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With a couple of days remaining in season 1 of Diablo IV, I am calling it here. While I ended up spending a lot less time than I was expecting this time around playing the season. I had quite an amazing time and will be enjoying a short break before the next.

Season 1 ended up being one of those things where I had much bigger plans than the way it went. I ended up having some major computer hardware failure before the start of the season resulting in me starting quite late. While it sucked missing the start at least I am in full swing with an amazing computer, and I got to enjoy the graphics of the game cranked up.

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While it was tempting to want to skip the campaign to try and make up for lost time. This is one of those things where I felt if I skipped it now, I might not return to it till there was further content that required you to play it from the start. While I’m glad I ran it one last time with quick haste. Hopefully, for quite some time, I'm looking forward to not seeing the campaign for many seasons to come.

At the very least the campaign gave me an easy way to get back into the game. It reminded me just how dark they have made this Diablo game over others which is exactly what the player base wanted. It also allowed me to get organized and ready as I slowly worked things out and pick up what I had already forgotten from a break away from the game.

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It was quite tempting before the first night I jumped into the game to just say I was skipping the first season. I’d only have a couple of weeks of actual play time and of that much less. I however wanted to check out the battle pass to see how they were going to handle running a season. While some things were a bit of a disappointment it was better overall than I was expecting compared to how they let Diablo III rot away into the grave.

What I was not expecting was the bad luck I ran into in the game along the way slowing down my progress by over a full day. Which with how few days I had was not an unimportant amount of time. At the very least I got to enjoy running quite a lot of Helltides and Nightmare dungeons. It would however have been nicer to not have needed all the grinding I ended up doing for so many things but at least it all was with forward progression which is all I wanted in the first place.

This also meant a lot of the internal goals I wanted for myself this season just did not end up happening. I had hoped to down all the world bosses, but I did little boss hunting. They always seemed to have the next boss fight when I could not be around. This was not the only thing I failed to fully go after either.

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I at least did finish off all level 90 tiers of the season excluding ones that have a level requirement. It was almost tempting even to buy the perineum pass since I'd get most of my coins back rewards. I however just don’t care much for cosmetics this time around. While they are quite evil-looking, I just don’t feel that impulse to buy them.

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I however did not finish off the last tier of the season journey. While the plan was not to fully finish off each chapter either as I assumed there be some PvP or something else in there I might not have a chance to go after. I at least did fully finish off tiers 1 to IV. Along with all of them unlocking the chapter rewards except the final one. Getting to level 100, doing a world boss on torment, and spending a lot of time in the PvP area I simply lacked the time to even attempt.

While I doubt even next season, I'll be aiming for something like level 100. I suspect a lot of the things on season one journey will be on season II. Hopefully, I'll be having as much time as I am expecting to have to go after a lot harder content and push further than I have up to this point being a mostly solo player in Diablo IV.

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Admittedly I was hoping to have reached a much higher Nightmare dungeon than I did this time around as well. While tier 27 fighting level 81 creatures was a cakewalk for my current level 75 rogue. There comes a point where I don’t see investing further time into a season that is about to end as worth it.

I do not have any plans to play up to the final moments till the season ends. In quite a shocking way of dealing with things. It seems the season has ended, and the next season's start is expected to happen on the same day. While that seems quite strange there is always that deadline between seasons that these kinds of games have that everyone stops playing while they wait. That seems like one way to deal with that low turnout.

Next season will also be a bit different content-wise than how I did things this time around. Originally, I was planning to go a bit content-heavy early on and then spread content out for the full season in my usual one more two posts about a game in a given week. Since I joined so late in season 1 that just would not have worked out.

I also have plans to work on a lot more guides for instance as content for this game once I get into the thick of season II. I will have my usual not so daily updates as I progress along. I however have a lot of content ideas I just never got to get around to for season 1.

Final Thoughts

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For the time being, I'm not sure yet if I'll be going rogue again or if due to nerfs and I hope many buffs I'll be playing something else. Unlike season 1 where I did my best to avoid any information about the season. I’ll be doing some diving into information before the season starts and hopefully have a better starting plan as well.

I hope everyone who played in the first season of Diablo IV had a blast. I knew I sure did. I am also quite looking forward to the next season. I am also going to enjoy a short break and get a bunch of other stuff out of the way while I have the time to do so.

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