Diablo IV | Getting Ready For Level 50

With the world tier I of the storyline done I was a couple of levels short of reaching level 50. There were also quite a few things I’d prefer to get done now instead of later. I wanted to get a decent start on renown in regions I had yet to finish to at least the third reward. I also wanted to collect all my Altars of Lilith in each region. There was also trying to be ready to upgrade gear as well.

Altars of Lilith

Diablo IV Collecting altars of lilith.jpg

While I already had one region of Altars of Lilith completed I more or less had one or two found in the remaining regions. Since they grant experience points and renown this seemed to be a great way to accomplish two goals at once. I would also end up needing the stats they give more than I realized much later on.

clearing a stronghold.jpg

What I was not expecting is the amount of time it would take me even with a mount to finish off each region. On top of that some regions had an altar(s) in strongholds that require you to progress them so far along to get to them. It felt like it would be a waste to not finish off what I had already started for those as well. Further adding to the amount of time this task at hand took.

Diablo IV Kehjistan Altars of Lilith location map showing all.jpg

I already had Kehjistan Altars of Lilith found and done. It’s so nice just looking back at the map of them all and recalling running all over the place dragging elites and creatures with me trying to find different locations.
Hawezar Altars of Lilith location map showing all.jpg

After a while, I had finished off Hawezar and its 34 altars. This also finished off the third-tier reward that I had yet to get. This meant this region as far as I was concerned was now ready for when I hit level 50 and moved over to world tier 3.

Diablo IV Fractured Peaks Altars of Lilith location map showing all.jpg

Next up were Fractured Peaks. This ended up being one of the shorter regions. There are only 28 Altars to collect in that region. You would think with all the time I’ve spent in this region I’d have a few of them. I did not.

Diablo IV Scosglen altars Altars of Lilith location map showing all.jpg

Scosglen on the other hand had 34. You would think you could get them all in like half an hour. I am however someone who could get lost in a shoe box. Add a tree in front of an alert and I might just pass by it twice looking all over the place.

Diablo IV  Dry Steppes Altars of Lilith location map showing all.jpg

Finally, I had Dry Steppes to work on. While I was hoping to finish off all regions I had left in one sitting. By this time I think it must have been 3 or 4 in the morning. I try and avoid staying up so late as it’s not worth the negative effects. It’s however something I just can’t say no to this early into a games release.

If I recall this one ended up being the most shocking. I was used to getting just stats and increasing to the max amount of Obols I would have. By this point, I had reached level 50 and that is when I realized one of the altars granted me a paragon point. I ended up getting 4 in total which from my understanding is the only four out of all the Altars of Lilith there are.



While I was getting ready to hit level 50 there were also some dungeons I wanted to clear out for the aspects. While I am a bit disappointed that aspects added from dungeons to gear are not as powerful as ones looted with them already on it that dropped naturally. I at least wanted options when I needed to be able to add some that felt quite important.

One dungeon I for sure wanted to hit up was Witchwater. It grants you for finishing it Prodigy Resource aspect. This grants you mana every time you use a skill that has a cooldown. This would come in handy in trying to resolve the endless not having enough mana issues I am always facing.

Inside I needed to go around rescuing four prisoners. Since I still needed the experience I more or less just did a full clear. Any events I found I’d trigger. Any spare trash mob that dared wander down my path met a bitter end.

slither in witchwater.jpg

While I did not gain a lot of experience there. It also did not feel like it took forever either. Before I knew it I had downed Slither and got the aspect unlock for finishing the dungeon.

One thing I did not do for now was clear out every single dungeon that offered an aspect reward for sorcerers. I knew once I got onto world tier 3 I’d be farming a few dungeons anyways. So that is when I’d work on that.

Spending Obols

getting more obols.jpg

Once I hit level 50 I went over to the merchant you can gamble Obols. I was increasing my Obol cap somewhat from the altars. I would on occasion go out and do an event to ensure I was more or less topped off except for a single event worth.

I wanted to make sure if I happened to be running around and come across an event that was nearly done that I would not be losing out on any quick Obols. I however wanted to make sure I had lots.

Some of my pieces of gear were a bit lower level or just had nothing I liked about them whatsoever. So when the time came I went and used every single Obol I had quickly getting new weapons for some nice increase in damage and improving some other slots.

One other thing I had been doing was storing all my caches in storage I was getting from running questing. I wish I had started that sooner as I had already opened up a few Obols caches that I could have saved for a better time. After a while, I stopped even looking at what types they were when I was storing them away. I decided I just wanted to open quite a few caches at once.

Final Thoughts

world tier veteran.jpg

I had done it. I reached level 50. I also had some item upgrades to try and did not feel like upgrading the world tier higher would be so bad. It was then off to world tier II to run my capstone dungeon so I could progress further along.

I’m glad I did the thing I did. It feels like they made enough of a difference I did not have to go out and grind for a while. I also finished off some stuff I won’t have to worry about till I assume they add sessions in and I start fresh.

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