Cyberpunk 2077 | The Heist That Changed Everything

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It was now time for the final meeting before the big heist. We were going after some special kind of shard that is a prototype. It was kept in a freezer to protect it as it seems the thing is a bit fragile.

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While I had the drone and intel on the room, I was going to steal something out of. It was now time to learn I was going to steal from Konpekia Plaza. I was going to steal property from the Arasaka Corporation. They are not the kind of people to forgive such things either.

I was not thrilled with taking all the risk and only getting 30% of the cut from whatever this job pays. It seems good old Dextor bought me access to the Excelsior package from the Delamain taxi service.

So, while the cut which I still had no idea how much money it would be. It did seem there were some unknown expenses. I just doubt they were as large as they are made to appear. As what we are going after is supposed to be worth so much it’s worth getting put on the Arasaka Corporation hit list.


Delamain is this crazy AI that runs taxis in the city. His cars are bulletproof. As far as the Excelsior packet goes, among other things, it allows me access to the weapons onboard the taxi.

It also seems Delamain is quite down with working with criminals. He is going to be the getaway driver. He could ensure that we got there. Once we made it to the car, he could get us out of almost any situation we found ourselves in when trying to escape with the stolen goods in hand.

They tried to pull us aside while getting past the scanners at the front door for further questions. An employee immediately apologized to us for anyone asking any questions about what we were trying to bring into the plaza. It seems our cover held up rather strongly and was taking care of any issues without us having to do much but say our names.

getting a room.jpg

The Heist itself was broken down into a few different parts. The first part was getting a room at Konpekia Plaza. We were given some fake IDs and had some rooms rented under them. Checking in was the easy part once they allowed in the robot thinking we were arms dealers there to show some new technology.

It was rather tempting to want to spend some time looking around the plaza. This place was quite massive and even had things like a bar. For some reason this place also seems to be really into large fish takes which I noticed once we got into the rooms and our room had one.

I was then tasked with using the Flathead robot to move it around the plaza. The Flathead would be used to take out the runner that was monitoring the cameras in the place as a security measure.


This reminded me of one thing I would really hate about the not-so-distant future. There will be even more cameras in the future everywhere than there are now. Everyone is always being watched by something all the time and no one even notices or cares anymore.

I was able to move the Flathead through hotel rooms and other areas. There is no such thing as privacy anymore. This became even more apparent when I needed to distract some room maids in a room from cleaning up so I could get the Flathead past them without them noticing it.

Despite how secure of a room the runner was locked in while he monitored everything going on in the plaza. The Flathead was able to get to him and before he even knew what was going on it disabled him.

I don’t think the Flathead killed him. I also don’t really know what kind of thing was done to disable him other than Flathead running some programs on him. For all I know it just interrupted his feeds long enough for it to feedback a constant loop to the runner. You would think, however, someone like that would have noticed after a while something was not quite right.

getting into the pethouse.jpg

It was then time for us to sneak into the penthouse and pull off the heist of possibly the decade. It seems we have managed to take care of everything. There was nothing stopping us from getting inside the room. No alarms went off after getting in there. We even managed to secure what we were after.

All we had to do was walk out and go down the elevator to freedom. Then we got heads up the target was going up to the room. So, we had to quickly hide. You would not think there be many places in such an open room like this to hide in. There was, however, a space behind the giant TV in the middle.

things going bad.jpg

Then to add even more tension to the situation the target's father, the head of the corporation we are robbing, showed up. It turns out that today was the day the target not only had enough of his father but decided to take over the company by killing him. Talk about a hostile takeover.

Once the former leader of the Arasaka Corporation was found dead the entire plaza went into lockdown. There we were in the very room he was killed in holding a giant suitcase of technology we had just stolen from them.

trying to get to the ladder.jpg

We attempted to escape by going to the ledge on the outside of the building with plans to use an emergency later. That is when the aircraft showed up and started shooting at us. We ended up falling off the ledge we were on and falling down a few floors till we crashed through a glass ceiling.

We landed so hard it damaged the case of the technology we were stealing. There was not enough time to get the suitcase somewhere without it getting damaged since the case was no longer working. We needed a new plan.

The plan was to put the biochip that was inside the case into a slot in our heads. Everyone on the team, even those who were remote, worked out that our bodies would keep the chip safe in the environment the slot creates.

getting us out.jpg

We then made it back out to our getaway driver Delamain. I have a feeling no other driver would have left us for dead. Since he is an Ai who follows any contract, he enters. He was more than happy to help us escape the police and the corporation we just stole from.

All was, however, not well once we made it into the taxi. Jackie was far too bad off to keep alive before we could get somewhere with proper medical treatment. Character, the game has now invested some time into the player getting to not only know Jackie but also building trust and a bond with him. Was now killed off.

Final Thoughts

the end.jpg

I now know this game is willing to not only kill off important characters but to show you there are heavy consequences for the actions you take in this game. It almost seems it’s more deadly for a character to want to work with me than it is for me alone.

I wish I could say this was far from the issues that sprouted up from this heist. There, however, became another massive issue. I could not pull out the biochip I put into my head without it killing me. Even worse, the biochip is not done with me either.

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Screenshots were taken and content was written by @Enjar about Cyberpunk 2077.