogue had zero issues with them. Even when I was getting nailed with fire raining down on me.

Naturally, I thought the easy times would come to an end at some point. After unlocking world tier IV, I went to run a Helltide I got slaughtered to the point of going back to running nightmare dungeons till I had some upgrades.

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My next attempt in world tier IV, however, was a success. Sure, I was a bit slow to kill things. I was only getting two chests instead of three. I was however shocked by what gaining a couple of levels and only a couple of upgrades did for me.

After a little further leveling and finding more gear upgrades. I was back to having Helltides on farm without worry of getting killed. This even included the Helltide Assassins and anything out that I would normally avoid on other classes.

At this point, the only thing I had to worry about getting killed by was the rain of fire. Along the way as I upgraded gear, I changed some skills and I lost some of those amazing tank-like defenses I had. I however picked up a lot more damage in the process.

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I have to say not running around to the next event and instead focusing on just killing as many creature packs as I can find. Has been a lot more fun. While there are plenty of decent events out there to hit for high kill counts. Some of them are also kind of lame.

I did not fully ignore checking an event either if it was on my way to where I was running next. Sometimes I'd even come across a few other players running them. In such a situation it was more than worth stopping, even more so if the event was about to finish.

It will be interesting to see if I end up going back to mostly clearing events or just sticking with clearing trash creatures once season two rolls around and I'm there at the start with a lot more players. Till then I'll be sticking with my new way of farming cinders.

Final thoughts

running out for another helltide.png

Any time I see a Helltide is up, and I have an hour I usually run out and do them. The last thing I want is to run out of field roses for upgrades. I even had one run where I ran out and only looked for the flowers to loot, ignoring for the most part picking up any cinders.

This is by far the most fun and rewarding it’s been for me to run Helltides. While there is still that slight thrill of wondering once I get to 250 cinders if I'll somehow get killed before being able to turn them in. With every upgrade I get the chances of that drop even further.

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Screenshots were taken and content was written by @Enjar about Diablo IV.