Cyberpunk 2077 | Stealing A Train, A Tank, and A Heart

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It seems I'd be going on quite a stealing spree of different things. My biggest heist so far has been horrible. Let’s hope I don’t end up in situations where I find myself with yet another Johnny in my brain.

As with a decent amount of fun as of late. It all started with a call from Panam. He has quite some lofty goals of stealing some things to get to have a tank for the nomads.

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It was no shock by the time I showed up at the camp Panam and Soul were having it out yet again. It looks like he has already told her many times not to go out and steal a tank belonging to a giant corporation.

After Soul left, we ended up walking through the nomad camp. It turns out a small group of them all were on board with a plan to move forward next. What they wanted to do was steal a decommissioned train that had just been left abandoned and use it to block some train tracks.

Even though this far into the future that Cyberpunk 2077 is set in I am not shocked corporations are still leaving behind things they consider to be junk. They had an entire station that was offline. Along with a train just sitting there.

the station.jpg

The issue was if any of it worked at all. We first needed to gain access to the station that was left unguarded. Next, we needed to find a way to power things up and gain access to the controls for the train.

You would think there is advanced technology protecting just anyone from controlling the train. It turns out that was not so much the case. I guess in a way old technology this far into the future can be a way to safeguard things. Since more modern-day ways of trying to get into the system would not work out.

powering up the train.jpg

The entire system required an old-style punch card of all sorts. It was the key to be slotted into the system and from there you had full control of the train. It took a bit of searching around the station itself. It should not be a shock to anyone, it was, yet another thing left behind.

Then the nomads did what they always do best when it’s time to kill time for a while. They started a campfire and told stories while drinking. People also took shifts getting some sleep before it was time to hit the convoy that was carrying the tank.

It seems our first task of stealing a train was a full success. We would keep it at the station till we were a lot closer to it needing to be deployed to block the track that was down a couple of miles from the station.

Once it got a bit darker outside it was time. It turns out the convoy was running a bit ahead of schedule. They were speeding through the badlands desert. You would think with all the weight they were transporting they would take things a bit slower.

tank aquired.jpg

At least they had not been tipped off about any kind of heist attempt. The train worked like a charm cutting off the convey from an escape route. Before we knew it, we also acquired trucks carrying the tank that was disassembled for transport.

The nomads would need some time to assemble the tank. In the meantime, I went off and did my own thing for a while. Waiting for a call to tell me to come back and check things out.

the tank we stole.jpg

Sometime later I returned, and the tank was up and running. It was considered an older motel. It was being shipped off to another country where it would still be considered military use for how primitive they were.

For a nomad tribe to have something like this was a huge deal. Despite it being considered not worthwhile keeping around for governments or even a large corporation. Out in the badlands, this thing would end up saving the tribe any time someone attempted to raid them.

I was thrilled I got to take the tank out for a bit of a test. I even got to fire the gun at a couple of targets. It was easy target picking but running both the guns and driving it were a whole other story.

It was also a bit strange. The tank required to run things correctly two people. Those two people are then linked together. Let’s just say while we were in that tank a lot more than just shooting targets went on. I also stole her heart that day. Much later we would end up visiting each other on dates.

taking out the raffen.jpg

Time was, however, cut short at one point. The news got back that the Raffens attempted to raid the nomads. They had no idea at the time of the tank the nomads had just acquired and got running.

Target practice is now over. It was time for moving targets. The tank made quick work of the raiding Raffen. To be honest it was not even close to a fair fight. I showed up and they fell within seconds.

It took me longer to go around looting than it did to clear them all out. Which, as you can guess, is exactly what I did. I was not about to leave a whole field of goodies just sitting around. I found some upgrades while I was at it. Along with tier components that I'd be needing for some future upgrades.

After that, quite a shocking thing happened. We all thought Soul was going to have enough of the antics Panam was getting up to. Even if it saved the nomad tribe. Instead of him kicking her out he told her it was not something he would ever do. He promoted her to co-leader along with himself.

There would be many instances where Soul and Panam would not agree with things. It was, however, what ended up making them quite a powerful nomad tribe. The difference between their two co-leaders, compromises, and an overall increase in capacities for everyone involved.

Final Thoughts

drinking with panam.jpg

The nomads were quite thankful for my help and said if I ever needed any help all I would have to do was to ask. It was at least great to see a heist end up working out in the end. This game can sometimes be a bit cruel, and you decide to take everything that was built up away from you. While I have a funny feeling this is just setting the stage to do so at a later point. For now, I'll just take the win and enjoy it.

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Screenshots were taken and content was written by @Enjar about Cyberpunk 2077.