Cyberpunk 2077 | The Nomads And Getting My Car Back

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After some time passed and running around doing lots of killing. It was time once again to meet up with Panam. It sounded like her tribe was gearing up for something big to go down. So, I took a drive out into the desert to see what was up.

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Every time I head down to the nomad tribe it always seems like they are just one huge family, and this time was no different. Many of them were gathered around a giant campfire just enjoying the day.

For a while now they have been having issues with a tribe called Raffens. It appears some people, including the leader, have gone missing after going out and everything points to the Raffens taking them. I’m all for freeing some people and even raiding a decent compound if there is some loot on my side of things.

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The Raffens from my understanding, were supposed to be rather nomadic as well. Moving around from place to place. Causing trouble but not anything that could not be dealt with. It seems however they have evolved a bit over time.

They ended up setting up quite the encampment. They even tossed some walls around the new place they were using as a base. I for sure knew I would not be going in stealth for long on in this one.

There would be lots to shoot at and loot to be had. We, however, just had to find the hostages in time. A bit of a downside to not going in quite like a cat.

I was hoping a lot more of the nomads would come along and help free anyone still alive. It seems, however, that most had one reason or another to stay behind. There were many troubles still around where the nomads were camped out and if too many of them left that would leave them quite exposed.

The family vibe they usually put off seemed to quickly fade once I realized how small of a group that would be headed up to help. It’s not a huge matter to me, however. The fewer people the more trouble I get to cause.


There was so much action once we breached the walls of the compound that I only took screenshots of us heading up to the location and freeing the leader. At least we managed to get the nomad leader back.

As far as the leader being freed. He did not seem so happy. It seems he and Panam don’t get along a lot of the time. They would at least have their moments.

Like a few times Panam would want to debate staying with the nomads at all or just going off and doing her own thing. She was a little too wild I felt to be left in Night City on her own for very long. I also felt she would get tired of the place.

It would be far more freeing and rewarding for her to stay with her people. That would become the same conclusion we both would arrive at more than once after a couple of occasions.

She always would see doing things her way and only her way. That kind of thing usually causes a few heads to clash with each other. She was usually, however, right and if not had the skills to pull things off to try and make up for it.

The nomads, however, had much larger issues. They were at a high risk of getting raided. They often needed to move around. I, however, could not stay with them forever. After a time, I was back out on the open road with plans to head back to Night City.

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That is however when I noticed data coming in on my phone that my old car the one I road into Night City on that fateful day that kicked off this entire escapade, was online. I’m not quite sure what ever happened to it. All I do know is I have to go investigate things further.

It turns out some chick had found the car in a junkyard and had been working on getting it running again. I ended up finding the car in decent working condition. There was still, however, some issues and the person who was attempting to fix it did not understand what to do.

I was then given an option. Allow the person to take off with the car and escape the life they currently have. It, however, was quite clear she had zero idea what she was getting into by leaving what her current life had offered.

I could also just forget her and take my car back. I felt it was a good test of her to just attempt to take my car back. If he could not handle dealing with that and prevent me from doing so. Then she would just end up getting carjacked a few miles away anyway by someone else.

She only had some nasty words to say about me taking my car back. She was not ready to head into a much harsher world than the one she currently was dealing with.

I did not make it very far before I got called back in to visit the nomads. This time I was invited along to see one of the falling off to the next life. This was done in quite some style.

sending the car off.jpg

I was kind of shocked they would be willing to give up a working car. This was why it was just me and another person. It seemed like they even had a spot set up for such an event.

The fallen was loaded into the car. It was put in the drive and sent up and over the ramp. It then crashed down below and exploded. It was quite the sendoff if nothing else.

Final Thoughts

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It was rather nice to spend some time away from Night City. It can be so easy to get caught up in the endless acts of violence and crime waves that ravage that city. It’s not like the desert badlands are without their faults. It was, however, nice to get away for a short time.

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Screenshots were taken and content was written by @Enjar about Cyberpunk 2077.