Diablo IV | Grinding Along Season 1

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With the campaign now done I have a massive list of things I want to work on. Everything from grinding out a few levels with the Tree of Whispers to running dungeons. I also have quite a lot of renown to acquire as well.

Tree of Whispers Caldeum.png

One of the first things to do was finish unlocking the Tree of Whispers. This requires heading down to Caldeum and earning ten Grim favors to advance. After that, it would unlock this activity everywhere on the map as it moves around.

When running the Tree, I always look for opportunities where I can accomplish more than one thing with the same actions. That way I'm saving a bunch of time and getting more things done at once.

Since this is the one you need to start at, I did not have any dungeons that had a quest, a Tree, or an unclaimed aspect to unlock. As such I skipped over doing any dungeons. Dungeons take a little too much time anyway and I always like to make sure there is lots of time left before they expire if they do.

lots of killing.png

I then look around for killing opportunities. There is always the main kill favor in the area for a hundred kills. There are sometimes many other ones that you can get credit for and collect for the kill one hundred as well.

It did not take long till I had most of the points I needed to finish off this activity. In the past, I used to hit up cellars as well if they gave me any favors. The loot I feel got a bit nerfed for this session. They still, however, tend to be a quick way to get another point of favor, so I ran any that were up anyway.

Once I was done it was time to head back to the tree. I usually end up holding onto my reward chest but since I was not in a nightmare, I opened it for a bunch of junk. I’m hoping to find Nightmare sigil first if possible and get some ranks unlocked before I go too hard in farming for the tree. That plan ended up not working out so well.

Cathedral of light.png

However, to do that first I'd need to unlock Nightmare World difficulty. I headed over to the world tier and upped the setting to veteran since that is what is required to run the next dungeon I headed into. It was then time to hit up the Cathedral of Light at level 45.

I was not sure if I was trying to run this too early or not. The creatures I'd deal with in there were at least level 50. Thankfully my rogue is quite amazing even at this lower level. Kills might have taken a bit longer than I'd like but I was slowly clearing it out with almost no deaths.

four bosses.png

I even managed to bring down the four bosses on the first try. I for some reason thought this was the end of the dungeon. I was quite wrong and had forgotten this was the easy part. I started to get a bit more concerned after this point in the dungeon.

At least with those dungeon bosses, I was able to single-target one of them out of the pack for the most part. I even got to deal with some of the split up from the rest of the pack. While once dead they did sometimes try and help what was left standing. It was, however, a lot easier than dealing with a single powerful dungeon boss.

The next boss let's just say he was not so kind. At one point I thought I was going to run out of healing potions. I could stand on my own till I'd run out. After making some adjustments to how I was going about the fight I managed to starve off my use of healing potions enough to get more as I started to lower his health.

cathedral of light done.png

In the end I not only managed to finish off the last fight in the dungeon. I ended up having a few healing potions left over. On top of that, I got legendries to drop. Even better I now had nightmare unlocked.

While some might not then switch over to nightmare and do a lot of the grinding I was about to. I wanted a chance for certain kinds of things to start dropping. Sure, it was a bit hard at my level, but it was worth the struggle.

With Nightmare unlocked, I also had a couple of renown regions that I already had the next tier of renown maxed out. While it only gives you an increase in the number of obols you can carry. It meant some were getting closer to getting me the final reward of four paragon points. None of them were, however, finished with that final stage of renown and would require a bit of grinding to get there.

Next, I ended up working on some seasonal questing. I'll mostly be covering it in a different post once I get a better understanding of the system. So far, I find it interesting but not so worthwhile.

Running a stronghold.png

One of the bigger things I was focused on was getting some large chunks of renown as I moved around the map. Anytime I was near a stronghold I had yet to finish I did for the one hundred points. My sorcerer at this stage might have struggled a bit with these strongholds. My rogue on the other hand melted their faces and made them wish they never met me in the first place.

The next thing I wanted to try was a Helltide they were not up yet. So, I ended up running a couple of Tree of Whispers. I still had yet to loot a Nightmare sigil and was hoping I could at least get one out of those. I was just not having any luck on that front.

chapter iv finished.png

At the very least I had finished off chapter four of the season journey. While I have not cared much for any of the rewards so far. That is one of my goals is to make it as far along as I can.

This is also the fun part of the game where you start unlocking paragon levels. I was hoping by now to have secured some ruins for my board. It would have been nice to run my first nightmare dungeon with a stone I wanted to put experience into. That ended up being another thing not happening.

eyes in the dark.png

I was however somewhat shocked at how quickly I got my first sacred unique legendary item to drop. They were just pants and nothing I'd want to use as far as the aspect went. What I want is a unique dagger, but I have no idea how hard it is to get one of those. It might not even be possible for me to get one at my current level I have no idea.

Final Thoughts

dagger claimed.png

I was about to end the night working on some renown around one of the towns. Then as luck would have it a Helltide appeared in that area. I went out and must have gotten about 40 cinders. Then I died three times back-to-back. I decided that was a good enough place as any to call it a night.

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