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I feel a decent milestone in Diablo IV is just getting to World Tier III. That is where you unlock Hell Dungeons and at least gear-wise things tend to get a bit more interesting. It is also around that point in time where your build is starting to pull together; usually, with a major overhaul hitting once you get into the next tier.

I have not been in any kind of race to get to the next world tier. Granted I'd attempt at least a couple of times to try to pull it off early. I still had quite a few levels to grind to what I'd consider to be way too easy to clear the dungeon for it at level 50. It would not be much longer before I'd make quite an early attempt at unlocking it and see how it went before that level.

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For a while at the lower levels, I was using any key I'd loot during the Blood Harvest. The loot had been decently worth wanting to get now instead of holding off for later. Besides I was looting quite a few keys at the time anyway. I did not want to hold onto too many keys and then find out they decided to nerf it one day before I could even get to use them.

That was till around level 35 or perhaps a bit closer to level 40. There came a point where I wanted to hold onto any key, I could gather during the Blood Harvest. Since they allow you to keep them after it ends, and they are not bound to the world tier you acquired them on. The plan was to have a massive amount of them so I could quickly get a lot of massive gear upgrades once I hit World Tier Three.

I was also finding myself putting more effort into the storyline. At some point, I rather slacked off. I needed to finish off some chapter objectives for the season journey till I could get to the next quest for the storyline. I was so wrapped up in hitting Blood Harvest and unlocking more aspects in dungeons I had neglected the season journey.

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This is also when I feel a game is starting to reach that point, at least for me as a player, becoming quite fun. It’s when you realize you have far too many things to do that you just can’t do everything all the time anymore. You have to be a bit more selective in your choice-making.

This would be something I'd have much deeper thought on and see its effects the further I got up in levels. It almost felt like they needed to add a bit of boost to certain activities that I had not even been running yet let alone unlocked. This was all a result of the massive experience boosts they gave many things across the board.

While it would start to get amazing soon with how quickly I'd start to level up. That is not without such consequences that I no longer was staying on top of everything I needed. That would be felt soon enough when it was time for some massive gear upgrades when I started to realize I lacked enough materials to make some needed changes to make gear worth upgrading into with what I had looted.

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I made quite a bold move at level 41. I decided to give the Cathedral of Light a try to see if I could unlock World Tier III. I quickly learned this was way too early and even a bit of a mistake. The items I was looting had a minimum level requirement of level 45 anyway. Which made struggling through the dungeon a bit pointless, I could have gone back in a few levels and had a much easier time.

It was not a shock to me at least with how many times I'd end up getting killed. I was, however, determined to make it to the end of the dungeon. So, for every death, I just marched up to where I was taken out and made a slight adjustment in how I had approached something which most of the time resulted in me moving forward.

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I even had a bit of a smug smile on my face when I took down the four mini-bosses if you could call them that in the first section of the dungeon. The issue I knew I'd run into was that once one was killed, they would turn into a ghost and help aid the others.

As a result, I had to be rather mindful of how much damage I was doing to each one of them. This ended up proving to be a bit harder than expected. Since the bulk of my damage is area effect it was no shock, I'd be hitting sometimes all of them at the same time. They also had different amounts of health and defense.

Sometimes I would even have to dance around a bit hoping for the lower health ones to split from the higher heath ones. That way I could work on burning down the heath one the ones I needed. Then came the critical moment of trying to take them all out around the same time.

After that, it was a bit more of a struggle to find the final boss of the dungeon. The Curator boss at the end took me out so fast that I knew I did not stand a chance of winning that encounter for now. With a heavy heart, I left the dungeon. It was time to get some needed levels before making a return to the dungeon.

I’d later return around level 47. While I had plans to do it at level 45 I got a bit distracted with doing other things in the game, not realizing how fast I was leveling up. At least this time I was ready. outside of a single death, the dungeon was easy to clear. Even the boss at the end this time around did not give me much of a challenge. Quite a difference a few levels make.

Even more so since I might have only upgraded one item or two if that. I was just thrilled to have the next world tier unlocked so I could move forward with my plan. I marched right into the active Blood Harvest with over 30 keys ready to open as many chests as I could find.

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It took a couple of Blood Harvests to burn through all the keys I had. At that point, I had also gained a couple of levels. Something quite crazy about these rewards have been the stockpile of sacred items I'd get. I don’t think a single legendary or rare item I looted was a sacred item.

Final Thoughts

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I ended up burning through a lot of the gold I had and all the upgrading resources I had as well. I was kind of surprised I did not have more resources with all the loot I had been salvaging along the way. Even more so by the fact I was not upgrading as much as I tend to. At least now I had a decent amount of nice gear. I just needed to go out and finish a couple more dungeons for aspects since I was having quite some bad luck in looting any I needed.

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