Diablo IV | Getting Reorganized And Prepared

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Before progressing to the next region, I needed to stop and take stock. There were a couple of things I could end up doing now that would make running the campaign and leveling up quicker. After that, it was off to the next area.

Like in a lot of ARPGs, it took to take stock of how your character is doing every so often. Even more so at the lower levels. I knew I had skipped out on doing something rather important. There were also some improvements I wanted to make.

looking for bakira d4.png

I ended up going back into the Fractured Peaks region and getting my class quest. Starting at level 15 I could have gone and unlocked the rogue specialization called combo points. Once I get it up to three hits will grant my Flurry extra speed and damage. Making it hit like a truck.

The rouge guild has lost one of their members and I had to go around searching for someone named Bakira. After failing to find them in a couple of outdoor areas I was tasked with entering a dungeon and looking for them in there.

Turns out Bakira went a bit nut after finding a coin. I’ll save you the gory details but all I found left was their ghost that I ended up having to fight. Recovering the coin and winning the battle was more than enough to be trusted by the rogues to unlock my specializations.

Once that was over, I was hardly done in Fractured Peaks. I was at a point now where I had some gold and crafting materials, I could also apply aspects to gear. I however needed to have some to apply in the first place that would be decent with my build for leveling.

At some point, I'll end up running lots of dungeons and unlocking all the rouge aspects just for the fun of it. Even though getting them most of the time off items will give you a better aspect. In the early game is this a great way to get some even more so when you are constantly upgrading gear since you can only move an aspect once via imprinting it.

Forsaken Quarry D4.png

I ended up hitting up Forsaken Quarry and a few other dungeons. Forsaken Quarry itself gave me Encircling Blades which turns furry into a small area of effect around me of blades.

After that, I ended up quickly returning to Scosglen. I could get Ghostwalk for unstoppable, Expectant for increased core damage, and Edgemaster’s for increased damage based on resource amount. The next area I was heading into would have another dungeon I could run for even more but that would have to wait for now till I was closer to that dungeon.

adding aspects onto my gear.png

Once I unlocked all of those, I went into town to add them to some gear. I also went looking through my storage to see if I ended up saving anything that had okay aspects on it. Anything that was max I'd hold on till I was at least level 50. Everything I was going to use now if I could afford to do so.

While it’s a bit of an expensive process it was well worth it. Having all these aspects now meant I was in a position where taking any gear upgrade for slightly better stats was not worth it. Not to mention some of the gear I had found also had a plus level to some of the skills I use like flurry which was a bonus and one of the reasons I wanted to stop for a moment and get an aspect to put on that piece of gear.

While yes, I did put one of my aspects onto a weapon. The weapon at the time was a decent upgrade and I put some blacksmith upgrades into it as well. I’d later move that aspect over to a ring if I recall but my other ring was not worth investing in as I was not willing to hold to it for quite a few more levels.

It’s great I did not either. I ended up replacing that ring long before the dagger I added the aspect onto anyway. Once it was time to upgrade the dagger since I already had that aspect unlocked from a dungeon it was easy to move over. At that point, I was hoping to have looted an item with a better aspect for flurry but that did not end up being the case.

side questsing.png

Once that was all done, I ended up running a few side quests and other things like that. I just had so many things starting to stack up. Thankfully some of the dungeons I ended up running I also had a quest for. So, I got to do what I love and that is double stacking in terms of rewards and completing things while not having to expend double the effort for doing so.

This was also a time when I stopped to work on finishing off quite a few seasons of chapter progress for the Battle Pass. I did not want to get so far in the campaign and only still be on chapter one. It was rather fun as once I unlocked the next chapter quite a few of the objectives were already done and waiting for me to progress forward to get them.

Final Thoughts

seasonal progress.png

It’s moments like these that I know taking the time needed now is going to pay off big as I progress along. I’m also at a point now where unless something is a huge upgrade or gives me an increase in a skill, I use it’s not worth taking. So, stopping every so often to check every single piece of gear in detail I get is no longer something I'll be doing.

Instead, there are now a few key stats I'm looking for each gear slot. Along with a handful of aspects I want to start collecting. Any item I loot moving forward that fails to meet those requirements will be easy to turn into salvage at the blacksmith or sell for gold at a shop.

The only real item I need to pay close attention to now is weapons. Even they, however, I'm going to be rather picky about. While I would prefer to only use daggers, I ended up finding some massive damage increase from swords for a while. Many of the daggers I kept looting just did not have any worthwhile stats for the minor damage increase they gave.

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