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It’s crazy how fast one starts to level up once you surpass level 50. I was not expecting to go so quickly from one world tier to the next in such a short amount of time. It also seems the game finds it funny to give me an item I sought for so long and have it drop repeatedly.

This time around I did not try and push my luck into getting to the next world tier. I waited till around level 65 which surprisingly took little time at all. I have a feeling if I had cut out doing anything else and just ran Nightmare Dungeons, I could have done it a lot quicker.

It was quite alarming at the small amount of total glyph experience I had gathered so far. I had one at level 5 and that was about it. There have been times in the past I have felt I was just not grinding Nightmare Dungeons enough for the level I was at. This time around, however, it seems like I have not run any at all.

When I did make my attempt at unlocking world tier IV it was quick and painless. Outside of using a couple of healing potions even the final boss was even a total pushover. I was expecting more of a challenge.

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As soon as the boss was defeated it rained down a shower of legendary. Oddly enough, however, since none of them had any aspects, I wanted. It did not matter what the stats were. I would be getting far superior items in a heartbeat I did not even bother to check the stats and just salvaged them all.

With world tier IV unlocked I quickly teleported over to the region that had the current Blood Harvest going on. I had well over 40 keys saved up at that point. Just like before I could use them to instantly start getting lots of ancestral tier item drops.

helm drop.png

This time around, however, it was much harder than when I did this in world tier III. Needless to say, I got killed a lot. I had also leveled up so quickly from the last time I made some decent gear I was quite low on upgrading material.

While I had almost good enough gear after spending most of my keys after running a couple of Blood Harvests. They were still not worth wearing, at least not yet.

The other issue I've started to notice about Blood Harvests is not all item types seem to drop as rare or better. Something I was quite lacking was a proper weapon. I however was at a stage gear-wise now I could start to kill creatures without a massive struggle in world tier IV.

While I had plans to go double-dagger this time around. I’m more than happy to take up a decent sword if I happen to find one. It just so happens that such a thing did occur. I ended up looting one after clearing some creatures out of my way during a Blood Harvest. It netted me a massive 300 base damage upgrade along with some other desirable stats on the item itself.

This then enabled me to head over to Helltides and start clearing them out for the resources I'd need for enchanting and carrying out other activities. While it would be quite some time till I upgraded every piece of armor I was getting to a point where it was good enough to progress along.

I did however have a thought that it would be nice now to drop the Condemnation dagger this time as an ancestral unique. As luck would have it after clearing my first world tier IV dungeon a level 21 an ancestral Condemnation dagger ended up dropping.


While it would have been nice if the aspect on it rolled higher. Since you can’t reroll any stats unique, it was a massive damage increase over the other one. It was still worth picking up. Even more, so that the stats rolled decently on it.

At this point, I'm rather thrilled I was not going to have to try and target farm for the dagger. I now could put my efforts into other things. It just so happens that about a level later while clearing around Blood Harvest and perhaps opening a chest I found myself looting a second one.

another dagger.png

This one was, however, a massive downgrade. It had almost 400 less damage. A lot of the stats rolled poorly on it as well. It was kind of shocking just how bad the damage rolled on it. It was almost like it was not even an ancestral dagger in the first place.

I wish I could say I was joking that fate still had further plans for me. Not even half a level later. I found myself face to face with yet another ancestral dagger. It was yet again another bad damage roll. I can only guess I lucked out with the first one I acquired. It is also just so odd now how many I've looted in such a short period. Almost like the game’s RNG generator was giving during that point in time.

Final Thoughts

the end.png

I am almost at the point now where I might consider dropping running Blood Harvest from my normal rotation of activities. It’s not that I still don’t welcome the amazing loot opportunities it can provide. I simply have other matters of the game that I can benefit more from.

On top of that. I have a feeling I'll be maxing out the rest of my vampire powers that I use very soon. There are now a few of the ones I don’t even use that have reached level two. As the more I max out the fewer powers that remain that can end up being an option to pick from.

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